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Book of Demons Cheats

Book of Demons

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Roguelike Achievement Tips:
Written by Shindragan

Some tips from my experience in conquering this Achievement, it also might help 
with your normal play if you are having troubles.

-=Tips and Tricks=-
For this achievement you need to: 

Reach and defeat Archdemon in Roguelike mode without using any fountain

This one is very tricky, death is not the thing you should be scared off, if you die, 
if you have enough gold, you can resurrect and be on your way.. but imagine being 5 
hours into your run and then you accidentally click on a fountain!! 
Your run is ruined and you have to start over. 

Unfortunately there is no way to preventing that accident and if you play with a 
controller its even easier to mess up.

Also keep in mind that in roguelike mode, the priest charges you for their health 
and mana potions, the cauldron DOES NOT keep the level up you didnt choose, making 
it very important to balance your health and mana max points and the ability cards 
are very random so you might have to go through the entire game without that darn 
fire card to counter cold hearts, so annoying.. anyway, here are some tips.

#1 Play with mouse and keyboard

- This will help you cut down on accidentally activating a fountain and its also 
  easier to interrupt enemy spells this way.

I do hope they fix the controller or put in a way to prevent accidentally clicking 
Y to destroy a barrel or obstacle but activating a fountain instead, I rather play 
with a controller, its more fun to me.

#2 Get a shield and a way out.

- Getting a shield as soon as possible is a must! Once you encounter the skeleton 
archers around level 5 or 6, you will feel the pain of not having one.

Upgrade the shield to level 2 fast too, so your block chance goes from 30% to 50%. 
Try and get that upgraded to 70% quick, dont wait for a magic shield, just do the
 regular one.

- A way out is a skill to quickly escape ambushes. 

The enemies have ways to block your retreat, either some spiders will block you or 
a mage will teleport a bunch of mobs to surround you.

The warrior has the Mighty Blow, Charge and Throw spells. The mage has Teleport 
and Cold Nova. The rogue has the knock, leap and fear spells.

I would also suggest having level 3 boots or a way to quickly destroy obstacles 
but you can use other methods to get around them, the boots are optional.

#3 Prepare an emergency exit.

If for some reason you are out of space to run away to or mana to knock/stun your 
enemies away from you and you feel you are about to die, quickly go into the cards 
menu, this will slow down time enough for you to pick your health/recovery potion 
and heal. Then use your extra time to use a divine potion and then a return to 
town scroll if you need to get out. The slow down of time in the card menu and 
being able to use the items there without having to restore back time is a godsend 
in this mode.

#4 Get a sustainable health restoration system

- Find the Mana Amulet and the Heal spell and you will be set. The only way you can 
die is if you get stuck and get hit by big enemies (like whopers) with criticals. 
Upgrade both to level 2 as soon you can.

#5 Find a Fire weapon after the Cook and Find an Ice weapon before Hell.

- There is nothing as annoying as hitting an enemy forever because you dont have a 
weapon with their elemental weakness.

The Disenchant spell works too but I think its too costly mana wise and the 
cooldown is atrocious. 

#6 Use a heavy hitter ability to take down enemies with Golden Hearts

- Golden Hearts make an enemy invulnerable after one hit and they also spawn 
annoying minions. But the one hit doesnt have to be a 1 heart drain hit, you should 
have a skill or ability that hit for at least 3 hearts per hit, use these against 
these enemies.

Burning whoppers are annoying because you also need to get through their burning 
hearts to deal extra damage.

#7 Go big or Go home

- Getting a lot of rewards before the big fights is a must if you want to find
 those cards you need as well as health and mana scrolls to improve your pools. 
Always check the rewards vs the progress % and decide which size to take, sometimes 
but very rarely, a 2% progress would have 6 or more rewards, you should take this 
small size instead of a big one.

Choose your poison

I personally got this achievement playing Rogue but I feel all of them are equally 
capable of doing it. 

The warrior has the armor that gives hearts and Throw has a stunning AOE that can 
do up to 6 damage, its awesome.

The mage has the golem that acts as a decoy, mana sphere that absorbs some hits 
and Ice Nova that can freeze enemies.

The rogue has fear and knock (stun aoe) to protect against ambush and the vampire 
gloves to get mana and health back (upgrade to lvl 3).

All of them can get the Shield, Mana amulet, heal and disenchant spells just fine.

Well, hope these tips help you get this rare achievement, I had a lot of fun and 
close calls with it and I had to start over 4 times because I accidentally clicked 
on some damn fountains in my panic, so, once again.. 
dying isnt so bad, its misclicks!
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