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Black Dahlia Cheats

Black Dahlia

Puzzle Codes:
Press F2 while a puzzle is displayed to obtain the number of 
that particular puzzle. Enter the corresponding case-sensitive
code at the puzzle screen to skip that section of the game. 

P8 Stained Glass Puzzle                   - leadhead
P11 Winslow's Safe Puzzle                 - masterlock
P14 Wooden House/Lockbox Puzzle           - loghouse
P15 Dresser in Louie's Loft Puzzle        - turnkey
P21 Raven Room Circular Table Puzzle      - arthur
P22 Seal Puzzle                           - ringding
P26 Bag Of Runes Puzzle                   - gemstone
P27 Dream - Archway Puzzle                - cancan
P32 Pressure Gauges Puzzle                - pressure
P34 Sewer Levers/Bars Puzzle              - barbell
P35 Raven Room Door Plates Puzzle         - triangle
P36 Candlestick In Raven Room Puzzle      - nimble
P38 Sun/Planets/Door Puzzle               - sunspot
P39 Gearshift Puzzle - Treasure Door #1   - ladybug
P40 Key Puzzle - Treasure Door #2         - keypunch
P41 Half-A-Gear Puzzle - Treasure Door #3 - gearoil
P44 Main Chamber Column Puzzle            - temple
P46 Slider Puzzle                         - blockhead
P47 Stone Blocks Puzzle                   - rock33
P59 Luggage Crate On Train Puzzle         - boxtop
P67 Cane Lock Puzzle                      - candycane
P68 Telegram Puzzle                       - teleport
P73 Telescope Puzzle                      - peeper
P76 Cuckoo Clock Puzzle                   - bongo
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