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Dungeon: Faster & Deadlier Cheats

Dungeon: Faster & Deadlier

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Combo List with Tips and Tricks:
Written by Asharai

-=Tips and Tricks=-
* Do not hesitate to discard spells for extra resources, even if you 
  lose 1 or 2 health points.
* Each time your hero attacks it deals damage but loses 1 attack strength, 
  so you want to one-shot opponents as much as possible to keep your attack
* It is usually possible to dispatch map bosses in one turn by having your 
  minion + spells killing the boss minion and your main character killing
  the boss in one-shot.
* When building your deck you can include a couple of cards that you will 
  “never” play but just use to discard because of their high resource cost.
* Deck does not reshuffle so you can play each card just once per map. There 
  are some exceptions as some items/cards allow deck reshuffling or playing 
  cards multiple times.
* Card upgrades are persistent and some are very powerful. To unlock them 
  you need to find the alchemist and pay in gems. You can select lesser 
  upgraded versions of the card to put in your deck if you want to. I have 
  not tested if that actually works but if you go to deck then click on the
  loop it lets you select a non-upgraded version.
* You need to play the temporary cards that you found once so that you can 
  later add them permanently. Although not all temporary cards are eligible
  for future permanent addition.
* Combos are activated by clicking on 3 different items on the ground in a 
* If the item types matches one of the below sequence then you will get an 
  extra item which is the result of the combo.
* Do not use items that are on a tile that is not revealed yet for a combo, 
  as the action of revealing the tile breaks the combo.
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