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Bone - Out From Boneville Cheats

Bone - Out From Boneville

Finding the map:
Submitted by: RM

At the start of the game, to progress you must find a map underneath the big stone. 
Get Smiley Bone to sing "The Old Gray Mayor". Phoney Bone should then give you a 
dollar to make Smiley Bone stop. Give the dollar to Smiley Bone to make him stop. 
A locust swarm appear and chase you.

Bone Walks While reading:
Submitted by: Mark

At the part where you'll meet Ted,(After you get chased by locusts and escape the 
place where you start at the beginning after being chased by locusts) at the big rock 
at the right side of the screen, click the rock two times while on the book icon 
(by clicking the book on the inventory)until it says another word about the rock then 
you can walk while Bone reads.
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