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Blood Bowl 3 Cheats

Blood Bowl 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

General advice:
Written by Saint Scylla

* Manage your luck. Start your turn with actions which don't require dice 
  rolls, like standing up and moving without dodging. Then execute the key
  actions of your turn such as blitzing and moving the ball, and finally 
  the mundane stuff like blocking for the sake of blocking. Remember that 
  the odds of double skulls are 1/36: it will happen!

* At team creation, always purchase 2 or more team rerolls. They're much  
  cheaper at this stage and will prove very useful for all your matches.

* When levelling up players, avoid TV (team value) bloating. Most linemen 
  aren't meant to drive your TV to the roof with situational skills or 
  expensive characteristic upgrades. Block and either Dodge or Guard are 
  probably all they need.

* Keep an eye on the turn timer. If you get too comfortable with the time 
  allowed, you may find yourself scrambling to execute your last actions.

* Keep an eye on the turn counter. On turns 7 and 15 you need to move at 
  least one player in position to score on the next turn.
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