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Blockland Cheats


Make a bot:
First, press [F8]. Press W to move a little bit forward. Go into the console and type:
new AIPlayer(bot) { datablock="LightMaleHumanArmor";; }; 

To resume the game press [F7] or type aiplayer::spawnplayer(); 
To spawn another bot, press [F8] from a new place than where you 
spawned the first bot. Then, go into the console and type: 

new AIPlayer(bot2) { datablock="LightMaleHumanArmor";; }; 

To resume the game, press [F7].

Invisible bot:
Go into the console and type bot.setCloaked(1);

Make bot visible again:
Go into the console and type bot.setCloaked(0);

Get guns:
You must be the administrator in the game. Press [F11], then [F4]. Then on the bottom right-
hand corner, click on the second list thing from the top, then "Weapons". The object or 
objects will spawn in the middle of the screen  point it at the ground next to you.

Build a wall:
Go into the console, then type: buildwall[number];

Give bot weapon:
Go into the console and type: 

Note: You can also enter (swordimage,0); or other weapon images. Some weapons will run out 
of ammunition. When this happens, type bot.incInventory([weapon name]Ammo,5);

Bots fight each other:
To make two bots fight each other, go into the console and type:


Bot fights a player:
Go into the console, then type:
bot.setAimObject([player's null number]); 

Make bot aim higher:
Go into the console, then type:
bot.setAimLocation(VectorAdd(bot2.getPosition(),"0 0 1")); 

Kill bots:
Go into the console, then type:

Make bots follow player:
Go into the console, then type:
following(%obj,%this); = (following([bot null number],[playernull number])) 

Give bot a name and a health bar:
Go into the console, then type: 
Note that the health bar does not go down and the bot will not die.

Make bot walk around randomly:
Go into the console, then type: 
Note: It will be named "bot bot bot".

Submitted by: EljiahR

To go outside of the room place, get in a flying vehicle and fly to window and 
right before impact turn and you should go right through

Submitted by: Cody

Press [F8] then use W,A,S,D to move and then press [F7], you will be dropped at 
the camera position.

Submitted by: Alijo

* When your in the bedroom, the easiest way to get outdoors is to break the glass
  windows. The only way to do this is to jet to the ceiling (or as high as possible)
  and start jeting towards the window and you should break the glass.

* VERY IMPORTANT- Remember that if you hit a wall or a strong surface like the edges
  and sides of the windows you will crash and DIE!

How to get out of the kitchen:
Submitted by: Jeff1337

If you go to the spot with the table in kitchen map, then go to the corner bottom
of the counter behind it, you will find a door. Go through the door and you will
be in the cabinets. Look around the cabinets to find more doors. When you get out
of the kitchen go around the top of the concrete base for the building and you will
find another door. Keep looking and you will be in the refrigerator.

Escaping the bedroom:
Submitted by: samaramy

Another way to escape the bedroom is to spawn a tank and shoot the windows out then 
jet out of the room.

1 Secert place in Bedroom:
Submitted by: RawrMuffin

In bedroom behind the dresser there will be a secert place.Also anther secert place in 
Bedroom is behind the pillow there will be a secert place.Finally near a small tree 
will be a path follow it and you'll be in the basement.

No damage:
Submitted by: Dr.worm

When you press start a game go to advance coffing.On the eighth line it should say
"falling damage"and a box next to it.un check it and when you hit walls at high speeds 
you wont die. also when you fall you will not die.

6 Secrets of bedroom:
1.Do you see a bed Go behind the matress, it will have a hole. There, is a secret 
  building spot! 
2.See a lamp Get on it, go up, then fall on it, it will break.
3.The windows are breakable with a Tank Turret.
4.When you break the windows, Go out, go to one of the sides. Dont jet.Stay low. You 
  will find a fat tree, by there is a hole, and then you could find a path to underground.
5.Find a brown thing in the bedroom, go to the side closest to the windows, there is a 
6.Go out the window, on the roof, then you will find a square. Right by the beggining of
  it, you will find a hole shaped as a square (Dark's Achievements : The Secret Spot). 
  Xtra1. In the console type this "explodeClock();" without quotes. And i found somthing 
  wierd. In the Lamp, there is a brick in there. it is a 1x1fr(1x1FlatRound).

Speed up:
Submitted by: yoshiwinsagain

Here is a trick to go faster but can be deadly
press foward button, jet button,jump button, and crouch button
hold them all at the same time for a jet thrust slide
(make sure you have no damage on or steep hills)

Fillcan stuff:
Submitted by: metal Man II

On blockland, get the fillcan addon. Once you have the fillcan, equip it, then go to 
your paint and select any FX paint (undulo, rainbow, swirl, etc.) Then, go to another 
player and spray them. Or you can get a regular paint selected, and when you spray 
them, (im not sure if it works with all basic paint) they will become partially invisible.
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