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Blazing Angels - Squadrons Of WWII Cheats

Blazing Angels - Squadrons Of WWII

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

God Mode:
Pause the game, and when in the pause menu, press this combination of keys 
on your keyboard: 

[Insert], [Delete], [Insert], [Insert], [Delete], [Insert], [Delete].

If you did it correctly, a message saying "God Mode Active/Inactive" should 

Desert Recon:
Submitted by: RM

After successfully taking the first three pictures of the ships, continue to 
the desert. Watch your radio signal when it picks up. You should have the two
bars to be all fullly green. When that happens, you can pick up the camp on 
the radar.

When in a dogfight, hold in the brake to sharpen your turns. This allows you 
to get the edge on a turning dogfight when trying to outmaneuver your opponent.
This is best used with the more maneuverable planes like the Gladiator, Zero, 
Both Hurricanes, and the N1K Shinden. Getting skilled with this will allow you 
to become a better dogfighter.

Increased Attack Power:
Pause the game, and when in the pause menu, press this combination of 
keys on your keyboard: 

[Insert], [Insert], [Delete], [Insert], [Delete]. 

If you did it correctly, a message saying "Damage Increased" should appear.

Guadalcanal: Landing your plane:
The last invasion force is close to the landing strip. After defeating the
tanks, do not go after your secondary target. Instead, land your plane and
wait for the flak sequence to conclude. While sitting on the tarmac, an 
enemy plane will attempt to take you out. Command your squadron to go into
"Defensive" and "Attack" mode. At the conclusion you will be able to switch
Note: You only have time for one or two landing attempts before it switches
to the "Flak" mode. If this happens, you will have to restart Guadalcanal.
If you fail to land your plane, "crash it" before the "Flak" mode begins. 
You will restart just above the landing strip.

PC Cheat Codes:
Get into a mission and pause the game, press the four keys quickly. Once you 
got it correct you should see a little message that confirms whatever you did
is active. 
Info: Repeat the code to deactivate.

Effect               Code
God mode           - INS INS DEL DEL
Increased Damage   - INS DEL INS DEL
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