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Bloody Service Cheats

Bloody Service

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

All Deaths and Endings Guide:
Written by bearsbearsbears

A quick rundown of the all the endings and deaths in Bloody Service.

We can divide this game’s achievements into two general groups: deaths 
and endings. The deaths are not yours; rather, they are witnessing the 
deaths of others. For example, the Clay Dust achievement is not about 
being killed with a brick, it’s about witnessing two jerk teens being 
killed with a brick. There are five endings that give achievements, 
but that’s not to say that they are the only ones. There are a variety 
of game overs, so to speak, where you wake up in the hospital without 
seeing the climax of the night.

-=Additionally, a few things should be noted=-
* This game has only one save file, so saving should be done with 
  discretion. However, whenever you reach a gameover, the game will 
  send you back to before the choice that got you there (e.g., if you 
  screw up the fight with the umpire,   it will send you back to the 
  choice that got you to the fight).
* You can skip FMV cutscene sections with either the ESC key or by 
  right clicking, which can be useful when replaying the game for endings.
* The inventory system allows you to place items in one of five slots. Two 
  of them are your hands, which means you have them out at all times, 
  and three of them are pockets.

If a death doesn’t have conditions, then it’s an unavoidable part of the 
narrative. The guy dying in the bathroom and the couple after the locker 
are examples of this.

Drop a Deuce: Witness the guy in the bathroom die

No Strings Attached: Head about a teen’s death secondhand. 
During the locker sequence, “Ask why they are nervous.”

Clay Dust: Witness the couple die after the locker sequence

Deep Shot: Nail Bernard in the throat with the shot glass. 
Not killing him sends you off to a bad end

Bad Call: Find Esther’s body. When you’re on the second floor, open the 
first door

Hawkeye: Kill the drunk. Open the first door, tell him that Esther asked 
you to wait for her, and then hit him with the hawk.

Australian Open: Find the star of Crocodile Dandy’s corpse. 
Happens in the second room

On the Line: Watch the umpire get his throat slit. Open the first door 
and then close the door in the room with the corpse.

Second Serve: Witness the umpire get an ax to the face. Occurs when you 
enter the second door first and close the door.

LET: Watch the son have his wrists slit. Open the second door first. 
Regardless of the next choice, he’ll die. You only decide if he dies first 
or second. Choosing to attend to his wounds gives you a misc ending.

Hard Count: Watch Mike be thrown from the balcony

Crushing Tennis: Watch the twins take on your attacker. When escaping the 
building, choose to go for the weapon. Not doing so sends you to a bad 
ending (or a specific one if you have the ID)

Match Point: Burn Martin to death. Same conditions as Burning Man. Get the 
two Molotov cocktail parts (take a napkin in the bathroom and grab a lighter 
from Bernard’s corpse). At the end, choose to grab Molotov cocktails, instead 
of going with Marie. Finally, choose to go with the twins.

Drive: Run Martin over. Same conditions as Hit the Road and Ballard’s best 
novel. Don’t ask about Martin’s connection to the club, go with the twins, 
and choose to take the van at the end.

Deuce Ex Machina: Get Martin shot. First, you must ask Ricky about Martin 
after the bathroom scene. The specific choices are “Say you do” and “Ask 
if he knows Martin.” During the climax, grab the Molotov and then go the 
van with Martin

The Umpire Strikes Back: Kill the umpire. The umpire must still be alive, 
which means that you did not close the door in the room with the dead actor.
Chase after Marie, and in the third choice in the Umpire fight, choose to 
“Look for something to hit him”.

Seeded Player: Poison Ricky. Head after Marie and then help Marie kill Ricky.

Running With Scissors: When you take the scissors, keep them in your hand. 
When you run after the kids, you’ll reach an ending.

Gravedigger: When you’re in the locker, “Try to calm down” and then look 
up to find the ID card. When escaping the building and a man menaces you 
with a gun, choose to keep running and you’ll reach this ending.

Romantic Ending: During the finale, choose to head after Marie. After the 
optional Umpire fight and your choice for Ricky, you’ll have a moment.

Hit the Road: After the bathroom sequence, do not learn about Martin and 
the club. Choose to grab Molotov cocktails instead of chasing after Marie 
and then head to the van with Martin at the end. Then, pick up the tennis 

Ballard’s Best Novel: After the bathroom sequence, do not learn about 
Martin and the club. Choose to grab Molotov cocktails instead of heading 
with Marie and then go to the van with Martin at the end. Do not pick up 
the tennis ball.
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