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Broken Arrow Cheats

Broken Arrow

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Starters Guide:
Thereís literally nothing hard about it:

* You go to your deck build.
* You setup units and choose their equipment.
* You use your units based on simple logic: AA in the rear, tanks 
  in the field, infantry in forests and so on.
* You press ALT and hover on unit to see itís firing distance.
* You constantly increase the supply lines. If you lose unit HP 
  or out of ammo, just relax in supply zone for a while.
* And yes, read the units stats in the deck menu to see how far 
  they can shoot and so on.

Important note: When you pick up a new equipment in the deck menu, 
look at unit stats that changed.

Keybind List:
Written by Cadet

Half of these are under controls but people never look there.

* F7 - Hides UI.
* F8 - Gives you a top down view of the battlefield.
* Double U - Instead of unloading at position it will unload when the 
  unit completes itís previous order.
* Shift - Letís you queue orders.
* U, Hold click and drag & release Ė Unloads units then those units m
  ove to the position where you dragged your mouse and released the click at.
* Z - Activates Sprint for infantry that have it or for vehicles that have radar.
* G - Force Fire, Forces unit to fire all weapons that are in-range of whatever 
  you clicked.
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