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Blood and Magic Cheats

Blood and Magic

Cheat Codes:
Pause game play, hold down [Alt] while typing in these codes:

Effect                  Code 
Disable Fog of War    - fog? what fog?
Full mana             - boost
Everything researched - elminster
Basalt Golem          - acolyte
Cleric                - father
Druid                 - wolverine
Enchanter             - gremlin
Fury                  - fatal attraction
Gargoyle              - flying monkies
Gargoyle              - flying monkeys
Ghoul                 - raise dead
Gnome                 - alaska
Goblin                - jareth
Stone Golem           - concrete
Griffin               - merv
Guardian              - body guard
Juggernaut            - microsquish
Harpy                 - mother in law 	
Nymph                 - seduction
Paladin               - lancelot
Ranger                - yogi
Warrior               - needs food badly
Wizard                - merlin
Wraith                - shadow
Wyrm                  - smog
Zombie                - dead flesh

Typing in these codes will create that creature:
ACOLYTE           Basal Golem   FATHER            Cleric
WOLVERINE         Druid         GREMLIN           Enchanter
RAISE DEAD        Ghoul         ALASKA            Gnome
JARETH            Goblin        MERV              Griffin
BODY GUARD        Guardian      MOTHER IN LAW     Harpy
MICROSQUISH       Juggernaut    SEDUCTION         Nymph
LANCELOT          Paladin       YOGI              Ranger
CONCRETE          Stone Golem   NEEDS FOOD BADLY  Warrior
MERLIN            Wizard        SHADOW            Wraith
SMOG              Wyrm          DEAD FLESH        Zombie
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