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Cake Mania Main Street Cheats

Cake Mania Main Street

Submitted by: RM

Perfect Superstar:
If you want a perfect Superstar score in this game, get superstar goals
before you unlock new shops. If you just squeak by with your goal on the
unlock levels and decide to go onwards, DON'T GO BACK AFTER OPENING THE 
NEW SHOP AND REPLAY THE LEVEL LATER! It will erase anything you did to 
the unlocked shop. I had everything at Major Renovations and went to 
replay levels so I could get Superstar on all of them, and it 'unlocked'
shops I'd already renovated. Unlocked them at their starting level of 
POS's. This SUCKED. I still love the game; it's great not HAVING to make
cakes. I HATE the flower shop, though. Love cake and sushi, burgers are 
tolerable, and flowers suck. All in all I give the game four stars.

More money out of the hippies:
Submitted by: cakebaker

On levels where there are Chefs or Vampires wait to serve the hippies 
until after the other customers. Serve all of the customers as fast as 
you can except the vampires or chefs and the hippies. The vampire and 
chefs will turn the hippies into either a vampire or a hot dog and then
they will place an actual order making you far more money then the typical
5 to 7 dollars. 

Also when they say a hippie will take anything they mean it to clear them 
quickly simply give them the next thing in your hand even if it is just sauce.
In the flower shop give them an unwrapped flower so you have more time to make
bouquets for display (frigerator case buy this item quickly) and in the cake 
shop undecorated cakes or if you do not have the refrigerator cases in the 
flower shop and bakery give them whatever is left so that the points are not
deducted at the end.
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