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ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident Cheats

ComixPlay #1: The Endless Incident

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by [LBB] Morix

* Always keep an eye on Tomís health. If he starts to get low, make sure Nightingale 
  is there for healing, or just swap him out until you can arrange a more favorable 
  battlefield to come back to.
* Any time you see a monster with Defense bonuses, use Nebulaís ability on Tom to 
  take it away. Doing this really helps in the long run.
* Attack and Defense bonuses carry over from one wave to the next. Abilities that 
  characters can use on themselves or others do not. Donít use abilities that last
  for several turns right before killing the last monster of a wave, because the 
  remaining time you have on it will be lost.
* Holding down the right mouse button on a monster will show you its stats and 
  attacks. Take note if it can attack a row, column, or another pattern and then 
  arrange your heroes accordingly.
* Use positioning to your advantage. Positions 5 and 9 grant Attack bonuses to 
  whomever is standing in the right spot, this is the only way for Forcer to 
  gain Attack so it comes in handy.
* On some levels you can fire lasers or rockets from the Paladin (the Solar 
  Defenders ship) and hit all enemies. The damage this does is based on the 
  current Attack bonus of the character calling for the strike, so be sure to 
  save it for someone with a large Attack.
* Donít forget about Nebulaís healing shield. It helps keep Tom in the fight 
  when Nightingaleís run out of her big heals.
* Donít bother with Tomís ďMake Someone Else Play NextĒ special ability. Itís a 
  waste of a turn for Tom who could be dealing damage or buffing Defense.
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