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Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin Cheats

Commandos 3 - Destination Berlin

Cheat Codes:
Update by: SEABOY

Type "SOYINCAPAZ" as a name to enable cheat mode. Then, press one of the following keys
during game play. Cheat mode can also be activated during a mission by typing "SOYINCAPAZ"
after selecting a commando. 

Code                     Result
[Ctrl] + I             - God Mode.
[Ctrl] + V             - Invisibility.
[Shift] + X            - Place Commandos Under Pointer.
[Ctrl] + [-]           - Show Frame Rate.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + N   - Skip Mission.
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + X   - Destroy All Opponents.

Submitted By: Ugan Rajoo
E Mail:
Mission      Codes
1. Mission - NS2B7
2. Mission - GMD1T
3. Mission - NMD15
4. Mission - YDNCQ

Submitted by: mahesh

Eliminate The snipper:
Try to get behind him and shoot the snipper. Clear the area before getting
to the back of him.

cover o'donell:
* Try to kill enemy soldiers by a group, by throwing granide or moltav. 
  (pick this items from the boxes lying around)
* Position sniper at Top of the post and take away the enemy soldiers.
* Kill the soldiers who are coming near the building.

Getting into the plane:
Use snipper to finish the soldiers in the way. Use sapper and position him 
behind the cottage(next to the bridge) Throw granides and maltov to kill 
soldiers by group who stands at the end of the cottage. by doing this this 
you can kill almost all the soldiers. Remaining you can kill with snipper.
Thats all for now, get to you back when i finish next stage.

Allied Infantry with unlimited ammunition Submachine gun and Assault rifle:
Submitted by: Kashif

In "Normandy Beach" in Campaign Normandy and in Central Europe while "ambushing 
the convoy" containing works of art. Select one your men and pick up a Submachine 
gun or Assault Rifle from a dead soldier and drop it from your inventory infront 
of your ally let him pick that weapon and you will see he has the particular weapon 
which he picked up. Furthermore it will help you in completing your mission faster 
because the weapon is with unlimited ammo. Don't give weapon directly to ally it 
will not get in his inventory. 

Submitted by -Rojan Sapkota 

1)In THE TAKE CONTROL OVER THE TOWN level there is a place where u can have a 
  massacre of the soldiers. Go to the top of the tower where two soldier gaurd 
  the door and one officer Walks.Kill the person on the tower and using Sapper 
  throw a grenade on the vechicle down of it. Most of the soldier come there and 
  start to can throw another grenade that will kill 15-16 soldier at the 
  same time.They will not see u. 
  In the same level we can see a group of soldiers excercising and Standing in an 
  assembly .Kill the enemy sniper then using sapper tie first the officer using 
  fist and now u can use your fist to tie other soldiers. they wont see u. 
  Hit the soldiers one by can save your poisonus gas and kill them 
  easily using this method . 

2)In The kill the traitor level dont go and take the box which contains 2 big 
  explosive used by sapper. this starts the time and u will not be able to complete 
  the mission easily. as soon as u take it time starts and when the time ends odonnel 
  escapes. First kill all the soldiers except in the building where Hitler had raised 
  his arm then go and then take the explosive. when time finishes odonnel comes out 
  and you can kill him now.The explosive are placed near the tank and the small car

Submitted By: Shibly & Tamim 
E Mail: 
From Bangladesh. 

Protect General O'Donnel Stage: 
You can Protect General O'Donnel very easily by doing the following Way. 
When game starts an allied soldier will come out from the house(near the commandos). 
Quickly kill that allied soldier by using molotov cocktel before he calls the other 
allied soldiers to come out. If you successfully do that before he calls the other 
allied soldiers, they will not come out from the house. So you do not have to protect 
your general. Your allied soldiers will do that. 

Clearing out the sewers in Berlin:
Submitted by: damodar

When you find yourself in the Berlin sewers after the cut scene in which you meet the 
Spy, you can easily overcome each room of the sewer and clear it out by simply using 
punches, knifing and running into a room, being spotted and then running out, and 
taking cover behind your fellow commandos, who are of course, waiting on guard move 
with their guns pulled out, aimed at the door. When the Nazis burst in, your men nail 
them, and you can clear all the sewers out doing this. With a couple of the Nazis, 
it's even easier to simply come out behind them, knife them and drag their body back 
through the door.

Sniper vs. Sniper:
Submitted by: damodar

I completed this level first of all by literally taking out everyone a man at a time, 
and boy was it hard going! Then my brother tried it, and discovered that when you've 
sniped one nazi from the Russian embassy (be careful, pop out of the wrong window and 
the elite sniper will kill you!), and cleared out the Nazi riflemen around the fountain 
by sniping them from the unoccupied yard area (behind the wall, above the little dugouts 
the Russians soldiers mostly start in), you can crawl down, take their stuff and then 
as you move down towards the highest tower (it's a church building), the elite nazi 
sniper should move his position and make a run for it; he tends to respond to your 
movements to keep you covered so you can't snipe him but he can snipe you. As he runs, 
you can actually quite safely change direction, bolt the other way and snipe him as 
he's running - ending this part of the mission early! Whew!

Submitted by: siddharthan

for the first task 'KILL THE ENEMY SNIPER'just move forward some 20 steps this would 
make the enemy sniper go to the next adjacent edge of the building.then you can slowly 
go to the top of the building where o'donnell will be there ,from that window
you can peep out as long as you can ,the enemy sniper will never notice you.

Sniper VS Sniper made easier again:
At the start of the first level we are faced with an elite sniper. I found the 
easiest way to do this was:
spin your map 180 degrees, scroll the map in a south east direction and there'll be 
a tiny hut which u can not enter, but run beside that, the sniper makes a run for it,
then crouches at the corner, then run back into the building where u started besdie, 
go upstairs and go to the closest window to you on the upstairs plan, peek out of it 
and the sniper is right in front of you, alls you have to do is spin the map 180 
degrees again, then snipe his butt, and any other soldiers in range.

Win 1st level of staringlard easily:
Submitted by: Shahabas

If u are trying hard to win the first mission of staringlard (I dont no the name 
properly), i will tell you the easiest way. first go to the left entrance at the 
left cornor. from there you must hide the snipers(players) legs and the body except
the head and hands should be seen through the entrance. take your sniper rifle and 
shoot 3-4 enemies coming straight to you. then crawl straight back of the nearest 
building where you see a tree and a pole. when you are reached there,climb up the 
pole and wait till 2 men are coming.(if you wait for long time and no one is there
you can proceed to the next step) the next step is to go straight and try to kill 
two enemies near the boxes (it will be easy to kill). after killing go to the boxes
and search them. in one box you will get 10 ammos of sniper rifle. the ngo straight
right conor where the small blocking grills are there (Remember! you in the full 
process). Then take your sniper rifle and scope to the right side where the railway
path is. Then you kill the enemy and the enemy sniper. Once done you will be 
proceeded to the next mission.

Killing groups of enemies:
* Try to kill enemy soldiers in a group by throwing grenades or a Molotov cocktail. 
  They can be obtained from the boxes that are lying around. 
* Position a sniper at the top of the post and kill enemy soldiers. Kill the soldiers
  who are coming near the building. 

Unlimited ammunition:
Use the following trick in "Storm the Beach" in the Normandy campaign and in the 
"Ambush The Convoy" mission in the Central Europe campaign. Select one your men and
pick up a submachine gun or assault rifle from a dead soldier. Drop it from your 
inventory in front of an ally. Let him pick up that weapon. Notice he has that 
particular weapon. This weapon has unlimited ammo. Do not give weapon directly to
ally, as it will not enter his inventory.
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