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Cutthroats - Terror on the High Seas Cheats

Cutthroats - Terror on the High Seas

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Build a large crew:
Port at any seaward town and give the crew orders to take prisoners before 
returning to the ship. Once they have come back, send them out again. (The 
prisoners will be pressed into service and added amongst the ranks of the 
sailors.) Repeat as often as necessary. 

Extra money:
Use a text editor to edit the "missionbrief.txt and "missioncompleted1.txt" 
files in the "/data/missions//" folder. In the "missionbrief.txt"
file, look for the amount of pesos and increase it to the number desired. In 
the "missioncompleted1.txt" file, look for the amount of pesos and set the same
number. Play the mission and get your reward. 

Make a million or more:
Start in 1635 and travel from port to port and recruit as many marines as possible
(100) whilst heading south-west go to cayman islands and attack select put all 
marines in last option area once on land take prisoners but not back to ship keep
taking prisoners and decline terms the town will surrender you will get an option 
to sell prisoners click it then click cancel the money you are rewarded for 
defeating them will go up each time you offer to sell them and cancel (the more 
houses you raid the more the multiplier also raid the treasury but not governers
mansion) (having 100 muskets will speed up process rapidly).

Silver train and treasure fleet:
To attack the silver train and spanish treasure fleet you will need to be at the 
bottom af the map near the town above panamar late october early november they 
cross trade lanes at that point (after 1650) before 1650 they are often late and 
sometimes early but hardly on time.

Cutthroats Quick Marine Build Up:
All you have to do is attack a port. When you do this, the number of marines will 
either double or triple(try not to keep more than 300 or your food and rum supply 
will be consumed quickly).

Battle tactics:
When battling at sea, attack your opponent's sails with Chain shot. (Without a sail, 
the ship becomes less mobile.) Once the sails are tattered, switch to Grapeshot and 
pound the deck. (This will slay most of the crew.) After a few strikes, sail alongside 
the ship and issue the grapple order to begin boarding.

* Never drop your sails in battle--there's just no need. Maneuverability is always
  important when you need to get your other cannon facing toward the enemy as quickly
  as possible. 

* When you begin an adventure, loot towns first to get enough money to buy another 
  small ship (approximately 1,500 gold pieces, depending on the port) before you go
  off to try your hand at open-water battles. 

* Before you start in on a long series of sea battles, recruit as many sailors as 
  you can fit onboard; you'll need them for the boarding operation against even a 
  minor opponent. 

* Before you disburse your plunder to end an adventure, head out for one last 
  strike on the open seas to kill off a few of your crewmen (and bring in some 
  extra cash). That will make your split much more attractive once you reach port. 

* When going after a ship, begin by switching to Chain Shot, and attack only the
  sails for a few passes (that will slow the enemy ship down). Pull back and switch
  to Grape Shot, and hammer away at the deck (that will kill off enemy crewmen). 
  Once you've made a good number of strikes, issue the grapple order and begin 
  boarding--hopefully, the odds will now be in your favor. 

* You may find things easier if you stick to a single ship and upgrade, rather 
  than increasing your fleet (besides, you'll have less worries about doling out
  the plunder later with fewer pirates under your care). 

* Whenever you get a ship to surrender, secure it and take it to port to sell. 
  Don't press the crew into service; they'll mutiny on you at the most inconvenient

* If you do sail into combat with multiple ships, you can cut down on the chaos 
  by controlling the lead ship and allowing the computer to control the rest.

Cheat Codes:
submitted by rickHH

Here goes: Find a .txt file named, "PlayConsum.txt" in: C:\Games\Cutthroats\Data\Econ

This tiny file tells the game how much food needs to be available before your sailors
start to complain, die, and finally vote you out:

Sup Weight(lbs) Per person
 Food 3
 Fruit 1
 Pork 1
 Rum 1

Simply edit it so that ALL the values read "0", then save as "PlayConsum.txt":

Sup Weight(lbs) Per person
 Food 0
 Fruit 0
 Pork 0
 Rum 0

With this file in place, you can cruise forever so long as you have AT LEAST 1 ton of
each of these supplies on your ships. Your men will never complain about eating "ship's
biscuits and salt beef" again, and never vote you out.

(DS1-None of this comes without a hitch though. There is a glitch where "Food" and "Rum"
are never depleted, but "Fruit" and "Livestock" are. Never fear, because I still never 
got any complaints about the men's eating habits. Just to be safe though, whenever I 
noticed that we'd run out of an item, I'd simply buy a couple of tons, just to have them
on hand.)
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