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Blue Ice Cheats

Blue Ice

* Try everything! This games does not follow the rules, so even 
  if it seems bizarre...go for it. But save as you go.

* Watch carefully when the hand goes know you will 
  have to come back to do something at a later stage. Even more
  importantly when the arrow goes red, you know you have found 
  the entrance to one of the many you just have to 
  get into it.

* The moon will cut plants which you need...the reed in the pond 
  for the clarinet in the music room, the Yerba de Mate plant in 
  the first garden, and the lavender plant and the plant you need
  to paint with in the second garden.

* You need to keep going back to the rooms, they all interact with
  each other. Items from one room will only be relevant in another
  room etc.

* Various books in the library shelves will change when you have 
  either a liquid, a powder, an insect or a leaf. Depending on what
  sort of item, you have the description will change eg in the 
  liquids book there are descriptions for water, wine, lavender 
  water etc. You need to refer to these books for clues.
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