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Championship Manager 3 Cheats

Championship Manager 3

Submitted by: bob

1:pick a CLUB team with a bit of money to spend e.g. ARSENAL.

2:add another player and pick a different Rich team e.g.Man utd

3:on the first team select the player you want to buy e.g. RONALDO

4:Offer 0M for him.

5:With the other team offer the amount that he is worth.

6:with the second team immediatly after you have made the offer for him 
click on ACTION and then click on CHANGE TRANSFER BID.

7:Where it says the name of your club at the top there should be a little 
arrow in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER. click on it and it should say the name 
of the other club that you offered 0M with.

8:click on the name of the the club.

9:you now must click on accept in the BOTTOM RIGHT-HAND CORNER

10:This wi9ll only be completed if you and the player can agree personal terms.

Submitted by: bob

1: do not offer him a contract of THIS PLAYER IS INDENCIBLE TO THE CLUB 
because the want too much money.offer him A FIRST TEAM PLAYER(2nd from top)

Submitted by: bob

2:if the player rejects your contract the first time do the 10 steps again 
and again and eventualy him will sign for you

if you want to be an international manager just simply 
click on a club, then click on a plyer who is in the 
international team click on the nation and take controll 
of a international team

Free Players( It only works in ur own league):
First, go to the club of the player you want to buy and 
take control(eg.owen of liverpool .Then, click that player 
you want to buy and click action.Click 'release on a fee' 
and accept it.
Then,retire liverpool and click continue game.You'll see on 
the news that said owen has been release on a free transfer.
Finally ,buy owen! what else?

submitted by:

Free Transfers For Every Team:
 1. Go to the player you want to buy e.g. Michael Owen
 2. Bid NO Fee
 3. Add another manager
 4. Chose a team
 5. Bid for Micheal Owen (NO Fee)
 7. Click on the Arrow in the top left hand corner of the 
    screen and select the original team. 
 8. Now go to "ACCEPT"
 9. Withdraw the transfer offer from the 2nd team
10. The transfer will now be complete if the player and team 
    can agree personal terms 

International Teams:
Enter Terry Vennables as a name to become an 
international manager.
Enter Glenn Hoddle to manage England

to manage Portugal type Artur Jorge, to manage Italy 
type Arrigo Sacchi, to choose Spain write Javier Clemente 

Free Players:
Click on the player you want to bye.
Bid 20million for them.
Change the bid to 0 and click on cancel offer
and if the player can agree personal terms you will 
get them on a free transfer.

Hint for goals:
Make your striker mark the opposition's keeper. It is quite 
effective, and the striker will score alot of goals.

International Manager: 
To manage an International Team just click on a  
team with a player of the desired nationality on
their books and click where it says 'English' for
example. Low and be hold you can now play as an 
international Manager.

Manage England:
Select any team at the selection screen. 
Click on an English player on the team squad 
screen, then click on "English". 
You should now be in control of the England team.

Good Players:
Sign these players because either straight away or in the 
near futre they will be 1 of your top signings.:
Vance Warner
David Woozley
Dean Chandler
Malcom Christie
Carl Laurie

Easy wins 
First chose the team you are playing against (has to be in 
the nation you selected earlier) Then take control of that 
team as another manager. During the game move all the players 
from the team you want to lose up to attack then your players 
should have no problem scoring 

Free Players
For example,you are now manager of Chelsea. Go to Game 
Options and click on the add manager. Choose another club, 
for example, Tottenham.Then, take control of the club. 
After that, go to the change player section and go to the 
Chelsea manager. Then, choose a player you want, for example, 
Dani Garcia of Mallorca. Go to approach buy and offer $0. 
Submit the offer. Then, change to the other manager and offer 
to buy the player at the player's price and submit. 
After that, click on the change transfer bid. Then, you'll 
see a box with an arrow in it on the top left hand corner. 
Click on it and click Chelsea. You can see Chelsea's offer 
there. Accept the offer and lo and behold, Mallorca would 
let Chelsea offer Dani a contract. Players can reject the 
contract if their demands are not matched. Withdraw 
Tottenham's offer. 

Unlimited Money 
Submitted by: ali tavakoli

Enter your manager name as "Jimmy Rules" and you will be able 
to buy all the players you want

Free players:
Use the following steps to buy any player for free. As an example, Rivaldo can 
be signed to Man Utd. As ManUtd, go to Rivaldo and put in a bid of 0, press 
"Offer", and then "Yes". With another team under your control, e.g. Liverpool,
go to Rivaldo and put in a bid of how much the player is worth, press "Offer" 
and then "Yes". Still as Liverpool, click on the action button and select 
"Change Transfer Bid". Now click on the small triangle in the top left hand 
corner. Then click on Man Utd (their name will appear once you have clicked 
on the triangle). You now have total control of the transfer bid. Just click 
"Accept" and your bid of 0 will be accepted. Withdraw Liverpool's bid for 
Rivaldo, and providing you can meet the player's wages, you will sign the 
player for free.
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