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Cyber Knights: Flashpoint Cheats

Cyber Knights: Flashpoint

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Stealth:
Melee weapons are always silent and always do a significant amount of damage. 
It doesn’t matter if they hear you coming, as long as you kill them after 
you get there. Also, depending on the weapon, the “noise” range is substantial. 
The magnum pistol the Cyber Knight starts with has a noise radius of like 45m, 
where as an assault rifle noise radius is only at 35m. Likewise, the sniper 
rifle’s noise radius is also around 45m even though it’s range is only 35m.

Long story short, depending on where you engage enemies in the map, going 
louder and killing them in one fell swoop will net you less security tallies 
then if you keep trying to use silenced pistols to bring them down but one of 
the enemies survives to the next round and can report to the AI.

There are two other talents I wanted to point out – The Vanguard’s “Glasswalker” 
and the Cyber Knights “Tactical Surge.”

Glasswalker is, in my opinion, one of the best traits in the game. “When the 
security level rises, immediately buff yourself and teammates within 25m with 
+7 initiative and +1 action points (when fully leveled).” Usually when the 
security level rises, one of two things has happened, you voluntarily went 
loud and maybe triggered multiple groups OR you screwed up and didn’t manage 
to kill all the enemies that spotted you.

The initiative buff means your entire team will almost certainly get a turn 
before even one enemy does, meaning you can finish off the bad guys and get 
back into optimal position. Sometimes when things go wrong, everything 
snowballs and next thing you know, you’re at +6 security level.

Tactical Surge buffs your squad within 25m (or more) with an immediate +2 
action points for their next turn, which is a net +8 action points or essentially 
the equivalent of having one extra squad member for a turn. I save this ability 
on my CK for emergencies or when I’ve decided I absolutely have to kill a larger 
group of enemies in one fell swoop.

Glasswalker and Tactical Surge also combo REALLY well and I can’t think of a
 single instance in which both popped that I didn’t absolutely murder the enemy 
with the extra +12 action points for my squad.

Tactical surge (cyber knight talent) and coordinated charge (Soldier) are two 
bonuses that grant AP and movespeed respectively to the whole team and work 
VERY well together. if you can get a guard to look the other way then zoom your 
whole squad past them then you can get in some pretty nice positions without 
having to start many body timers. Another critical thing for me to keeping the 
sec tally (and therefore heat) down is making use of spiking the CPU and APU 
in the matrix for missions that have them (each one drops the security 
escalation level by 1 (maybe more? not positive on the exact mechanic).

My turns 1 and 2 usually look like this: drop AP and movespeed buffs, blitz 
the first group of enemies and hide/cancel body timers, and get my hacker to 
the nearest terminal and the rest of the squad to a safe-ish spot. Then i can
take opportunities to drop isolated guards and sneak to lootboxes while my 
hacker goes to town. Right about the time the new body timers start running
out i can spike something to drop the sec level back down. I usually don’t 
end up getting reinforcements until near the end of the run.

Another more tactical rather than strategy tip is this: if you can line up 
the initiative right you can lure a guard towards an isolated location 
(before their turn), then on their action they walk there, then another 
character (or your vanguard with delay) ices them away from prying eyes 
and cancels the tallies that they were going to create from ‘hearing 
something suspicious’.
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