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Double Kick Heroes Cheats

Double Kick Heroes

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock the Challenge Songs in Arcade Mode and Story Mode:
Written by Loli SpecOps Sergeant Major

The two songs "Destroy and Race and Groove" and "Don't Bite My Butt!" 
are locked by default. However, you can fairly easily get them in both 
the Arcade and Story modes.

-=Unlocking in Arcade=-
The two songs "Destroy and Race and Groove" and "Don't Bite My Butt!" are 
locked by default. In order to unlock them, just play the first boss battle 
(the shark head guy) and then you unlock "Destroy and Race and Groove". Then 
beat that to get "Don't Bite My Butt!". Pretty easy and straight forward.

"Destroy and Race and Groove" is a Meshuggah style Djent song while "Don't 
Bite My Butt!" is a Babymetal inspired song complete with Japanese lyrics.

-=Unlocking in Story Mode=-
Now, if you want to be super fancy, you can also get these two songs in the 
story mode.

To get the first one, return to Marlene's garage after a while. I beat the 
campaign already when I did it, so I don't know when is the earliest you can 
do it. When you return, it'll say that the Sharks attacked the place and that 
Marlene is gone. If you keep going back, it'll eventually say something about 
Marlene leaving a note or something. You'll unlock "Destroy and Race and Groove".

To get the second one, return to the casino place and click on the radio 
repeatedly. You may have to talk to Derick (the blonde drummer) until he says 
something about wondering what happens if you kick the radio 66 times. Then 
you'll get a conversation about Snake (the keyboardist) finding a concert ad 
for Babymetal. You'll unlock "Don't Bite My Butt!".
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