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Bloody Rage Cheats

Bloody Rage

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. RM

Enter one of the following code. Override Codes (lowercase).
Code               Effect
flashgamestudio  - input two override codes
heads            - select bonus heads
ants             - play as ants
giants           - play as giants
handicap         - enemy starts with less energy
inferno          - fireball size increase
flash            - faster speed
phantom          - invisibility
rageon           - start with 1000 rage points

Use the following moves to execute the corresponding fatality.

01. Head Roll (Kneel, punch) 
02. Spikes (Head Roll on Lava Board) 
03. Heart (Back, Forward Punch 
04. Fire (Grenade) 
05. Explode (Close Back, Back, punch) 
06. Head w/Spine (Close Forward 4 times, Punch) 
07. Punch Half (Back 4 times, Punch) 
08. Body w/Spine (Close Rage Kick) 
09. Rock (Far Forward 5 Times, Punch) 
10. Bomb (Far, Back 5 times, Kick) 
11. Pieces (Far Cannon Ball) 
12. Plane (Punch Half on Airplane Stage) 
13. Head Explode (Close Rage Punch) 
14. Electricity (Far forward 5 Times, Kick)

-=Rick (Splatterhouse) custom character=-
Use the following customizations.

Head: 5 
Body: 17 
Arms: 18 
Hands: 15 
Legs: 2 
Name: Rick 

-=Spider-Hulk custom character=-
Use the following customizations.

Head: 4 
Body: 4 
Arms: 10 
Hands: 10 
Legs: 4 
Name: Spider-Hulk 

-=Battle Damaged Goku custom character=-
Use the following customizations.

Head: 2 
Body: 9 
Arms: 9 
Hands: 2 
Legs: 2 
Name: B.D. Goku 

-=Kazuya Mishima (Tekken) custom character=-
Use the following customizations.

Head: 14 
Body: 14 
Arms: 9 
Hands: 4 
Legs: 9 
Name: Kazuya 

-=Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe) custom character=-
Use the following customizations.

Head: 11 
Body: 8 
Arms: 1 
Hands: 15 
Legs: 8 
Name: S. Shadow 

-=Billy Lee (Double Dragon) custom character=-
Use the following customizations.

Head: 3 
Body: 3 
Arms: 11 
Hands: 14 
Legs: 18 
Name: Billy Lee

More Custom Characters:
Submitted by: BloodyGuy

-=MK3 Sub Zero=-
Head: 18
Body: 3
Arms: 13
Legs: 15

-=Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Cloud=-
Head 17
Body 15
Arms 9
Hands 17
Legs 15

-=Wes Craven's New Nightmare Freddy=-
Head 6
Body 15
Arms 15
Hands 6
Legs 6

-=Ninja Spiderman=-
Head 4
Body 1
Arms 9
Hands 4
Legs 18

-=Super Vegeto=-
Head 2
Body 3
Arms 2
Hands 2
Legs 18

Random Character:
Submitted by: CheatMaKeRZ4@1

=MKT Chameleon=

=The karate kid=
Name:The Karate Kid

=Unmask wolverine w/o claws=
Name:Unmasked Wolverine

=Ninja Strife=
Name:Ninja strife

Little Mac Custom Character.[Punchout]:
Submitted by: Tony Beattie

Use The Following Customizations.

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