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Constructor Plus Cheats

Constructor Plus

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Agent 0 / 7 / 0

Yay, here few tips from me after beating every possible level on hard.

1) Level 3 Nerd Tenants and Kennels:
Build the hedge first and wait until he complains, then build his palisade 
fence and pause immediately when he’s done and happy. Build another fence 
during the break, I always use the stone fence and unpause. He will now 
accept this fence, although he doesn’t like the fence in the stats but you 
have peace of mind.

I always do this right after I’ve built the house and dropped the kennel, 
build a hedge, let the tenant in and wait until he complains.

2) Level with little starting capital:
You can build and sell houses. I always build the level 1 houses for 5.5k, 
the profit here is 2k. One team works in the woodwork and another team 
builds the houses that you sell. Feel free to change teams when one is fully 

3) Level up gangsters:
This is probably the most important tip. Gangsters need kills to unlock 
their weapons, these require favors from the mafia. However, you can also 
kill the dogs on enemy property; this counts as a full kill but don`t cost 
a favor.

If there are no doghouses on opposing property, donate one to them. Just 
build a kennel on enemy property, this dog will attack you. However, you 
have to keep right-clicking on the dog and spamming it, otherwise the 
gangster will flee.

4) Factory Capacities:
I only found out about this very late, so I’ll just mention it…you can 
build up to four sheds on each factory site (wood, cement, etc.), these 
increase the capacity. This also applies to the device factory.

5) Early Map Dominance:
It is not possible to buy additional land if you still have too much 
undeveloped land. But you can simply fill an entire area with a cheap Lvl1 
house and then sell it. So the area is filled and you can buy another one. 
Do this as long as you have money to buy the best ones in the beginning of 
the level.

6) Destroying Enemy HQs:
You need 6 gangsters with shotguns (best weapon in the game) to destroy a 
HQ, maybe 5-6 favors from the mafia if you’re unlucky. I almost always 
destroy an HQ without killing anyone.

Check every now and then to see if there is nothing going on on the HQ 
area, if so, go there quickly and right-click on the HQ, even if all the 
enemy units come running and attack your gangsters. Just keep spamming 
every second the HQ, you just have to recognize which life bar is the 
one from the HQ so you can get out of there in time. Takes a bit of 
practice but is actually easy.

7) Scum Buildings:
All you need to know are two things. First, if you see an enemy ghosthouse, 
destroy it with one or more Gagnsters who have a shotgun. They’re annoying.

Secondly, you only need to build the thief. Use the gangsters to destroy 
the enemy police station and, if necessary, the dog on the HQ property. 
Don’t bother with the others.

8) Money Boost:
Concentrate on building the steelworks as quickly as possible. When you’re 
ready, position the “System 3 sculpture” so that as many apartment buildings 
as possible are in the range around it. You get 5k per visitor, then you have 
peace and quiet to build.

The “Congress Building” is also lucrative at 3.5k, but if possible, position 
it in a different location with many apartment buildings. A visitor can only 
visit one of the two. I usually plan at the beginning of the level where the 
hotspots for both buildings are. A central area surrounded by potential areas. 
A Lvl1 tenant pays the same as a Lvl5 ??tenant. So quantity instead of quality.

9) House Repair:
At the beginning you need mechanics but once you have the steelworks, build 
toolboxes and supply them to your houses. You can also have the toolboxes 
delivered, click on your device factory (hotkey “G”) and select your object, 
you can have it delivered at the bottom right.

But be careful, if you click on deliver, the delivery person will be at the 
entrance waiting for confirmation from the building.

If you don’t choose one, it will be there forever, i.e. one less supplier, 
you only have three. “A mechanic who repairs a house costs money, save the 
money as soon as you can. However, public buildings or factories need 
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