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BreakNeck Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Info: This is the "2000 game" by SouthPeak Games.
Pause the game during a race, then enter one of the following codes.

Result                                      Code
600 km/h super car                        - machthree
Unlimited ammo in death match mode        - impact
Free choice in starting league            - clementine
Enable weapon mode in championship mode   - overkill
Animated switches in menus                - mccoy
Tuning phase 5 for all systems            - likepamela
All additional systems at 99              - liselotte
All cars                                  - nalice
Disable cheats                            - alloff

Use car "ghosts" either solid or transparent when trying out a 
track for the first time. They'll help you find the best hot 
spots for breaking and turning. 

Use the suspension tweak to keep your vehicle low to the ground. 
It provides better control and faster cornering. 
Don't automatically choose a heavier chassis unless you're 
planning some combat. The more durable chassis can reduce 
performance and speed, which isn't all that necessary unless
you can't keep the car on the track.
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