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Catwoman Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Special Edition mode:
Enter 1940 as a Vault code. All galleries will be unlocked and the comic will have 
new changes. 

Midnight the cat:
When Catwoman comes across this little feline she is in luck. Finding Midnight gives 
Catwoman nine lives. 

Easy battles:
When battling Laurel Hedare, Tom Lone, or the man in black who tries to kill her, 
always attack them from the back. You will be able to hit them about three times 
before they attack again. Otherwise, you will just roll away and get hurt.

Kitty dance:
Allow the game to idle and Catwoman will do a dance.

Hex cheat:
To enable cheats for CATWOMAN, locate "general.vol" file which is in "CATWOMAN\DATA"

Now open the file with your favorite hex editor.
1.Go to offset 00003112 and replace "4646" with "6E20". This will enable DEBUG_CHEATS.
2.Go to offset 00003158 and replace "4646" with "6E20". This will enable DEBUG_TEXTS.
  [not necessary]
3.Go to offset 0000319D and replace "4646" with "6E20". This will enable DEBUG_FLY 
  [Fly-Through mode].
4.Go to offset 000031E3 and replace "4646" with "6E20". This will enable LEVEL_SELECT.
5.That's all. While you play the game press "esc". Now you access many debug cheats. 
  Use pose key to change ON and OFF condition. 

NOTE: Above offsets are normally types like "0xXXXXXXXX" where X is offset character

Play CATWOMAN on RADEON 7000, 7200 SERIES:

When you try to play CATWOMAN on RADEON 7000, 7200 graphic card, the game will crash 
with an Illegal operation. To resolve this problem, you have to edit a file 
"DeviceList.cfm" locates in CATWOMAN folder.

1.Open DeviceList.cfm file with notepad.
2.locate "Card 00001002-00005159 RADEON 7000 SERIES" or 
  "Card 00001002-00005144 RADEON 7200 SERIES"
3.Now using "cut" command cut the row corresponding to your graphic card.
4.paste it below this string "Card 00001002-00005157 RADEON 7500 SERIES" ,
  [which is locate couple of rows below ]
5.Save the file from file menu.
  That's all. Now u can play the game with minimum effects.

Second level pass:
When your on the second level and looking for a way to get pass the gate there is 
a hole there crawl through it then there's another gate go straight through it and
climb and get of on that part of the wall fall down that part of the wall then when
your over there climb the wall until you get on that part of the gate Press up and 
x when your on top and do the same thing on the other gate until you get on the other
part of the wall then press y for night vision you will see to white things in front 
of you go step on theme you will fall and then jump back up by pressing L1 at the 
right time then when your up there go straight and the screen will change.

Submited by- Aninda Das(IamGOD)

The Only enemy of the game is the camera angle. Press 2 motion leys at once to
jump at the corner.
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