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Blasted Fortress Cheats

Blasted Fortress

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "I Fight For Perfection" achievement:
Immediately after Beast uses its first ability, wait approximately three
seconds then begin pulling the cannon's power to its maximum. Move the 
crosshairs over Beast. With proper timing you will briefly see what ability
a creature will use. You will have two choices. If Beast starts raking the 
ground, release the ball at it. For anything else, move the crosshairs 
above Beast and do not hit it. Wait another three seconds and repeat the 
process until Beast is dead.

Easy "Not Sure If Bravery Or Insanity" achievement:
After earning all other achievements and you have at least 100,000 gold 
stored in the vault, select "Delete profile" from starting menu. 
Note: Use the level editor to get gold quickly.
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