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EbonSide Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Enter Killica:
Written by DevK8275

-=Complete the starting quest=-
I know a lot of people struggled to get copper, but come on, just keep 
trying. It may take a while, but ore regens fast and so do trees, so 
take advantage and start with that before moving on to step 2.

-=Grind levels=-
You will need to be able to handle yourself against a bunch of enemies, 
so grind levels for a while, do side quests, and explore.

-=Defeat the Goblins=-

-=Look for a desert=-
Inside this area is Killica, just walk there and activate the crystal 
for fast travel.

And you are done!

Alternatively, play an older build of the game, fast travel to Killica 
instantly, activate the crystal once there, then open the current build 
of the game.

Guide to Grind Levels:
Written by DevK8275

Are you tired of being beaten into a pulp and forgetting to save? Stuck on 
a quest due to it being too high of a level? Fear not! This guide shall 
teach you how to level up fast and effectively using absolutely everything 
at your disposal.

-=Option 1: Enemy Smiting=-
Ah, the classic way to level up in EbonSide, simply beating things until 
they give things. For this, you would want to start with slimes until you 
reach somewhere around level 5-6, then move on to fighting some tougher 
enemies, such as bees or some of the lurking bandits. From there while 
using this method, go until levels 12-14 before moving on to bats in the 

Be sure to also upgrade your weapons and armor after it can be upgraded, 
you want to aim for the tier right after your next tier since leveling goes 
by fairly quick. Now, if you have yet to notice, each interval of when you 
should upgrade to a higher level enemy is about every 6 levels using this 
method so that the enemies become easier to handle and your level requirements 
goes up, requiring more XP.

-=Option 2: Quests=-
This one is very simple. Run around every location possible, snag the quests 
from everybody, then if you plan on mixing the strategies, use the resources 
from your enemy smiting to fulfill your quest requirements, such as 15 Red 
Meat from the Chef or 3 Bat Wings for a civilian. Quests usually yield some 
XP, and if not, reaching that point where it can be completed would also 
suffice in providing XP.

-=Option 3: Grand Tomfoolery=-
My personal means to level up, using this strategy is one of the hardest 
ways to level up, but also makes sense given on how to do it. Once you have 
beaten the goblins leading to Killica, you could actually avoid going there 
entirely, going to Stoneber instead, and casually just walk everywhere.

Walking in of itself does not level you up, but what does level you up is 
activating key quest steps before the quest begins. Using Grand Tomfoolery 
is an upgraded form of simply doing every quest, but has the best means to 
level up since activating parts of a quest beforehand actually skips several 
steps so you could simply ignore any progression locks.
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