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Blood Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: JoJo
Update by: Joshua 

Submitted by: Neville Rochat

Cheat mode:
Type "T" and then one of the following codes :

Code                 Result
MPKFA              : an alternative for god mode.
LARACROFT          : all weapons and full ammo.
BUNZ               : guns akimbo mode.
SATCHEL            : all items.
JOJO               : drunk mode.
NOCAPINMYASS       : Invulnerability.
CAPINMYASS         : Turns off invulnerability.
RATE               : Shows framerate.
IDAHO              : All weapons & ammo.
BUNZ               : John Woo-mode.
LARA CROFT         : All weapons & unlimited ammo.
SATCHEL            : All items.
GRISWOLD           : Full Armour.
MARIO              : Level warp.
STERNO             : Fade to black screen effect.
JOJO               : Drunken sailor screen effect.
FUNKY SHOES        : Super Jump.
MONTANA            : weapons & items.
CALGON             : skips level.
SPORK              : max health.
HONGKONG           : many weapons.
EVAGALLI           : no-clipping mode.
ONERING            : invisible.
KEYMASTER          : all the keys.
MCGEE              : get burned (kinda fun).
TEQUILA            : weapons 2-5 get doubled.
GOONIES            : the map.
clarice            : 100% health.
kevorkian          : suicide.

Cheat & Hints:
Submitted by: Mohan

There are no level names for the games in BLOOD. Here are the names suggested 
for them to remember the levels. The hints for the secret levels are also given.

Game-1 ( The Way Of All Flesh )
Coming from burial
Railway tracks 
On train
Circus boy
Garden bombs 
Bridge above water
White Big Bat (End)

Game-2 (Even Death May Die )
On Boat
Grass Troopers
Snow & Mahal
Big Mahal
Jumping on Snow Hills
Crack-Jumping caves 

Game-3 (Farewell To Arms)
Running Prisoners
Watch Blast
Fighting Under Green Water
Fire Grounds
Bridge Break
End level

Game-4 (Dead Reckoning)
Jumping from a hole into a platform. 
Jumping from fountain
Ground Fire
Enter on Bridge
Spotted Walls


The Way Of All Flesh:
The secret level is between the 4th and the 5th levels. At the end of the circus 
boy level, you will come onto a bridge and if you jump into the water and swim 
out, you will not find the secret level, instead you will have to jump on the 
small wooden blocks on the water and reach the other side where you will find a 
crack on to the wall. shoot it and enter for the secret level. 

Even Death May Die:
The secret level is between the 3rd and the 4th levels. When you are playing the 
3rd level, you come to a place where the ground will be designed, and you will 
find a key in the middle of that room and opposite to one end of the key you find 
a fire place and on the other side you find a statue like symbol on the wall. 
As soon as you take the key, fire is spitted out from the statue which lights 
the fire palce. The curtains on the top of the fire place will open and you must 
see a big white bat coming out of it. shoot it. Sometimes it will not come. 
You should see some smoke in the centre of the hall. Cross over it and you will 
enter the secret level. If u do not see the smoke, then try killing any of the 
enemy in the centre of the room then automatically smoke comes in that place.

Dead Reckoning:
The secret level is between the 4th and the 5th levels. At the end of the 
fourth level when you come out of water, you will be attacked by a spider. 
Shoot it. You will find the exit symbol on your opposite side. Turn to ur 
right and shoot the wall. The wall breaks and you find another exit symbol 
there. click it to enter the secret level.

Hidden music video:
Use Windows Explorer to examine the "music" directory on the CD-ROM. Double 
click the "typeonegative" file to view a hidden music video by Type-O Negative. 

Secret level:
After opening the Moon Key door in the carnival level, instead of diving down 
the lake under the destroyed pier, jump across to the other side using the 
remaining wooden pillars as platforms. Once you are on the last pillar, destroy 
the crack in the wall and dive into the water behind it. Swim to the end, and 
you will find yourself in a small chamber with a Life Seed, Super Armor, and a 
block with three Skull pictures on it. When you use each picture, it will 
change and cycle through the graphics on each key in the game. Change the 
pictures on the block to Dagger, Eye, Moon to make the block retract into 
the ground and display the message "You're going to the secret level".
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