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Cave Digger Cheats

Cave Digger

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Unlock the Mystery Vault:
Written by Zorkn

How to find the four keys.

-=The Mistery Vault=-
When you go down to the mines, sometimes you will find The Mistery Vault on one 
of the walls.

This vault needs to be opened with 4 keys you have to find in the game and will 
lead to the "End: Unlock the Mystery Vault".

-=Key #1=-
How to get it:

Tip #1: Where? In the "Mushroom Area".
Tip #2: How? Eat something.
Solution: You have to go down to the mines until you get in the "Mushroom Area". 
There, you have to find the mushrooms and eat one. While you are tripping, you can 
find the key floating around. If you don't find it, eat another mushroom and try 
again. I've found the key in the "Meteor Trip" and the "Fall Trip".

-=Key #2=-
How to get it: 

Tip #1: Where? In the "Lava Area".
Tip #2: How? Find the key and get it.
Solution: You have to go down the mines until you get in the "Lava Area" (the one 
with the black rocks). There, you have to find the key in the rocks and break them 
to get it. Use the scanner to make it a little easier to find. If you use explosives, 
the key might fall off, but it will spawn again on the elevator.

-=Key #3=-
How to get it: 

Tip #1: Where? In the Saloon.
Tip #2: How? Buy something.
Solution: Buy a lot of upgrades until the key shows up in the shop. 
It costs $1.000 to buy.

-=Key #4=-
How to get it: 

Tip #1: Where? In the Saloon.
Tip #2: How? Break something.
Solution: Break the radio in the Saloon with the pickaxe, the key is inside.

Opening the Mystery Vault

You can put the keys in the vault at any time and any order, even if you don't open it, 
the keys will stay in the vault until you start a new game.

After you introduce the four keys, turn the handle on the bottom.

The vault is now open, go inside...
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