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Conquest of the New World Cheats

Conquest of the New World

Cheat Codes:
When at the title screen, type in the following codes for 
their respective effects:

Code       Result
quickie  - Units Move Double Speed
loadmp   - Loads Map Editor Cheat File
leader   - Leaders Gain High Reps When Recruited
cheapb   - Buildings are Half Price
cheapu   - Units are Half Price
produc   - Increase building production
quicks   - Higher movement rates

Bug Exploitation:
Exploit a bug in the game and get more and more materials and gold 
every turn.. 
(tested on the main release only..not the delux one) 

First you have to get two colonies (recruit settlers), transfer from 
one to the other (gold,metals, ect.) and set it on persistent, now 
keep trading every turn and it will say the next turn, you will be 
at -xxx, the next turn you will have the normal amount that you make,
just go to the trade window and raise how much you made that turn 
(say your making 36 crops per turn and you have 50 crops, do the 
above and the next turn, raise how much you're trading by 36 
each turn...)

Pirate flag:
Hold [Left Shift] + [Right Shift] while the game is loading to have
a pirate flag.
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