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Brawlhalla Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide To Mastering Gauntlets:
Written by Swirlth

This is a guide to help new players and players that want to main gauntlets!

-=Why should you main Gauntlets?=-
I have plenty of reasons why gauntlets is a great choice to main. First, let 
us look at the characters who weld Gauntlets as their weapons. We have 6 
character in total who weld gauntlets and they are Caspian, Cross, Kor, Mordex, 
Val and Wu Shang.

I like Caspian particulary only because of his aggresive stats and the other 
weapon that he is welding, Katars. The Gauntlet and Katar is a great combination 
due to the fact that the player can go aggresive with gauntlets and afterwards 
use katars to finish their foes off. The only problem that i see new players 
doing is that they SPAM Caspian's Neutral Signature which thrusts out a charged 
bomb upwards and either to the top right or top left even if the enemy isn't 
above them.

Cross is very uncommon to see in ranked due to him becoming a meme as many new 
players like to spam with him. His stats allows him to be defensive and being 
great with attacking at the same time due to his defense and strength being 
relatively high with a decent speed. Cross is a very strange gauntlet legend 
who has strange signatures. His Down Signature, which summons a demon hand 
that moves towards the direction of where cross is facing over time, is a 
skilled move that has to be mastered if you are planning on maining him. You 
have to aim with the down signature in order to have the hit on your foe. 
The Blasters and Gauntlet is a very clean combination that allows the player 
to chip off damage with the gauntlets and end them with blasters or the 
opposite otherwise.

Kor is a very decent and skilled character and his stats allows him to be 
aggresive and durable throughout the match. His Down Signature is commonly 
done wrongly and results in spamming it. I wouldn't recommend using his 
signatures for gauntlets but you can use the gauntlets to unleash your fury 
and damage your foe. You can use your hammer to side air your foe or do the 
russian mafia earlier if you want to end your foe. I like the combination of 
this character as his hammer has got very useful signatures such as the Down 
Signature. I usually like to "sike" my opponent when im off the edge and 
gravity cancel and Down Signature which results in a very nice knockout.

Oh lord, Scythe and Gauntlets. Much broken. Once you have mastered Mordex, 
your a ???ing god, alright. Mordex's stats makes their foes tremble in fear 
as he can attack on the run. Having a scythe paired with a gauntlet allows 
the player to go as aggresive as they can while chasing their foes. 
I mean he is a fury werewolf. I am not very experienced with him because i 
do not enjoy playing the scythe.

Behold the "kill-bot", Val. The sword and gauntlet combo is amazing. Her 
sword side signature can go over the ledge and on the side of the ledge 
wall if you gravity cancel near to it. Her gauntlet side signature is 
spammy, which makes people salty when they encounter a Val. The proper 
way to play Val, is to try to not spam your signatures and use them wisely 
as you read dodges. Her stats allows her to go as aggresive as possible 
with gauntlets and defensive with her sword. I used to main her when i 
started the game and i spammed hell out of it. 
Don't fall into my trap brawlers.

-=Wu Shang=-
Particularly my favorite Gauntlet player. His signatures are very easy to 
land and you can slide charge over the edge with down signature if your 
opponents loves wall hugging. I main Wu Shang particularly due to the fact 
that i learnt a double fancy ???blackhole with signatures. His stats allows 
him to go half aggresive and half defensive. I like to do the "85 damage 
punish" (you will see it later).

List Of True Combos 

*Down Light -> Side Light
*Down Light -> Chase Dodge Top right/left -> Side Air (works at Dark Yellow)
*Down Air -> Chase Dodge Bottom right/left -> Neutral Light
*Down Light -> Throw Weapon -> Down Light -> Pickup Weapon -> Neutral Signature 
 (Works only if you uncheck pickup with quick attack)
*Side Light -> Neutral Air -> Gravity Cancel Down Light -> Chase Dodge Towards
 -> Neutral Air -> Jump and Ground Pound (Side Light -> Neutral Air is a 
 string starter but the rest of the combo is true if you do it fast enough)
*Down Light -> Chase Dodge Top right/left -> Down Air -> Chase Dodge Bottom 
 right/left -> Neutral Light 

These are just the combos that i know and recommend everyone to use them. 
Practice makes perfect!

*Side Light -> Neutral Air -> Side Air -> Chase Dodge -> Neutral Air -> 
 Ground Pound Off The Edge -> Track the player and Neutral Air
*Side Light -> Neutral Air -> Gravity Cancel Down Light -> Chase Dodge -> 
 Neutral Air -> Ground Pound Off The Edge -> Track the player and Neutral Air

I just recommend players to use this as it is easy to master.

I would usually try to encounter players from the air by using down air or 
side air to waste their dodges and then i start the combos such as the 
gauntlet russian mafia. Try to keep repeating the combos until they realise 
that their are making mistakes and switch to another plan to oppose their 
actions. To oppose their actions, try to practice your spacing. Hop into 
training mode and warm up your buttery fingers by training your hand-eye 
coordination and spacing.

-=Dodge Reading=-
Try to watch your opponents dodges when you start your Side Light -> Neutral 
Air string and observe which direction they would usually dodge to several 
times until you are confident that they would dodge into that direction. 
Before a game, get into training mode and set the dodge reading on and try 
out all the dodges and try to dodge reads all of them. (if you can).

Random Spear Tricks:
Written by xguardx

A random dude's spear tricks that assume you already know the basics and tricks 
such as gravity cancelling.

GC SLIGHT = Useful for countering low level diagonal air attacks or generally 
catching floaty enemies off guard and to perform... slightly safer pokes.

A good alternative instead of just performing a dash attack in my opinion.

GC NLIGHT = Personally, I prefer this whenever I want to counter a sig while 
being on the offensive or to punish and read a spot dodge after an SLIGHT. 
(effective against most sigs)

Good for catching falling enemies so far from my experience.

GC DLIGHT = Rather than simply utilize this for string potential I haphazardly 
use it from unexpected directions and locations, usually after performing a 
string where they expect it.

Sometimes I do this in place of a recovery; oddly works pretty often.

How to Play: Cross Guide:
Written by TheOneWithWords

This is a guide on Cross for Brawlhalla. It says tips and combos that I mainly 
use, and execute properly. Melee can be used on other legends such as Caspian, 
Wu Shang, Mordex, Val, etc. Special Move combos can only be used with cross, 
or you can change them around and use them for other legends stated above. 
Hope you learned something.

-=Melee + Special Combos=-
A combo I use alot is the side melee attack, but once you slam them down, wait 
for them to get stunned into the air, and using his normal special. 

Using a Down melee slam and then using his side (left/right) Special Also works, 
Note that it is sometimes hard to do this one, due to the fact Most players dodge. 

If you're facing a Pacifist play-styled player, try using his down special to 
grab them, and once they are in the air, jump up and do an up special to get 
them, Note: this one is also hard to land due to dodging. 

Last note, never ever spam with his side special. While this may give you the 
upperhand, its annoying to the opponent. 

-=Gun Melee + Special Combos=-
If you're on a map with multiple layered platforms, try using his normal special, 
to get them up in the air, then proceed with jumping up, and doing a up special. 
Note: This works well with pacifist players. 

Never ever spam his gun moves, due to them being easily readable after a bit. 

Using his side special to latch onto the opponent, this will make them going 
flying, once they do, try keeping them off the edge with multiple down special 
attacks, never spam it as state in line '2.'. 

Using his down special, quickly use his side special, to get them off the edge, 
and keep them off, if they try getting back on, rapidly try jumping above them 
and using a down special. 

Dodging with cross gives you the upperhand, due to him having easy-2-master 
fighting styles.

-=Mixing It Up=-
Never spam cross' moves, try mixing it up every so often to learn new combos and 
playstyles. Cross isnt mainly meant for a pacifist playstyle, hes meant for 
aggressive players. Don't be afraid to hold back with cross, I once meant a High 
level cross who admitted he wasnt giving it his all, when he eventually did, he 
managed to do a 2v1 with 3 stocks of 3 stocks and win. This also goes for any 
legend in-game. And It goes you with In real life, dont hold back.

Character Model Change:
You can change and mess character model appearance in the character select screen 
(Say, Ember in Cassidy's pose and weapons).

Press Left+Right+Up at the same time to get a "random select" effect and release 
to get a random character model change.

How to Get Get XP and Gold (Easy Method):
Written by Tacuuuuwu

In this guide i will tell you the best way to get XP and gold In Brawlhalla.

-=Set Up A Private Custom Game=-
It has to be a custom game because you need to use a certain game mode.

Set the Game Rules to:
* Dodgebomb
* 99 Lives
* Teams off
* Damage 50%
* Test Features On
* Max Players 8

-=Add 7 Bots on Medium=-
Easy bots tend to not mix well with Dodgebomb. And hard bots would make it more 
difficult than it needs to be. The purpose of the bots is because bots have certain 
programmed tendencies. They all go to one general area making it easy to get Multi 
K.O.'s, they use their fists a lot so they're often left open, they are not to good 
at aiming, they run into your bombs, and they usually hold their throws. Actual 
players are unpredictable, but because it's a custom game, you can get Gold and XP 
from fighting bots.

The reason that you have to use Dodge bomb with all those special settings is because 
of several reasons. Firstly, the main ways you get Gold and XP is from kills. If 
everyone has lots of lives, and there's a while to kill people, your going to get lots 
of kills. If it was on more than 50% than you would barely get the chance to play. 
You'd be dead in a second. Secondly, bots are obviously much easier to kill and understand 
than humans. With humans, its like the lottery. You never know what your gonna get, and 
its rare to get something good. Lastly, partially related to the first one, Multi K.O's 
are the main factor. Not only does it give you tons of kills, but as you start to get 
double, triple, quadra, and multi K.O's then it gives you "Titles.' Such as Berserk, 
Rampage, Unstoppable, Legendary, and Godlike. These also help you get XP.

Helpful Tip: Don't rush in. When you do that you usually die or have accidents which cut 
down on your Total Gold and XP Earned. Stay on a platform with the least bots, throw far 
shots to hit them when they start to cluster, and use calculated shots.

Written by Yureiix 

1. Juggle your opponent with nairs as much as you can
2. Practice Dash Jump Nairs/ Reverse Nairs
4. Slight Nair is your main combo
5. Sair is your best kill option
6. Search for gimps because Dair and Gp on axe is really good
7. Do not overextended
8. Edge guard w Nlight to catch jumps off the ledge. Slight to catch recovery
9. If they are playing floaty, Search for Dairs and punish them
10. Dont let your opponent get to close to you. Use Dlight, Nlight to keep them away.
11. If a player is playing you at a point blank range. Dlight is your best option.
12. Practice eggdrops ( Throw weapon down, Pickup, Dair ) Insane for edge guarding
13. Sair off the wall if youre being edge guarded
14. Searching for sair to kill can be difficult sometimes so keep building up damage 
    instead of getting punished for sairs and eventually your dlight, nlight will be 
    able to kill.
15. Look for Falling sairs a lot. It has insane force to it.
16. Naming a few pro players for specific weapons

Katars  wrenchd
Lance  Cosolix
Axe  Zexis Gaming
Orb  Boomie Sandstorm Tiger
Gaunts  Sandstorm, Phazon
Spear  Stingray, ethan, Crockie
Scythe  Sandstorm, Ethan, Atrophius
Bow  Remmy Boomie
Blasters  Boomie, Cody travis
Sword  Noel, Phazon, Ethan, Wrenchd, iMLLama
Cannon  Sandstorm
Hammer  Lil capped, Kylar alice, Boomie, Simple
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