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City of Sinners & Saints Cheats

City of Sinners & Saints

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Built with the ground-breaking Multiverse Platform, City of Sinners 
& Saints is being designed for the next generation of social networkers
looking for an expanded experience on a website. The city will offer 
virtual travelers from around the globe the opportunity to socialize 
with friends, create unique characters, play casual games, purchase 
virtual goods and real estate, and shop online for their favorite 
products - all within an original world where a laugh is around every

* All the same key features found in other social networking products, while 
  introducing a 3D comedic, cartoon-based style metaphor of the real world 
* A virtual friendship manager - track who is online, who is in your top ten,
  who you've interacted with and block those pesky players you don't want to 
  talk with 
* Animotes that break free of the simple happy faces that players have seen 
  for years and come alive in pre-rendered animated comedic video sequences 
* An open world experience where players can complete comedic quests to earn
  in-game currency to purchase gifts for friends, acquire living space, new 
  clothing, furniture and a variety of accessories.
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