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Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness Cheats

Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Enable by adding "-DEVCONSOLE" as an argument to the game launcher
In game press F1 to open console.
Here you can enter one of the cheat codes listed below.

Code              Effect
"area"            LoadAreaExecutor
"startq"          StartQuestExecutor
"endq"            EndQuestExecutor
"setv"            SetVariableExecutor
"createv"         CreateVariableExecutor
"getv"            GetVariableExecutor
"fow"             SetFoWExecutor
"ai"              SetAIExecutor
"startd"          StartDialogExecutor
"addgold"         AddGoldExecutor
"additem"         AddItemExecutor
"ui"              ShowHideUiExecutor (*)
"endcutscene"     EndCutsceneExecutor
"itemschest"      ItemsChestExecutor
"ic"              ItemsChestExecutor
"levelup"         LevelUpExecutor
"lup"             LevelUpExecutor
"kill"            KillExecutor
"rest"            RestExecutor
"addmember","am"  AddMemberExecutor
"removemember"    RemoveMemberExecutor
"setareastatus"   SetAreaStatusExecutor
"unlockareas"     UnlockAreasExecutor
"unlockareasall"  UnlockAreasAllExecutor
"addxp"           AddXpExecutor
"script"          ScriptExecutor
"qsmdbg"          QuestStateMachineDBGExecutor
"adjustgreed"     AdjustGreedExecutor
"addtime"         AddTimeExecutor
"settime"         SetTimeExecutor
"time"            TimeExecutor
"addeffect", "ae" AddEffectExecutor
"camera"	      ChangeCameraExecutor
"exportitems"     ExportItemsExecutor
"exportquests"    ExportQuestsExecutor
"exportspells"    ExportSpellsExecutor
"areaseq"         AreaSequExcutor
"killsquad","ks"  KillSquadExcutor

(*) Follow with 0 to disable the UI or 1 to enable it

Item Codes:
Below a List of all in-game Item Codes:

Effect                                  Code
[placeholder] Lord Espen's Sword       sword_espen_prologue
1                                      cultist_robe_bound
A5                                     small_shield_a5
Abyssal Gaze                           scroll_abyssal_gaze
Acid Rain                              scroll_acid_rain
Adorned Rillow Warbow                  shortbow3
Agotha's Weevil                        agothas_weevil
Alakai, the Edge of Dusk               greatsword10
Ambrosial Greatsling                   fustibal5
Animal Pelt                            animal_pelt
Armor of Alnarius                      scroll_armor_of_alnarius
Armor of the Fallen Prince             armor_med_lamellar4
Armor of the Ravenous Lord             armor_hvy_full_plate4
Arrow of the Hunt	                     arrow1
Ash Tick                               ash_tick
Asp Tongue                             asp_tongue
Asp Tongue Powder                      asp_tongue_powder
Astral Dance                           scroll_astral_dance
Azure Guard Helm                       helmet13
Balanced Knife                         thrown_knife5
Barbed Flail                           flail0
Battleborn Bulwark                     med_shield_b2
Belt of Arcturos                       belt4
Bent Journal Page	                     the_destined_journal_0
Berserk                                scroll_berserk
Blacksmith's Hammer                    warhammer7
Blade of Alakai                        item_part_edge_of_dusk2
Blade of the Usurper                   shortsword3
Bladecracker                           small_shield_a4
Bladeweed                              bladeweed
Bloodfoam Stone                        ib_cs_bloodfoam_stone
Bloody Vest of the Exiled Templar      armor_hvy_splintmail3
Bludgeon of the Tortured Mind          morningstar9
Blue Brigandine                        armor_lgt_brigandine0
Bonitia's Warrant of Arrest            clean_slate_bonitia_arrest
Book of Zoria                          book_of_zoria
Branch of the Green Mother             magic_staff9
Branch of the Night Queen              cultist_staff
Brass Cauldron                         cauldron1
Brickfall                              scroll_brickfall
Bright Armor                           armor_hvy_half_plate4
Bright Guard Shield                    med_shield_b6
Brilliant Sapphire Staff               magic_staff3
Brownstem Mushroom                     brownstem_mushroom
Brownstem Mushroom Powder              brownstem_mushroom_powder
Bruiseroot                             bruiseroot
Butcher's Knife                        dagger2
Calm                                   scroll_calm
Candle                                 candle
Captain's Longsword                    longsword1
Catseye Ring                           ring6
Celestial Barrage                      scroll_celestial_barrage
Ceremonial Darkglaive                  halberd2
Cerulean Bracelet                      bracelet7
Chain Lightning                        scroll_chain_lightning
Chain Mail Hauberk                     armor_med_hauberk3
Chained Skullcap                       helmet1
Chattering                             scroll_chattering
Chhi                                   thrown1
Citrine Staff                          magic_staff2
Claudio's Warrant of Apprehension      clean_slate_claudio_arrest
Claymore                               greatsword3
Clubroot                               clubroot
Coat of Darkness                       scroll_coat_of_darkness
Coldstar                               ring2
Colorful Kite Shield                   Shield3
Commander's Mace                       mace7
Commoner's Gambeson                    armor_lgt_gambeson0
Concentrated Dust of Boiling           concentrated_dust_of_boiling
Convoker's Pocketsling                 sling10
Covert Dagger                          dagger5
Crimson Plague                         scroll_crimson_plague
Crisp Demonwort	demonwort_crisp
Crisp Enerant's Bark	enerants_bark_crisp
Crisp Ghostcap	ghostcap_crisp
Crisp Levander	levander_crisp
Crisp Milo's Regret	milos_regret_crisp
Crisp Moon Glider	moon_glider_crisp
Crisp Ovcace	ovcace_crisp
Crisp Pity-ring	pity_ring_crisp
Crisp Plaguearrow	plaguearrow_crisp
Crisp Redcomb	redcomb_crisp
Crisp Shockwing	shockwing_crisp
Crisp Stingbeetle	stingbeetle_crisp
Crisp Tajniva	tajniva_crisp
Crisp Terrorleaf	terrorleaf_crisp
Crisp Twin Souls	twin_souls_crisp
Crisp Vira's Rest	viras_rest_crisp
Crone's Robe	crone_robe
Crone's Staff	crone_staff
Crown	crown
Cruel Dust of Peaceful Withering	cruel_dust_of_peaceful_withering
Cruel Dust of Peaceful Withering Recipe	recipe_cruel_dust_of_peaceful_withering
Crumpled Note	crumpled_note_drykkr
Crypt Opening: Ghoul	scrol_crypt_opening_ghoul
Crypt Opening: Skeleton	scroll_crypt_opening_skeleton_archer
Crypt Opening: Skeleton	scroll_crypt_opening_skeleton
Crypt Opening: Skeleton Halberdier	scroll_crypt_opening_skeleton_halberdier
Crypt Opening: Wight	scroll_crypt_opening_wight
Cuirass	armor_med_cuirass0
Cultist Robe	cultist_robe
Curative Sap	curative_sap
Cyclops Backscratcher	morningstar6
Dagger	dagger1
Dagger6	dagger6
Dagger9	dagger9
Dance of the Desert Wind	scroll_dance_of_the_desert_wind
Dancing Squirrel Cane	quarterstaff10
Dangerous Dust of Welts	dangerous_dust_of_welts
Dangerous Dust of Welts Recipe	recipe_dangerous_dust_of_welts
Dargalmir's Revenge	longsword2
Dark Belt of Malice	belt6
Dark Pact Binding	bracelet9
Dazzling Light	scroll_dazzling_light
Death Pulse	scroll_death_pulse
Defender of the Dreaming Timber	battle_axe3
Demonwort	demonwort
Demonwort Powder	demonwort_powder
Deron-Guld Cuirass	armor_med_cuirass5
Deron-Guld Hauberk	armor_med_hauberk6
Diadem	diadem_gold
Diadem	diadem_purple
Distracting Dust of Stupefaction	distracting_dust_of_stupefaction
Distracting Dust of Stupefaction Recipe	recipe_distracting_dust_of_stupefaction
Distracting Powder of Staggering	distracting_powder_of_staggering
Distracting Powder of Staggering Recipe	recipe_distracting_powder_of_staggering
Divine Aid	scroll_divine_aid
Double Chain-Mace	flail4
Drain Life	scroll_life_drain
Dreadful Skull	bonecrafter_art_skull
Dried Agotha's Weevil	agothas_weevil_dry
Dried Ash Tick	ash_tick_dry
Dried Asp Tongue	asp_tongue_dry
Dried Bladeweed	bladeweed_dry
Dried Brownstem Mushroom	brownstem_mushroom_dry
Dried Bruiseroot	bruiseroot_dry
Dried Clubroot	clubroot_dry
Dried Demonwort	demonwort_dry
Dried Enerant's Bark	enerants_bark_dry
Dried Ghostcap	ghostcap_dry
Dried Levander	levander_dry
Dried Milo's Regret	milos_regret_dry
Dried Moon Glider	moon_glider_dry
Dried Ovcace	ovcace_dry
Dried Pity-ring	pity_ring_dry
Dried Plaguearrow	plaguearrow_dry
Dried Redcomb	redcomb_dry
Dried Shockwing	shockwing_dry
Dried Stingbeetle	stingbeetle_dry
Dried Tajniva	tajniva_dry
Dried Terrorleaf	terrorleaf_dry
Dried Twin Souls	twin_souls_dry
Dried Vira's Rest	viras_rest_dry
Druid wand	druid_wand
Dry Asp Tongue Powder	dry_asp_tongue_powder
Dry Brownstem Mushroom Powder	dry_brownstem_mushroom_powder
Dry Demonwort Powder	dry_demonwort_powder
Duelist Buckler	small_shield_a2
Dumbfounding Dust of Frightening Malady	dumbfounding_dust_of_frightening_malady
Dumbfounding Powder of Panic	dumbfounding_powder_of_panic
Dumbfounding Powder of Panic Recipe	recipe_dumbfounding_dust_of_frightening_malady
Dumbfounding Powder of Panic Recipe	recipe_dumbfounding_powder_of_panic
Dune Ripple	scroll_dune_ripple
Duskmarble Greatshield	large_shield_c7
Dust of Aggravation	dust_of_aggravation
Dust of Aggravation Recipe	recipe_dust_of_aggravation
Dust of Boiling	dust_of_boiling
Dust of Boiling Recipe	recipe_dust_of_boiling
Dust of Dangerous Attraction	dust_of_dangerous_attraction
Dust of Dangerous Attraction Recipe	recipe_dust_of_dangerous_attraction
Dust of Dozing	dust_of_dozing
Dust of Dozing Recipe	recipe_dust_of_dozing
Dust of Feverishness	dust_of_feverishness
Dust of Feverishness Recipe	recipe_dust_of_feverishness
Dust of Frightening Malady	dust_of_frightening_malady
Dust of Frightening Malady Recipe	recipe_dust_of_frightening_malady
Dust of Hallucinations	dust_of_hallucinations
Dust of HallucinationsRecipe	recipe_dust_of_hallucinations
Dust of Hidden Terrors	dust_of_hidden_terrors
Dust of Hidden Terrors Recipe	recipe_dust_of_hidden_terrors
Dust of Ignition	dust_of_ignition
Dust of Ignition Recipe	recipe_dust_of_ignition
Dust of Illness	dust_of_illness
Dust of Illness Recipe	recipe_dust_of_illness
Dust of Obscuring Smoke	dust_of_obscuring_smoke
Dust of Obscuring Smoke Recipe	recipe_dust_of_obscuring_smoke
Dust of Painful Dreams	dust_of_painful_dreams
Dust of Painful Dreams Recipe	recipe_dust_of_painful_dreams
Dust of Painful Smoke Recipe	recipe_dust_of_painful_smoke
Dust of Peaceful Withering	dust_of_peaceful_withering
Dust of Peaceful Withering Recipe	recipe_dust_of_peaceful_withering
Dust of Staggering Pain	dust_of_staggering_pain
Dust of Staggering Pain Recipe	recipe_dust_of_staggering_pain
Dust of Strange Pain	dust_of_strange_pain
Dust of Strange Pain Recipe	recipe_dust_of_strange_pain
Dust of Strange Seduction	dust_of_strange_seduction
Dust of Strange Seduction Recipe	recipe_dust_of_strange_seduction
Dust of Stupefaction	dust_of_stupefaction
Dust of Stupefaction Recipe	recipe_dust_of_stupefaction
Dust of Surprising Conflagration	dust_of_surprising_conflagration
Dust of Surprising Conflagration Recipe	recipe_dust_of_surprising_conflagration
Dust of Terrible Fatigue	dust_of_terrible_fatigue
Dust of Terrible Fatigue Recipe	recipe_dust_of_terrible_fatigue
Dust of Terrifying Confusion	dust_of_terrifying_confusion
Dust of Terrifying Confusion Recipe	recipe_dust_of_terrifying_confusion
Dust of the Long Night	dust_of_the_long_night
Dust of The Long Night Recipe	recipe_dust_of_the_long_night
Dust of the Unscratchable Itch	dust_of_the_unscratchable_itch
Dust of The Unscratchable Itch Recipe	recipe_dust_of_the_unscratchable_itch
Dust of the Very Bad Day	dust_of_the_very_bad_day
Dust of The Very Bad Day Recipe	recipe_dust_of_the_very_bad_day
Dust of Unbelievable Injury	dust_of_unbelievable_Iinjury
Dust of Unbelievable Injury Recipe	recipe_dust_of_unbelievable_injury
Dust of Unfortunate Seduction	dust_of_unfortunate_seduction
Dust of Unfortunate Seduction Recipe	recipe_dust_of_unfortunate_seduction
Dust of Venom	dust_of_venom
Dust of Venom Recipe	recipe_dust_of_venom
Dust of Welts	dust_of_welts
Dust of Welts Recipe	recipe_dust_of_welts
Dwarven Battle Axe	battle_axe9
Dwarven Gar Boots	boots2
Dwarven Girdle	belt2
Dwarven Warhammer	lava_hammer_test
Dwarven Warhammer	warhammer0
Eastern Lamellar Armor	armor_med_lamellar0
Eastern Scimitar	longsword8
Eastern Targe	small_shield_a7
Edge of the Great Road	longsword5
Elenuator's Boots	scroll_elenuator_boots
Eliandre's Phial	necklace4
Elven Glaive	spear3
Elven Gloves	gloves2
Elven Half Plate	armor_hvy_half_plate1
Emerald Keepstone	necklace5
Enchanted Dunewalker	quarterstaff9
Enemy to Friend	scroll_enemy_to_friend
Enerant's Bark	enerants_bark
Entangle	scroll_entangle
Eternity Awaits	scroll_eternity_awaits
Ex Machina	scroll_ex_machina
Exsanguinating Dust of Terrible Fatigue	exsanguinating_dust_of_terrible_fatigue
Exsanguinating Dust of Terrible Fatigue Recipe	recipe_exsanguinating_dust_of_terrible_fatigue
Faithful Esquire's Armament	armor_hvy_splintmail2
Fancy Blue Boots	boots6
Fancy Knife	dagger_prodigal_son
Fever	scroll_fever
Fighter's Hurlbat	thrown_axe3
Fine Leather Belt	belt1
Fine Morning Star	morningstar2
Fine Woolen Boots	boots3
Fire Arrow	tmp_arrow_bound
Fire Arrow	tmp_arrow
Fireball	scroll_fireball
Flight Arrow	arrow_summoned_skeleton
Flight Arrow	arrow
For the Master	scroll_for_the_master
Fortified Enerant Bark	med_shield_b3
Fox Meat	foxmeat
Frenzy	dream_shortsword
Fresh Meat	fresh_meat
Frostbite Spark	bullet2
Frostbound Tomahawk	thrown_axe5
Funnel Aura	scroll_funnel_aura
Fustibal	fustibal1
Gale Shroud	scroll_gale_shroud
Gambler's Garb of Covetousness	armor_lgt_leather2
Gardening Gloves	gardening_gloves
Gentleman's Walking Stick	quarterstaff3
Ghastly Ribcage	bonecrafter_art_ribcage
Ghostcap	ghostcap
Giant's Needle	greatsword0
Gilded Rillow Heirloom	family_jewel_heirloom
Glacial Rush	scroll_glacial_rush
Gladehide	boots4
Gladiator's Bracer	bracelet5
Gladiator's Fancy Cuirass	armor_med_cuirass2
Glare of the Djinn	scroll_glare_of_the_djinn
Gloomy Leg	bonecrafter_art_right_leg
Gloves of Inscrutable Defense	gloves5
Golden Conch	reckless_spirit_conch
Golden Grapes	master_vintner_golden_grapes
Golden Hands	gloves11
Gryphon Keeper's Vest	armor_med_brigandine2
Guard Captain's Halberd	halberd3
Guard-Servant's Lamellae	armor_med_lamellar2
Guardsman's Brigandine	armor_lgt_brigandine1
Gundemund's End	morningstar7
Gundemund's Freezing Fingertips	scroll_gundemund_freezing
Gushing Dust of Unbelievable Injury	gushing_dust_of_unbelievable_injury
Gushing Dust of Unbelievable Injury Recipe	recipe_gushing_dust_of_unbelievable_injury
H5	mace4
Halladian's Leaf	necklace1
Hand of Mercy	scroll_hand_of_mercy
Handful of Angry Ants	handful_of_angry_ants
Handful of Moist Sand	wife_of_the_waves_sand
Handful of Salt	handful_of_salt
Handful of Sparks	scroll_handful_of_sparks
Hardened Leather Armor	armor_lgt_leather1
Hauberk of the Templar Order	armor_med_hauberk1
Healing Mist	scroll_healing_mist
Healing Potion	tmp_potion
Heartbreak	longbow3
Heaven's Lance	arrow3
Hellsbane	arrow4
Hilevi's Treads	dream_boots
Hilt of the Edge of Dusk	item_part_edge_of_dusk1
Hopeless Powder of Infatuation	hopeless_powder_of_infatuation
Hopeless Powder of Infatuation Recipe	recipe_hopeless_powder_of_infatuation
Horned Skullcap	helmet10
Horrible Armbone	bonecrafter_art_left_arm
Howl of the Wolf-Mother	warhammer9
Hunter's Armband	bracelet2
Hunter's Longbow	longbow1
Hunter's Longbow	longbow1_summoned_skeleton
Icicle Lance	scroll_icicle_lance
Identify	scroll_identify
Incense of Sariah	scroll_incense_of_sariah
Infantry Arming Sword	sword_torch_tmp
Infantry Arming Sword	shortsword0
Infantry Barbute	helmet2
Infantry Spear	spear1
Infernal Wave	scroll_infernal_wave
Infusion of Berry Juice	infusion_of_berry_juice
Infusion of Berry Juice Recipe	recipe_infusion_of_berry_juice
Infusion of Immunity	infusion_of_immunity
Infusion of Immunity Recipe	recipe_infusion_of_immunity
Infusion of Keen Sight	infusion_of_keen_sight
Infusion of Keen Sight Recipe	recipe_infusion_of_keen_sight
Infusion of Natural Resistance	infusion_of_natural_resistance
Infusion of Natural Resistance Recipe	recipe_infusion_of_natural_resistance
Infusion of Protective Tears	infusion_of_protective_tears
Infusion of Protective Tears Recipe	recipe_infusion_of_protective_tears
Irresistible Dust of Feverishness	irresistible_dust_of_feverishness
Irresistible Dust of Feverishness Recipe	recipe_irresistible_dust_of_feverishness
Irresistible Dust of Hallucinations	recipe_irresistible_dust_of_hallucinations
Irresistible Dust of Hallucinations	irresistible_dust_of_hallucinations
Irresistible Powder of Uncertainty	irresistible_powder_of_uncertainty
Irresistible Powder of Uncertainty Recipe	recipe_irresistible_powder_of_uncertainty
Jadefire	spear4
Jagged Edge Spear	spear2
Jump	scroll_jump
Keen Battle Axe	battle_axe0
Knight's Half Plate	armor_hvy_half_plate0
Lantern	lantern
Lavender	levander
Lavender Powder	levanderPowder
Leather Hunting Cap	helmet3
Leather Hunting Gloves	gloves0
Libra	quarterstaff4
Life Funnel	scroll_life_funnel
Light Elven Belt	belt3
Light Leather Armor	armor_lgt_leather0
Lingering Dust of Painful Dreams	lingering_dust_of_painful_dreams
Lingering Dust of Painful Dreams Recipe	recipe_lingering_dust_of_painful_dreams
Lingering Dust of Strange Pain	lingering_dust_of_strange_pain
Lingering Dust of Strange Pain Recipe	recipe_lingering_dust_of_strange_pain
Longsword10	longsword10
Longsword3	longsword3
Longsword7	longsword7
Lumberman's Hatchet	battle_axe6
Lunar Pendant	tmp_necklace2
Lusty Dust of Dangerous Attraction	recipe_lusty_dust_of_dangerous_attraction
Lusty Dust of Dangerous Attraction	lusty_dust_of_dangerous_attraction
M5	shortbow5
M6	shortbow6
M7	shortbow7
M9	shortbow9
Magic Egg: Scorpion	scroll_magic_egg_scorpion
Magician's Bindle	fustibal4
Mail of the Peaceful Winter	armor_hvy_splintmail1
Maple Shortbow	shortbow4
Marching Powder	scroll_marching_powder
Markhem's Writ of Passage	finding_paths_markhem_note
Marksman's Bow	longbow2
Meditating Garland	bracelet11
Melt Away	scroll_melt_away
Mercenary Falchion	shortsword1
Mercenary Gauntlets	gloves4
Metal Coif	helmet8
Metal Plated Greaves	boots5
Metal Targe	Shield1
Milo's Regret	milos_regret
Mindbreak	scroll_mindbreak
Mindmaze Amulet	necklace2
Miraculous Antidote	miraculous_antidote
Miraculous Antidote Recipe	recipe_miraculous_antidote
Misanthrope's Cap	helmet4
Mitts of Invocation	gloves7
Moon Glider	moon_glider
Moonglade Earrings	earring5
Moss-Covered Barbute	helmet15
Mystic Bulwark	scroll_mystic_bulwark
Natural Instinct	scroll_natural_instinct
Necromancer's Etcher	thrown_knife1
Never Seen	scroll_never_seen
Neversleep	scroll_neversleep
Nightfall	med_shield_b8
Noble's Coat	armor_lgt_gambeson1
Noble's Rapier	longsword4
Noekyk Mushroom	jolvar_noekyk_mushroom
Nomad Battlebow	shortbow2
Novice Robes	robe3
Oaken Halberd	halberd1
Old Damp Robe	robe2
Old Drawer Key	reckless_spirit_key
Ominous Garnet Staff	magic_staff4
Ornate Barbute	helmet9
Ornate Tower Shield	Shield6
Ovcace	ovcace
Parrying Dagger	dagger0
Peace	scroll_peace
Peculiar Crystal	deronguld_robbery_crystal
Permafrost	scroll_permafrost
Permanent Torch Offhand	tmp_torch_shield_per
Pilgrim's Walkers	boots9
Pity-ring	pity_ring
Placeholder	magic_staff13
PLACEHOLDER NAME	__test_recipe
Plaguearrow	plaguearrow
Plate Armor	armor_hvy_full_plate0
Plate Gauntlets	gloves3
Poison Weapon	scroll_poision_weapon
Polished Heater Shield	Shield2
Pool of Blood	scroll_pool_of_blood
Potion of Alacrity	potion_of_alacrity
Potion of Alacrity Recipe	recipe_potion_of_alacrity
Potion of Battle Roar	potion_of_battle_roar
Potion of Battle Roar Recipe	recipe_potion_of_battle_roar
Potion of Clarity	potion_of_clarity
Potion of Clarity Recipe	recipe_potion_of_clarity
Potion of Clear Eyes	potion_of_clear_eyes
Potion of Clear Eyes Recipe	recipe_potion_of_clear_eyes
Potion of Constitution	potion_of_constitution
Potion of Constitution Recipe	recipe_potion_of_constitution
Potion of Contentment	potion_of_contentment
Potion of Contentment Recipe	recipe_potion_of_contentment
Potion of Cure All Recipe	recipe_potion_of_cure_all
Potion of Cure-all	potion_of_cure_all
Potion of Firebreathing	potion_of_firebreathing
Potion of Firebreathing Recipe	recipe_potion_of_firebreathing
Potion of Gnashing Teeth	potion_of_gnashing_teeth
Potion of Gnashing Teeth Recipe	recipe_potion_of_gnashing_teeth
Potion of Gritted Teeth	potion_of_gritted_teeth
Potion of Gritted Teeth Recipe	recipe_potion_of_gritted_teeth
Potion of Healing	potion_of_healing
Potion of Healing Recipe	recipe_potion_of_healing
Potion of Heroic Defense	potion_of_heroic_defense
Potion of Heroic Defense Recipe	recipe_potion_of_heroic_defense
Potion of Inspired Defense	potion_of_inspired_defense
Potion of Inspired Defense Recipe	recipe_potion_of_inspired_defense
Potion of Invisibility	potion_of_invisibility
Potion of Invisibility Recipe	recipe_potion_of_invisibility
Potion of Relaxation	potion_of_relaxation
Potion of Relaxation Recipe	recipe_potion_of_relaxation
Potion of Secrets	potion_of_secrets
Potion of Secrets Recipe	recipe_potion_of_secrets
Potion of Shade	potion_of_shade
Potion of Shade Recipe	recipe_potion_of_shade
Potion of Solid Ground	potion_of_solid_ground
Potion of Solid Ground Recipe	recipe_potion_of_solid_ground
Potion of Stable Ground	potion_of_stable_ground
Potion of Stable Ground Recipe	recipe_potion_of_stable_ground
Potion of Static	potion_of_static
Potion of Static Recipe	recipe_potion_of_static
Potion of the Cautious Defender	potion_of_the_cautious_defender
Potion of the Cautious Defender Recipe	recipe_potion_of_the_cautious_defender
Potion of the Frost Giant	potion_of_the_frost_giant
Potion of the Frost Giant Recipe	recipe_potion_of_the_frost_giant
Potion of the Jilted Lover	potion_of_the_jilted_lover
Potion of the Jilted Lover Recipe	recipe_potion_of_the_jilted_lover
Potion of the Nimble Defender	potion_of_the_nimble_defender
Potion of the Nimble Defender Recipe	recipe_potion_of_the_nimble_defender
Potion of the Raging Tempest	potion_of_the_raging_tempest
Potion of the Raging Tempest Recipe	recipe_potion_of_the_raging_tempest
Potion of the Sirocco	potion_of_the_sirocco
Potion of the Sirocco Recipe	recipe_potion_of_the_sirocco
Potion of Wasp Eggs	potion_of_wasp_eggs
Potion of Wasp Eggs Recipe	recipe_potion_of_wasp_eggs
Pouch of Valuables	collections_money
Powder of Annoyance	powder_of_annoyance
Powder of Annoyance Recipe	recipe_powder_of_annoyance
Powder of Darkness	powder_of_darkness
Powder of Darkness Recipe	recipe_powder_of_darkness
Powder of Drowsiness	powder_of_drowsiness
Powder of Drowsiness Recipe	recipe_powder_of_drowsiness
Powder of Infatuation	powder_of_infatuation
Powder of Infatuation Recipe	recipe_powder_of_infatuation
Powder of Melting	powder_of_melting
Powder of Melting Recipe	recipe_powder_of_melting
Powder of Nausea	powder_of_nausea
Powder of Nausea Recipe	recipe_powder_of_nausea
Powder of Panic	powder_of_panic
Powder of Panic Recipe	recipe_powder_of_panic
Powder of Poison	powder_of_poison
Powder of Poison Recipe	recipe_powder_of_poison
Powder of Singeing	powder_of_singeing
Powder of Singeing Recipe	recipe_powder_of_singeing
Powder of Soothing	powder_of_soothing
Powder of Soothing Recipe	recipe_powder_of_soothing
Powder of Staggering	powder_of_staggering
Powder of Staggering Recipe	recipe_powder_of_staggering
Powder of Uncertainty	powder_of_uncertainty
Powder of Uncertainty Recipe	recipe_powder_of_uncertainty
Prayer Beads	necklace3
Predator's Fangs	scroll_predators_fang
Prisoner's Stiletto	dagger7
Pristine Ruby	gem1
Proof of Purchase	ostler_for_day_proof
Queasy	fustibal9
Quickening Dust of Terrifying Confusion	quickening_dust_of_terrifying_confusion
Quickening Dust of Terrifying Confusion Recipe	recipe_quickening_dust_of_terrifying_confusion
Radiant Pendant	necklace7
Rage	dream_axe
Raging Sandstorm	scroll_raging_sandstorm
Raider's Crusher	mace6
Ratzenburg's Demise	earring4
Red Sun Rises	scroll_red_sun_rising
Redcomb	redcomb
Regenerative Powder of Soothing	regenerative_powder_of_soothing
Regenerative Powder of Soothing Recipe	recipe_regenerative_powder_of_soothing
Reinforced Cyclops Scalp	helmet7
Reinforced Quarterstaff	quarterstaff2
Repulsing Dust of Strange Seduction	repulsing_dust_of_strange_seduction
Repulsing Dust of Strange Seduction Recipe	recipe_repulsing_dust_of_strange_seduction
Retribution	mace2
Ride the Lightning	scroll_ride_the_lightning
Rillow Lucky Charm	necklace9
Rilvite Ringmail	armor_med_hauberk2
Rilvite Slab	rilvite
Ring of Defending	ring1
Ring of Hideous Strength	ring3
Ritual Dagger	ritual_dagger
Robe of the Faithful	robe0
Rogin's Cauldron Stirrer	fustibal7
Round Stone	bullet1
Royal Guard Sword	shortsword4
Ruby-tipped Bracelet	bracelet6
Ruinous Foot	bonecrafter_art_left_leg
Sand	sand
Sands Gave Shelter	scroll_sands_gave_shelter
Sapphire Ring	tmp_ring
Scholar's Stick	magic_staff1
Scorching Dust of Obscuring Smoke	scorching_dust_of_obscuring_smoke
Scorching Dust of Obscuring Smoke Recipe	recipe_scorching_dust_of_obscuring_smoke
Scroll of Invitation	alfred_item
Seemingly Spoiled Fish	gerds_stolen_fish
Serenity	scroll_serenity
Server's Uniform	player_starting_outfit
Serving Gambeson	armor_lgt_gambeson4
Severine's Sparkle	scroll_severine_sparkle
Sharanga Sling	sling3
Sharpshooter's Pride	longbow5
Shepherd's Sling	sling1
Shieldhammer	warhammer3
Signet of House Espen	espen_signet_ring
Silver Bangle	bracelet3
Silver Necklace	necklace13
Silver Ring	ring7
Skeletal Scepter	mace8
Skin-Shredder	thrown5
Skybloom Petals	ink_competition_skybloom
Slayer's Intent	scroll_slayers_intent
Sling of Vexing	sling6
Small Infantry Hatchet	battle_axe2
Snake_spit_projectile	snake_spit_projectile
Snow	scroll_snow
Song Forge	battle_axe1
Soothing Tides	scroll_soothing_tide
Sorrowful Bilbo	shortsword2
Soul Twist	scroll_soul_twist
Southern Copper Bracelet	bracelet_crone_tutorial
Southern Copper Bracelet	bracelet1
Spell Scroll: Ilzrot's Dance	dragon_dance_scroll
Spellweaver's Earrings of Arcane Power	earring1
Spiked Club	morningstar1
Spiked Mace	mace
Splint Mail	armor_hvy_splintmail0
Spymaster's Robe	robe_spymaster
Staff of the Tree-Warden	staff_of_the_tree_warden
Star-spangled Greatshield	large_shield_c6
Steelforged Longblade	greatsword7
Sticky Dust of the Long Night	sticky_dust_of_the_long_night
Sticky Dust of the Long Night Recipe	recipe_sticky_dust_of_the_long_night
Sticky Powder of Darkness	sticky_powder_of_darkness
Sticky Powder of Darkness Recipe	recipe_sticky_powder_of_darkness
Still Dust of Dozing	recipe_still_dust_of_dozing
Still Dust of Dozing	still_dust_of_dozing
Still Powder of Drowsiness	still_powder_of_drowsiness
Still Powder of Drowsiness Recipe	recipe_still_powder_of_drowsiness
Stingbeetle	stingbeetle
Stonewall	scroll_stonewall
Strong Potion of Cure-all	strong_potion_of_cure_all
Strong Potion of Excitement	strong_potion_of_excitement
Strong Potion of Excitement Recipe	recipe_strong_potion_of_excitement
Strong Potion of Exhilaration	strong_potion_of_exhilaration
Strong Potion of Exhilaration Recipe	recipe_strong_potion_of_exhilaration
Strong Potion of Healing	strong_potion_of_healing
Strong Potion of Healing Recipe	recipe_strong_potion_of_healing
Strong Potion of Heroic Defense	strong_potion_of_heroic_defense
Strong Potion of Heroic Defense Recipe	recipe_strong_potion_of_heroic_defense
Strong Potion of Stable Ground	strong_potion_of_stable_ground
Strong Potion of Stable Ground Recipe	recipe_strong_potion_of_stable_ground
Strong Potion of Stable Ground Recipe	recipe_strong_potion_of_cure_all
Stylish Red Boots	cultist_boots
Stylish Red Boots	boots1
Succubus' Kiss	arrow2
Summon Rat	scroll_summon_rat
Summon Spider	scroll_summon_spider
Summon Wolf	scroll_summon_wolf
Summon Writhers	scroll_summon_writhers
Summoner's Earrings	earring2
Swindler's Dust of Illness	swindlers_dust_of_illness
Swindler's Dust of Illness Recipe	recipe_swindlers_dust_of_illness
Swindler's Dust of Unfortunate Seduction	swindlers_dust_of_unfortunate_seduction
Swindler's Dust of Unfortunate Seduction Recipe	recipe_swindlers_dust_of_unfortunate_seduction
Swindler's Powder of Nausea	swindlers_powder_of_nausea
Swindler's Powder of Nausea Recipe	recipe_swindlers_powder_of_nausea
Tajniva	tajniva
Talji's Satchel	distress_damsel_pouch
Templar's Friend	belt5
Templar's Mace	mace1
Temporary Torch Offhand	tmp_torch_shield
Terrorleaf	terrorleaf
Test spell scroll	test_spell_scroll
The Alchemist's Gloves	gloves1
The Cloudwalkers	boots12
The Crystal Choker	necklace8
The Enchantress	the_enchantress
The Eye of Calamity	diadem_jade_purified
The Eye of Calamity	diadem_jade
The Fallen Prince's Tale	book_of_the_famous_person
The Last Stand	large_shield_c3
The Mountain Brawler	armor_med_brigandine4
The Paramour	ring5
The Pyroclaster	warhammer2
The Ring of Lies	ring4
The Sea God And The Nobleman's Son	book_of_omeyrenon
The Soul Lanterns	earring3
The Third Eye	diadem_bjalla
The Voice In The Woods	book_of_enerants
Thick Dust of Aggravation	thick_dust_of_aggravation
Thick Dust of Aggravation Recipe	recipe_thick_dust_of_aggravation
Thick Dust of the Unscratchable Itch	thick_dust_of_the_unscratchable_itch
Thick Dust of the Unscratchable Itch Recipe	recipe_thick_dust_of_the_unscratchable_itch
Thick Leather Boots	boots0
Thick Powder of Annoyance	thick_powder_of_annoyance
Thick Powder of Annoyance Recipe	recipe_thick_powder_of_annoyance
Thief's Dust of Hidden Terrors	thiefs_dust_of_hidden_terrors
Thief's Dust of Hidden Terrors Recipe	recipe_thiefs_dust_of_hidden_terrors
Throwing Axe	thrown_axe1
Throwing Star	thrown0
Thundering Amberblade	dagger3
To Dust	scroll_to_dust
To The Rescue	scroll_to_the_rescue
Torch	torch_shield
Tormentor	armor_med_cuirass3
Transcendent Meditation	scroll_transcendent_meditation
Traveler's Cane	quarterstaff1
Treacherous Cover	small_shield_a3
Trials of the White Elves	book_trial_of_white_elves
Tunic of the Vigilant Wanderer	armor_med_hauberk0
Twin Horns Staff	dragon_spit
Twin Souls	twin_souls
Twisted Requiem	scroll_twisted_requiem
Unbearable Heat	scroll_unbearable_heat
Uncontrolled Dust of Ignition	uncontrolled_dust_of_ignition
Uncontrolled Dust of Ignition Recipe	recipe_uncontrolled_dust_of_ignition
Uncontrolled Dust of the Very Bad Day	uncontrolled_dust_of_the_very_bad_day
Uncontrolled Dust of the Very Bad Day Recipe	recipe_uncontrolled_dust_of_the_very_bad_day
Uncontrolled Powder of Singeing	uncontrolled_powder_of_singeing
Uncontrolled Powder of Singeing Recipe	recipe_uncontrolled_powder_of_singeing
Unquenchable Dust of Surprising Conflagration	unquenchable_dust_of_surprising_conflagration
Unquenchable Dust of Surprising Conflagration	recipe_unquenchable_dust_of_surprising_conflagration
Useless Brew	sseless_brew
Vengeful Spirit	scroll_vengeful_spirit
Venomous Smirk	armor_lgt_gambeson2
Verdant Emerald	gem2
Verdant Growth	scroll_verdant_growth
Vestments of the Prodigy	robe1
Vine-grown Bow	item_part_vine_grown_bow1
Vine-grown Bow	shortbow8
Vine-grown Bow	item_part_vine_grown_bow2
Viper's Bite	thrown_knife4
Vira's Rest	viras_rest
Void-covered Right Arm	bonecrafter_art_right_arm
Vulpine Treads	boots7
Wardenhaft Bracelet	bracelet4
Warhammer 1	warhammer1
Warped Greatsword	greatsword6
Warrior/templar	helmet5
Wasp Assault	scroll_wasp_assault
Weak Potion of Cure All Recipe	recipe_weak_potion_of_cure_all
Weak Potion of Cure-all	weak_potion_of_cure_all
Weak Potion of Excitement	weak_potion_of_excitement
Weak Potion of Excitement Recipe	recipe_weak_potion_of_excitement
Weak Potion of Exhilaration	weak_potion_of_exhilaration
Weak Potion of Exhilaration Recipe	recipe_weak_potion_of_exhilaration
Weak Potion of Healing	weak_potion_of_healing
Weak Potion of Healing Recipe	recipe_weak_potion_of_healing
Weakening Powder of Poison	weakening_powder_of_poison
Weakening Powder of Poison Recipe	recipe_weakening_powder_of_poison
Western Lamellar Armor	armor_med_lamellar1
Whistling Emissary	longbow4
Widowmaker	greatsword8
Wiggly Flamberge	longsword6
Wildfire	scroll_wildfire
Wilgo's Compass	estranged_sisters_compass
Wind-blessed Jambiya	dagger16
Wondrous Infusion of Berry Juice	wondrous_infusion_of_berry_juice
Wondrous Infusion of Berry Juice Recipe	recipe_wondrous_infusion_of_berry_juice
Wooden Buckler	Shield4
Wooden Heater Shield	Shield5
Woodland Breastplate	armor_med_cuirass1
Woodsman's Hunting Bow	shortbow1
Woolen Gloves	gloves8
Wraith axe	wraith_axe
Wrought Iron Key	espen_estate_key
Wrought Iron Mace	mace5
Wyrmblood Garb	armor_lgt_leather3
Zarndur Trident	spear8
Zoisitrine Aegis	med_shield_b16
Zorian Cultist's Journal	the_cursed_zoria_cultist_journal
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