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Dredge Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret Ending Guide:
Written by By Senor Bob

In this guide, I will explain how to get the secret ending 
to Dredge, which comes with an achievement.

To get the secret ending, first get to the point where you can get 
to the regular ending. When speaking with the collector, instead 
choose the dialogue tree asking where he got the book.

When you complete this tree, you should have the book in your 
possession. However, do not choose the “I’m ready” option.

Instead, leave Blackstone and head back to Greater Marrow. Speak 
to the lighthouse keeper and she should have new dialogue. Tell 
her when you are ready and then follow her directions. Sail to 
where the light is shining and THROW IT BACK.

This will get you the secret ending as well as the achievement “Sated”.

Nets Explained:
Much like the crab pots, you need to research to get better nets that 
will last longer and catch more/bigger fish. That said, the real point 
of them is to catch trawling only fish, like a jellyfish for a side quest.

Nets catches fish while you’re just moving around, so it makes sense to 
use when you’re primarily exploring and not fishing. But then it’s 
easily worth it. You get more money from it than it costs to repair, 
and you can also get better nets.

The nets worried me originally seeing the early ones only last a day or 
so in durability, but once you go past the basic net, it will generate 
you plenty of money and let you focus on exploring and quest objectives. 
I’d even say you should go for the ocean net first just to make getting 
the full encyclopedia a little less tedious.

How to Keep the Dog:
Yeap! You can keep the dog.

* Bring it to the scientist lady.
* Choose the “actually im going to keep the dog” option.
* It completes the quest and the dog just chills in your inventory.

Tips to Fishing:
I think there are since theres nearly always a sailfish spawn west of greater 
marrow, the wreckfish always spawn in 3 locations at shipwrecks (I think) in 
gale cliffs, theres a couple ghost and pale skate spawns in devils spine that 
always seem to be there (when not depleted of course), theres a searobin spawn 
right next to the charred pontoon and a frilled shark near the ancient temple, 
among other examples.

Even then, knowing which island the moon/sun fish are near would help.

You can use bait in the open sea to get both the sun/moon fish and their 
aberrations! This also helps to get the Viperfish abbs as well. You don’t even 
have to go far out either, I just went deep-water off the coast from the 
Rickety Pontoon and the lighthouse, spammed that bait, kept a few fish to 
restock fish and I was done.

A large spawn of Sailfish are just NW from Steel Point (when you make that 
node anyway). I threw the bait in that area and they appeared on the rotation.

Note that Sunfish/Moonfish aren’t always the first fish in a school. I’ve had 
squid and other schools have sunfish and the like as the second fish I caught.

Guide to Turn Off Controller Vibration:
* There’s no such an option in the game.
* But you can turn off controller vibration through steam settings:
* Go to Steam –> Settings –> Controller –> General controller settings –> 
  Choose your controller in the detected controllers section (it must be on) 
  –> Preferences –> Rumble preference –> Off.

This will disable vibration for all Steam games, so you’ll have to enable it 
later if necessary.

Research Asssistant Guide (Collect the Samples):
Written by Grethane

Quick guide to help you catch the Angler Fish, The Stoplight Loosejaw, the 
Giant Amphipod, and the Snailfish.

-=Some Personal Advice
* I recommend that you at least have hull 2 and the extra cargo slots.
* i also recommend that you have upgraded engines to make getting around easier.

Also… be nice have never done a guide before so first attempt to help others out.

-=Finding the AnglerFish
* You are going to want to have upgraded your Fishing equipment to Bottomless 
  Lines to enable you to get both abyssal and hadal fish.
* I found my the angler fish between grids B3 and C3 during the late morning. 
  Simple sweet nothing fancy required.

-=Finding the Stoplight LooseJaw
Warning! The name of the fish in the mission is misleading you are not looking 
for a “Stoplight LooseJaw” the regular LooseJaw fills the mission requirements.

* As before i recommend that you have your fishing gear upgraded to the Bottomless 
* I found the spawn point for them at grid D6 at night. I know some others have 
  also been able to find them around i think it is D1 or G1. But i didn’t go down 
  there to confirm or not.
* There is nothing fancy about this run. Run out to the coordinates around evening, 
  early night and look for a bunch of red dots floating under the water. Fish on 
  top of that and you got your LooseJaw.

-=Finding the Giant Amphipod and Snailfish
* You will need to put the device on the generator to be able to keep the kraken 
  (he lives in the center of the bay in the deepest part and hates when you go 
   anywhere near the middle) at bay while you fish if not you will find yourself 
  getting wrecked quickly.
* You need to have your equipment upgraded to the Bottomless Line to be able to 
  get these fish
* Wait for night fall and activate the generator by clicking on it, this will keep 
  the Kraken away from you.
* Once the ward is going and making a annoying noise use your spyglass and locate 
  the fish points in the center and grab the 2 fish that you need.

Tip For Easy Game From the Start:
Written by Athrek

-=Easy Money=-
* Do jobs around The Marrows until you’ve unlocked the Basic Crab Pot at the 
  Fish Market.
* Buy both Basic Crab Pots if you can.
* Go North-East to P12 to find the Charred Pontoon and buy both of their Crab Pots
* Drop the Crab Pots nearby the Charred Pontoon and then rest for 3-6 hours.
* Grab the Crabs, sell them at the Charred Pontoon and buy more Basic Crab Pots 
  if you can.
* Repeat this until you have $4000-5000 and you’ll never worry for money again.

-=Early Research=-
I also recommend checking the Shipyard at the Charred Pontoon(or any Pontoon) 
every time the day changes or to buy Research Parts when they appear. They won’t 
appear everyday but they can drastically make things easier on you if you can 
grab a few during this process. If you can’t, no worries.

You can also save > quit > continue the game over and over to make Research Parts 
appear in the store, but there is no need to do this until after completing all 
the quests as you will be rewarded for them as well.

-=Research Order=
This is optional, but I recommend grabbing the researches in the following order 
to prevent sad times later.

Rods: Flexible Fishing Pole -> Engines: Improved Outboard Engine -> Twin Prop Engine 
-> Rods: Bottomless Lines -> Anti-Tangle Line -> Fathomless Winch -> Heat-Resistant 
Line -> Nets: Improved Trawl Net -> Large Trawl Net -> Heavy-Duty Trawl Net -> Vesatile 

After that, finish the engines, then anything you want from there. This order is 
because it will make it easiest to catch every species of fish in the game as quickly 
and easily as possible.

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