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Darklands Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Never buy the Arabian Fire or Breath of Death, as the damage potential of
both these attacks is far less than that of the Thunderbolt attack, even 
though the manual says otherwise.

Easy and Consistent increase to Virtue Stat:
Donating when you have at least 25 florins and 10 pfennings (6010 pfennings)
to a "well-known church" in towns and a religion stat above 30-60-90 will 
increase your virtue stat by 1-2-3 (religion/30) per character. The donation
is 10% of the money you have and increases the virtue as long as you have 
more than 6010 pfs and a religion stat of at least 30, so the most economical
practice would be to donate when you have that much - although it is a bit 
slower than donating two or three times between visits to the market.

Faster and FREE recovery:
Instead of camping or staying in the main towns, stay at a village instead. 
Choose the rest for 8-hours option in a village, instead of taking up residence
there. The cost that is shown is never taken from you like it is in other cases.
Choosing the 8-hour option also allows you to regain strength every 8 hours 
instead of 24 with the other options, allowing you to triple your recovery 
speed when your healing stat is low.

Quick and Free Endurance Recovery:
While endurance is always fully recovered in normal ways like camping or 
resting at the inn, choosing the "catch up on local news and rumors" option 
at the inn will also recover endurance fully, is free, and doesn't pass as 
much time as the normal ways. This doesn't work when checking at the 
political center or to recover strength.

Tips & Errata:
By Hieronymous Alloy

* If a merchant doesn't have an item you want for sale (e.g., no plate mail 
for sale at the Nurnberg Armorer) try raising your local reputation a bit and 
then returning at night; they'll have a different inventory. Some merchants, 
like the Clothmaker's Guild, *only* sell items at night!

* Keep a zero-value item ("clothing" from thugs, or boar tusks) in your 
inventory; everything you don't want to ever sell goes above the zero-value 
item, everything else below it. When selling items, you can just hold the sell 
key down to sell everything quickly; the zero-value item won't sell, and neither 
will the items above it in your inventory list.

* you can drag and drop items in your inventory, or hit 1/2/3/4 to send highlighted 
items to party members

* you can unequip and equip items mid-combat with keystroke commands

* Prices *do* vary between merchants, but it's a little complicated. Items all have 
a rarity []value; some things are easy to find, others are harder. 
To get the best prices, you want to buy common items (alchemy base ingredients, 
arrows, quarrels, etc) and sell rare items (handguns, composite bows) in large cities, 
but sell common items and (when available) buy rare ones from more rural merchants 
(travelling caravans, village smithies, etc.)

* There are a few specific unique locations scattered around the map (The "Devil's 
Bridge," the "Good Witch.")

*There are a few items you can buy at town merchants which are useful in scripted 
encounters. Your character with the highest Artifice should buy a lockpick at some 
point. Your character with the highest Agility should keep a grappling hook and a 
rope in his inventory. If a character in your party can invoke St. Cecilia, make 
sure that person is carrying a musical instrument.

* You can find "Superb" horses for sale sometimes at villages, monasteries, or lone 

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