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Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain Cheats

Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain

Cheat Codes:
At any time during the game, press these combinations of buttons to get the following

Effect            Code
FULL HEALTH      - up, right, attack, action, up, down, right, left
FULL MAGIC       - right, right, attack, action, up, down, right, left
VIEW DARK DIARY  - left, right, attack, action, up, down, right, left

Defeating the Dark Entity:
Make sure you have an item called Energy Bank. This item allows you to access to 
mass amounts of magic energy for a brief period of time. When the fight begins, 
use the Energy Bank, then switch to the Soul Reaver. Swipe away at the Boss as 
quickly as possible. He will go down in two hits before he has a chance to do 
anything. Note: Make sure you do not have a two-handed weapon like the Soul 
Reaver equipped or you will not be able to use the Energy Bank (or any other 
items). Alternately, slash the Dark Entity repeatedly with the flame sword when
it is on screen and casting the magical barrier once in awhile.

Kill kain's assasins:
In the beginning of the game, walk outside the tavern and then go past the assasins
to the house at the southwest corner. Position yourself so that you are touching 
both the trees and the side of the house the door is on. If this is done right, 
the assasins' attacks will not harm you but you will be able to harm them. If you
do this for a while you will be able to defeat all of kain's assasins.

Telekinesis kills:
Stand at a location where an enemy cannot get you and use Telekinesis on them. 
It will knock them down, causing damage. After a few hits, the enemy will die.

Easy kills:
Block every attack from the enemies. After your bar fills, either use Rage, Berserk
or Immolate on the enemy to dispatch them with ease. 

Jump attacks:
A very helpful move is Jump. Try to use it on single enemies whenever possible. You 
can also jump on them, turn, and jump away. Repeating this to kill enemies without 
taking damage to yourself.
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