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Corridor 7 Cheats

Corridor 7

Cheat Codes:
Start the game with parameter "c7 level1diagnostic". Next use [Ctrl]+[Left Shift]+[Tab]
to activate the cheatmode. Now you can use [Backspace]+

 [W] : Level Warp
 [G] : God Mode on/off
 [N] : No clipping
 [S] : Freeze game
 [B] : Change border
 [C] : Pauses game and displays useful info
 [F] : Display your compass angle
 [I] : More score, more ammo, more charges, and next weapon
 [M] : Memory check
 [R] : Red skull in front of character
 [T] : Shows info on current level's transporters [CD ver only]

Press [W]+[A]+[X] for all weapons/ammo, keys, a few mines, full map, and full health. 

Use commandline parameter "president".

Power up:
Hold W + A + X to receive all weapons, full life, and proximity mines. 
Note: Your score will reset to zero when this cheat is enabled. 

Visor ammunition:
If you are given Visor ammo, chances are you will need it to find Invisibles. Use the 
visor in enclosed spaces such as box mazes.

Random levels:
Start the game with the c7 president command line.

Secret passages:
Secret passages are always in the gray map area. Some are accessed only from service 
tunnels. Entrances to service tunnels are normally near the Security Centers. Service
tunnels often lead to the map, as they encircle the entire level.

Adrenaline bottles:
Adrenaline bottles will raise your maximum health by 400, but only in that level. If 
you find multiple bottles you can have 999 health. You can health chamber up to 999 
health by having only one bottle.

Mine usage:
Use one mine for any normal alien. Use two mines for purple and red aliens. Use three 
mines for skull aliens. Only set mines in passageways, as enemies can walk around them
in open spaces. Backing up over mines will also kill you.

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Invincibility & full ammo:

Offset    83 2E BA 48 02 83 3E BA
Change to 90 90 90 90 90 83 3E BA

Offset    FF 0E BC 48 9A D1 0A
Change to 90 90 90 90 9A D1 0A

Offset    29 36 BA 48 56 9A 37
Change to 90 90 90 90 56 9A 37

Maze navigation:
In most situations it is easy to navigate a maze if you follow a left wall. Some important
items are in the center of mazes; it is important to go there as well. Mazes are often 
shown by single dots on the map but will never be completely outlined.
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