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Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon Cheats

Broken Sword - The Sleeping Dragon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and save it to unlock the Extras 
option at the main menu. Select that option to view concept art 
and other bonus material.

Horus Puzzle:
There's a point in the game where you have to do a puzzle that is 
told by Anubis with Horus you have to get the "Suspect" the "Killer"
and the "brother" all at the other side of the river. First i'll 
tell you the story behind it if you didn't understand what Anubis
was talking about. There is a "killer" that has killed a man. That
man has a "brother" and there is a "suspect". Now the "suspect" has
seen everything happen and now the killer wants to kill him so that
no one is able to hear from him what exactly happend. 
Now the "brother" of the killed man wants to kill the "killer" to 
avenge his little brothers death. But no one will act while Horus 
is with them. Now all you have to do is get them all 3 on the other
side of the river within 7 trips sounds easy BUT!!! the "suspect" 
and the "killer" may not be left alone without Horus. And the 
"Brother" may not be left alone with the "Killer" without Horus. 
Now i told you this so that you understand what to do so maybe you
can do it on your own. If you want to see how it has to be done 
scroll down a bit and i will tell you.

You have to take the "killer" to the other side. then head back to the 
"Suspect" and the "Brother". Now take the "Brother" and take him to the
other side of the river. When your there take the "Killer" back to the 
"Suspect" when your there take the "Suspect" and bring him to the "Brother"
now the "Brother" and the "Suspect" are together on the right side of 
the river you only have to bring the "Killer" to the other side and your 

Secret location:
After leaving Vernon's apartment for the first time, you should see a 
skater boy. You must do this egg now, because later in the game the skater
boy will disappear. Walk up to the skater boy and use the lipstick on him.
Nico will say "There was no way I was going to do that!" or something similar.
You have just triggered the easter egg! Now walk down the street until you 
pass the park. Normally, when you walk pass the park, Nico will say "I 
considered leaving the area," and the game will ask you where you want to go,
but If you used the lipstick on the skater boy, it will go right into a 
loading screen as soon as you past the park.

After the game is done loading, you'll be in the secret area. There isn't 
much to do here, but there is a dog that walks around. There is also a bridge
that goes over the river. If you walk down the bridge far enough, Nico will 
say, "I considered leaving the area," and the game will ask where you want 
to go. By the way, this easter egg is the only use for the lipstick in the 
whole game.
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