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Bloons Monkey City Cheats

Bloons Monkey City

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Misc Tips:
Written by Planterror.

* Use up 2-3 of your Supply crates to jumpstart your Banana Farms or 
  Bloon Traps. Winning the territory gives you 25 bloonstones, while 
  purchasing 3 crates costs 15.
* A good bonus monkey should give us early game popping power and 
  late game usefulness. Some of the good ones can include Spike 
  Factories, Engineers, or Snipers.
* Play with the terrain. Of course, not every track can allow for farms, 
  but it can be a good opportunity to build better Supply Drops and 
  Bloon Traps.
* The first MOAB class bloon appears at around round 13. Ensure you are 
  ready for it if you are using pure bloon trap spam.
* Don't get too frustrated if you can't setup properly! Early game takes 
  practice to balance money farming with tower popping power. If you
  have to place an extra tower to deal with rushes, so be it.
* Late game can lag a lot. I'd suggest not doing this on the mobile edition.
* There is a current bug with the Steam platform where Villages buffed 
  with range will not give bonuses outside of the "default" range. This 
  includes Energy Beacon, so be aware of it when setting up. 
  Alternatively, switch to the Windows 10 version if you can't wait 
  for the patches.

And that sums up pretty much everything to accomplish the famed round 100.
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