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Command & Conquer - Red Alert 3 Cheats

Command & Conquer - Red Alert 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Structure effects:
Have a spy infiltrate one of the following structures.

Construction Yard   : Reveal fog of war from the building radius of the enemy 
                      Construction Yard.
Power Plant         : Shuts off enemy's power for thirty seconds.
Refinery            : Steal $2,000 from your enemy.
Technology Structure: Temporarily stop production of tier 3 units or structures. It 
                      also will reset the enemy's radar, leaving only portions of 
                      the map where their units and structures are visible. 
Superweapons        : Reset the cool down counter back to its original time. 

Unit Production Structure: Shut down the production structure for thirty seconds, making
unit production and repairs impossible. You will also see all units produced from that 
structure for a short period of time. 

Special Units:
Submitted by: RM

If you want some special units to have some fun
with in a regular battle, then just be the Allies.

Unlockable        How to unlock
Yuri Prime      - Capture Soviet Base and build Soviet Barracks.
Crono Ivan      - Capture Soviet Base and build Soviet Barracks.
Crono Commando  - Infiltrate Allied Battle Lab.
Psi Commando    - Infiltrate Soviet Battle Lab.

Unlimited Money:
Submitted by: tsogoo 

(Vista users only)
C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Red Alert 3\Profiles\YOUR PROFILE NAME\skirmish.ini
find this file from location and open 
Rts:GameInfo = M=283data/maps/official/map_mp_5_feasel2;MC=0;MS=0;SD=138749380;
GSID=1649;GT=0;PC=-1;RU=1 100 10000 <<<---WRITE HERE YOUR NEEDED MONEY 0 0 10 1 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 1 ;
Rts:Map = data_5Cmaps_5Cofficial_5Cmap_5Fmp_5F5_5Ffeasel2_5Cmap_5Fmp_5F5_5Ffeasel2_2Emap
change and save!
Never choose money from skirmish options.

Over 1,000,000 credits:
Submitted by: Viper941

This requires the use of a real time hex-editing program such as Cheat Engine. 
Cheat Engine can be downloaded for free from many websites (just Google it to find one.) 
and is updated regularly. 

1)Start skirmish and take note of your starting credits
2)Press esc to pause game.(If playing on teams wait apox 10 sec)
3)Load (where xxx is version #) process into the engine
4)Use First scan where value = your starting credits.
5) Return to game and build a power plant. Take note of your new credit total
6)Pause game and return to Cheat Engine.
7)Use next scan where value = your new credit total
8)Modify the values of the remaining addresses found to anything you want up to 999999
9)Return to skirmish and when you build your next item your credits will jump up to the 
  modified value. If you build and ore mine (which you have to for some units to be available) 
  you will have over 1,000,000 credits.

This also works in campaigns, however if it is a campaign where you start with an ore mine in 
the beginning you must stop the miners from collecting long enough to get 2 accurate values.

Easy wins in campaign mode:
Submitted by: Goran Stojanov

Build up your base defenses, anti-air, anti-armor, anti-infantry, have some infantry and
tanks in your base, be sure that you can survive a full scale attack. Then use your air 
force and special weapons as your primary offense. It may take about an hour to win the 
later battles, but if used wisely you will surely win.

Unlimited Money (skirmish):
Submitted by: Amr El-Sayed

(Windows XP only)
This cheat will enable you to specify how much money you start with in a skirmish.

1.Mark show hidden files and un-mark the hide protected os files from folder options.

2.Go to this location and open the file: "C:\Documents and Settings\"User Name"\
  Application Data\Red Alert 3\Profiles\"Profile Name"\skirmish.ini" such that User name 
  is your winxp user name and profile name is your ra3 profile name,

3.You will find that text in the file:
  "change 10000 to what you need, that will be the cash you will get..hehe"

Rts:GameInfo = M=283data/maps/official/map_mp_5_feasel2;MC=0;MS=0;SD=138749380;
GSID=1649;GT=0;PC=-1;RU=1 100 10000 <<<---Cash you will get 0 0 10 1 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 1 ;
Rts:Map = data_5Cmaps_5Cofficial_5Cmap_5Fmp_5F5_5Ffeasel2_5Cmap_5Fmp_5F5_5Ffeasel2_2Emap

4.After changing save and close.
5.start a skirmish game in ra3 and choose 10000 as your start the difference.

Mini-Construction Yard:
Use a Cryocopter to shrink your MCV while it is in Pack mode. While the MCV is shrunk, unpack
it. You will have a mini Construction Yard, allowing you to build your structures twice as 
Note: Remember the shrink ray only lasts for a short amount of time. Also, while your 
Construction Yard is mini it will have very low defense.

How to get tow word power:
Submitted by: mohammad

if you want to control allies and soviet and rising sun there is tow ways
1. be the soviet get natasha and atack the enemy base atack their mcv. but dont destroy 
   it when it unpack use natasha secondry ability and snip the driver cleanly and send an 
   infantry to capture it then its yours their mobile construction viechle
2. capture the enemy viechles producer ( war factory/armor factory/mecha bay factory) and 
   buy mcv from it then mcv is yours hope you like the trick.

Submitted by: pangeran yogo

1.capture allies war factory with enginer MCV tank tesla trooper
4.make tesla trooper enter the MCV tank

1.capture soviet barrack tesla trooper MCV tank
4.make tesla trooper enter the MCV tank

finnaly you have lightning tank like tesla tank, but it more cheap, strong, have long range.

Bums rush:
Submitted by: daddy

When playing skirmish update ini file to 150000 credits. then find the team that gives most 
trouble. make 2 infantry barracks nearest them and on nearest the other enemy.
Use the 2 barracks to create as many units in the shortest possible time and attack wiping out 
barracks vehicle shop and central process units.
While attacking always keep up your infantry production on all barracks.
When you have reduced the enemy consolidate your sector and build and defend until strong enough 
to attack. 

Mini tesla tank,v4 tank,apocalypse tank etc.:
Submitted by: Floyd Neil

first you must be soviet then build hammer tank and sting ray,apocalypse tank,v4 tank
,sickle etc. use the hammer tank's leech beam and attack the following units then (use ctrl)
attack an unit look how it sure to experiment them all.enjoy it! note:if you use 
leech beam to sputnik and terror drones it will not affect the hammer tank.

Cryocopter trick:
Submitted by: Nazib shahreair

This only works with allies.First make 3 to 6 cryocopters.Use them to freeze power plants to 
shut of base defense.Then use a cryocopter to freeze the building you want to destroy.
Wait until the building freeze.Then use a vindicator or surgical strike to drop a bomb on that 
building.It costs less firepower.

Instant free units/vehicles cheat:
Submitted by: Raul

Works if you are playing the allies and best on skirmish. Build whatever units/vehicles 
production you want to build (boot camps,war factory,naval yards) and just for the fun of it,
capture enemy buildings as well.Have at least 5 cryo copters. Make sure you select the Secret
Protocol called: Chrono Fisure. It makes your building vanish for some time.Launch the chronoo- soon as it is done, freeze your vanished building with the cryo copters. When the 
chrono fisure wears off you should now have a frozen building,but now, you can build unlimited 
free units but only for a short time, so hurry and have fun.
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