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Biohazard 4 Cheats

Biohazard 4

Also known as: Resident Evil 4, Biohazard 4 (JPN-Version)
Submitted by: ooi

How to insert the cheat? You just tape it in the screen.

Code       Result
god       - infinite health
giveall   - give all weapon,health
fullclip  - infinite ammo

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the Separate Ways and Mercenaries-mini-games; the
Professional difficulty setting; the Leon's Raccoon City Police Department costume, Ashley's
pop star costume, and Ada's black costume; the Mathilda handgun and Infinite Rocket Launcher
for purchase (for 1 million Pesetas), and the Tactical Vest (for 60,000 Pesetas); and an 
alternate title screen. 

Successfully complete the Separate Ways mini-game to unlock Ashley's knight costume and Leon's
gangster costume. Ashley's suit of armor is bullet and damage proof. She cannot get hurt by 
anything and it is so heavy she cannot be carried away. You do not have to worry about giving
her First Aid Sprays, Herbs, or shooting Ganados trying to pick her up.

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete Assignment Ada and watch the credits. They will be in gray scale.
However, if you select "Yes" when asked "Watch the ending movie again?", it will be 
replayed in color in a smaller frame. If you watch it once more when prompted, it will
play is full wide screen color. They will alternate each time you choose to replay the

Game trailers:
Remain idle at the title screen. Eventually two trailers will begin playing and begin
to cycle. 

If you destroy all blue targets in the beginning you can get a free Punisher from 
the Merchant 2 guns before you can buy it. This pistol hits two targets when you 
get it, and five when you get exclusive. This makes it work well for crowd control. 

Riot Gun one shot kills:
To do this, you must fill the entire Firepower, Firing Speed, Reload Speed and Capacity 
of the weapon. When you shoot a Ganado or a Los Luminados, one shot will kill them. 
Note: The same happens with the Chicago Typewriter.

Killing birds:
Toss a flash grenade in the center of a group of birds. All of them will die instantly, 
leaving lots of Pesetas. This also works with the Granadas when their heads are 

Defeating Gothic Illuminados:
When you are in the castle and you fire at the Gothic Illuminados, it is best to fire
at their knees. They will fall on them and allow you to use a suplex move instead of 
a kick. You will then throw them over your head and smash their head in the ground. 
Note: In mercenary mode, the same goes for the rest of the mercenaries.

Defeating J.J. (mini gun man):
An easier way to kill J.J is to first hit him in the head with a weaker gun. When he
is holding his head, attack him with a more powerful weapon. If he recovers quickly,
just use the same strategy. This also works on the military base during the Mercenaries

Look out for crows. They sometimes drop valuable items and are usually found in groups.
To kill crows, shoot them from a distance. If you are close and there are other crows 
nearby they will fly away. An easier way to kill a group of them is to toss a flash 
grenade into their midst and watch the items drop. 

Lava room:
In the area where the room is filled with lava, enemies will appear on pillars with horses
that shoot fire at you. Instead of waiting for a clear shot to shoot the man on the pillar,
simply shoot at the chain that is holding the pillar. If one of the chains breaks, the 
entire pillar will fall. This makes it easier to get through the room. If you queue all
of the pillars to appear and shoot them all down, once you shoot the last one down no more
enemies will appear in the room, even the ones that fall from the ceiling. 

Sewer: Black Bass recovery:
You can kill the fish and use them as recovery items in the sewer area shortly after the 
beginning of Chapter 1-2. It is a little after the place where you face the two enemies
who throw dynamite at you.

Eggs for Ashley:
There are three types of eggs, white, brown, and golden. Collect these, equip them, and 
fire on Ashley. They will not harm her and it is funny. Aim from a distance to get used 
to them. They are lighter than a grenade and fly far when thrown. Note: She will duck when
in close proximity.

Use egg to kick people:
Toss an egg at a Ganado's face. They will hold their face, letting you get in a kick. 
Note: Do not do this in a crowd or you will get hit.

Mine Thrower ammunition:
It is possible to find ammunition for the Mine Thrower. Kill any normal enemy with the Mine 
Thrower to yield one dart for ammunition.

Extra scene:
When Leon is being choked, he will be told that he has the same blood. Leave the room, then 
return. You will be choked again by same person, only this time Ada comes to the rescue. 

At the end of the game, as Leon and Ashley fall into the water on the speedboat, you can see 
a rainbow for a few seconds. 

Castle: Easy money:
Look behind every painting of Saddler to find 5,000 Pesetas. 

Church: Unlimited villagers:
When you first get to the church, defeat everyone in the area. Then, return to the church
and shoot the bell above. Villagers will arrive in a groups of three to six Gonados. You 
can continue this process as you see fit. 

Church: Getting items:
After you get the key after being choked by Chief Mendez, gi to the church and kill everyone. 
You can then shoot the bell above the church. You should hear "There! He is there!" and a 
group of Gonados should be in the graveyard. This process can be repeated five times or less,
but they drop items for your inventory.

Separate Ways: Leon's jacket:
In mission 2, rescue Luis. The second time you pass the village after the intermission 
sequence when Luis and Leon are carried away, blow away most of the villagers with a 
grenade. When you get to the exit to continue the mission you will see a villager and 
two others. Kill them and check the first villager you saw. He will be wearing Leon's 

Hidden intermission sequence:
After defeating Del Lago (crocodile), after the intermission sequence, go back across the 
lake where you got the boat. Head up the trail. An intermission sequence should begin. 
Leon will be surrounded by wolves. Note: You can also go back that way and fight El Gigante, 
but you must go all the way back to get the Insignia for the church. 

Hiding the number of times killed ratio:
To avoid seeing a number of times killed, continue until you get to a chapter end. When 
instructed to save, cancel the saving process.

Leon struggles:
When you unlock and start a new game with the second pair of costumes (Leon's gangster and 
Ashley's armor), watch Leon as he tries to catch Ashley whenever you need her to come down 
from a raised platform or ladder. He will fall on the ground on one knee, and as he comes 
up from the ground, he grabs his back in pain.

Saddler comment:
Listen closely when you kill the villagers. Some of them will say "Lord Saddler" as they
reach out just before they die. Note: This may only happen after completion of the game.

Professional mode: Easy completion: 
The best way to complete the game in Professional mode is to first complete the Separate Ways
mini-game. You should unlock Special Costume 2, where Leon is a gangster and Ashley is in a 
suit of armor. Choosing this costume makes Professional mode a lot easier. Ashley cannot be 
injured or carried away. Use her for bait when needed. At least half the enemies will go 
directly for her, giving you time to kill them and keep your distance from a crowd. 
This also works well on El Gigante.

Hidden intermission sequence:
After defeating Del Lago (crocodile), after the intermission sequence, go back across the 
lake where you got the boat. Head up the trail. An intermission sequence should begin. Leon 
will be surrounded by wolves. Note: You can also go back that way and fight El Gigante, but 
you must go all the way back to get the Insignia for the church. 

Defeating the giant leech:
Lure the leech back to the front end of the pool then fire a shot from your gun at the gas 
can where your unlock the boat. The can explodes, killing the giant leech.

Submitted by: dakwind(vaibhav)

kill the krauser with the knife he will die in about 2 knife attack every time he comes 
to you than when he mutate hit about 8 times and he is done. 

Defeating Regenerators:
Use the following trick to defeat the enemy Regenerator and Iron Maiden. You do not need 
a special scope to kill them. Buy the Killer 7 Magnum and use it on them. After three or 
four shots, they will go down. Shoot it in the sheet until there is a hole. Then, shoot 
its head. After that, the body will explode then the legs will fall over and leave 5,000 

Defeating Iron Maidens:
After the part where you rescue Ashley on the island, there will be a part where you must 
jump into the trash pile. After the jumping sequence, you will realize that Ashley is 
sitting on an Iron Maiden. There is a way to escape it. Quickly run towards the gate and 
open it. Shoot the Iron Maiden to make it back off, then quickly get on the other side of 
the gate and close it. The Iron Maiden cannot use a switch, so it is stuck. You can get 
rid of it. The other one is a few feet away. Past the second gate will be a dumpster that 
you will have to push. Push it, and wait a few seconds. The second Iron Maiden will be 
engaging you already. Just kill as you would do to a regular one. However if you are not 
quick, you can use the square path that is there to get the parasite in its back.

Bird nests:
If you are low on ammunition, find a tree and check for a bird's nest. Most bird nests 
have ammunition, but some have treasures or Green Herbs.

Weapon upgrades:
When buying upgrades for your gun, always look at your gun information beforehand. For 
example, if your gun has a gunpower of 10.8 and you see that the upgrade reads 
lvl 2 --> 10.5, you are basically losing out and wasting money. 

Mercenaries mini-game:
The main monsters to look out for are the two chainsaw ladies on stage 1. Once you kill 
them, they keep coming back. On stage 2 and 3 be careful of the guys with the chain guns. 
On stage 4, there is a super chainsaw man. He is bigger than the normal one and has a 
twin bladed saw. He is almost impossible to stop. He does not climb ladders. He jumps 
to where he needs to be. He will run at you, swinging the saw. Do not run past him. 
Turn and jump down if you can, or climb something quickly. If you really want to get 
past him, try using Jack Krauser's transformation, and aim right at him. If you miss, 
you are dead.

Easy Zealot battle:
Go in the room just before the Gallery, in the castle. When you have to defeat the platoon 
of Zealots and the Red Cow-Skulled Zealot with the hidden chaingun in the center of the room, 
there is a way to bypass the chaingun all together. When you are chasing the Red Cow-Skulled 
Zealot around the room, if you have the Broken Butterfly with upgraded firepower (over 27) 
when he runs down the stairs to the bottom floor, move quickly enough to see him about halfway 
down. Take out your Magnum, and shoot him. He will fall to the ground. Shoot him two or three 
more times (depending on how powerful your Magnum is). This will effectively kill him, and he 
will drop the Gallery Key. No chaingun dodging will be necessary, and you will save a lot of 

Perfect score:
If you are trying to get a "Perfect" 100% hit rate, then you must consider the following. 
Be absolutely certain that you are on target. Do not shoot from far off unless you are 
aiming with the rifle. Also, do not do any "subquests", or go for any treasures or Spinels
that require you to shoot them down (for example, the Blue Medallion quest, the Brass Pocket
Watch, etc.) If you miss, it will count against you. Also, as soon as an enemy makes a "grunt"
sound, it indicates that they are dead. Do not get trigger happy, as this will lower your hit
rate percentage. Do not use the Chicago Typewriter for this quest. It fires too quickly. You 
must be very careful to fire only one shot for most of the beginning enemies until you reach 
the Castle, where two shots with the Chicago Typewriter will kill most anything.

Separate Ways: Ada's level 2 (Rescue Luis): Leon's jacket:
During this level you will see a younger looking villager. This villager is wearing a tan 
jacket with fur. After killing this enemy you will have the option to check it. Once checked, 
it will say "This looks like Leon's jacket". Recall that in Chapter 1-1 to 1-2 when Leon and 
Luis are captured, his jacket is missing from this point forward.
In mission 2, rescue Luis. The second time you pass the village after the intermission sequence 
when Luis and Leon are carried away, blow away most of the villagers with a grenade. When you 
get to the exit to continue the mission you will see a villager and two others. Kill them and 
check the first villager you saw. He will be wearing Leon's jacket.

Easy kills:
Submitted by: cheatsbook
A good close-range combat tactic is to strike a weapon-less enemy before he grabs you with 
the knife or a weapon in the head. Then, while he stumbles, close in and press [Kick]. If 
the enemy is weakened enough, you will smash his head. If not, you will knock him down, 
allowing you to shoot him while he is on the ground. 

If the enemy is far away, but not too far, shoot him in the head and run towards him while he 
stumbles. If he recovers, stop and shoot him in the head again. Continue to do this until you 
are close enough to "kick" him down.

If you are close enough and do not want to waste ammunition, use the knife. Aim high enough 
if you want to kick their head, and thus be able to "kick" them. It is harder to hit a knocked 
down enemy with the knife because you will have to set your aim very low. However, you have 
him pinned down and are free to shoot. Aiming at the head while the enemy is on the ground 
will make things easy.

Defeating salazard with two hits:
Submitted by: SilverFoxAlgeria

i did it uner normal mode,you need some weapons to apply this trick rocket luncher and any 
other powerful weapon(eg:mine thrower) first aim at his ugly eye with your primary weapon 
shot him there he will show up from his Megazord -just kidding- now equipe the rocket luncher 
aim athim before he hide again and let him have it,now the big finish.

Los Illuminados Pendant and Spinels: 
After you come out of the sewers and are on the second floor of the room with the first shooting 
range, go to the first chandelier but do not jump. Instead, throw a hand grenade into the group 
of zealots (monks in black). There will also be a head zealot in a red outfit and a skull cap. 
He is the one with the Los Illuminados pendant. After you throw the hand grenade, wait about 
two seconds and throw a flash grenade, then immediately jump down. If the head zealot is still 
alive, kill him first then kill any other remaining zealots. You will receive a Los Illuminados 
Pendant from the head zealot and a Spinel from all the normal zealots.

Polly Has Some Good Crackers:
Whenever you see a crow sitting in a tree or on the ground, try and shoot it. If you hit it 
they leave behind several goodies, about 80% of the time they leave behind Spinel diamonds, 
and they are good for a trade in once you encounter the merchant, and I did get 9mm bullets 
from one.

Pants go down!:
When you are fight El Gigante "The Giant Ogres" as you would say, you are able to put his 
pants down a bit. When you bring him down a plague comes out of his back, instead of jumping
on him from the front, you jump on him from the back. When Leon jumps he steps on the giant's
shorts and you will see it go down a bit.

Ashley's Panties:
When you get to the Gondola' control booth, descend the first flight of stairs at the cliff's 
edge. It's where you climb the ladder and at the top you find the Yellow catseye in the chest 
(you must have a sniper rifle for this next part so you can zoom). When you climb down the 
ladder, you have to catch Ashley so then she can get down. Don't catch her just yet. Just stay
at the bottom. When You look up, she will cover her legs and go "you pervert!" What you have 
to do and take out the sniper rifle. Back up only a little bit from Ashley. Look up and zoom 
in with the rifle. You will see Ashley's white panties with a little ribbon on it.

Infinite Health:
When your health is down and you are about to die in just one hit you can just simply run into
a bear trap and you wont die. Keep on trying, you aint going to die... unless you get attcked
or blown up.

To kill el gigante (the gaint monster):
Here is a great hint to kill el gigante(the big gaint). Dont waste your precious ammos on 
him ,Just before you face him directly buy a rocket launcher from a merchant who will be 
there at the saving point(near typewriter).When you engage with him just aim at him with 
a rocket launcher and shoot him with that,he will be killed at a single strike.

Submitted by: Rupayan Soumen 

During playing Chapter( 1 - 3) You will find a puzzle backside of the church . The main 
object of that puzzle is to rotate the pedestal to light up three of the symbols.I have 
found a easy solution to this puzzle so here is the solution give below: 
First Step = 3,4,4,3,4,4,4,3
Second Step =4,4,3,3,4,3,3,3,4

I hope this solution works!

Mine Darts:
The developers of Resident Evil 4 deleted a special type of ammo which they'd hidden
in the game so the players couldn't find it. To find it, enable the No-clipping mode 
via trainers. Now head for the shack that's right before the pier in the lake with the
boat you have to board to take the fight to Del Lago. Enter the shack then look to the 
right. Head there & clip through the shack, then the wall. Look to the right - you'll 
see ammunition & health herbs, alongside with Mine Thrower ammo. The thing is, then 
you pick these, it'll say "Pick Mine Darts (Homing)?". The staff had deleted the MT 
Homing ammo for some reason.

Easy money:
Complete the game at least once. You will need the Striker fully upgraded and the Infinite
Launcher. After the cabin fight, go to the Chainsaw Sisters. Use the Striker to kill them
and the extra Ganados. Then, go to El Gigante and use the Infinite Launcher. You should 
get a ruby and 10,000 Pesatas.

Replacable ammunition supply!!:
Submitted by: guineawolf

In RE4,we mostly short of ammo if you miss your target a lot!(you miss them all??oh my god....
what a miracle!),and we cannot buy ammo from merchant(what kind of merchant is this,they buy 
ammo,selling weapons but no ammo???How should we fire those weapons that we buy from them???
smashed the enemies with those weapons???)

But i have found out a way to cover the ammo supply,that is we can buy a new weapons(with the 
pesetas we collect a lot,now we can spent them!Enjoy with that!!!)
we buy a new weapon(dun upgrade your weapon ammo capacity yet),used up their ammo,then upgrade 
their ammo will find that weapon is fill with full clip of ammo again!With this 
tricks,you dun need to worry to run out of ammunitions again.

In the situation you are completely out of ammo,buy 3 to 4 new weapons to used their ammo 
continuosly.Used up the ammo,then go back to upgrade larger stock of ammo the 
pick up ammo at the sametime,coz you might face some situation that are no merchants to supply 
you these "ammo"!

Between these weapons,my suggest weapons is STRIKER,coz it is the cheapest weapon in them
(cheapest cost to used them repeatedly),STRIKER can supply you 214 rounds of shotgun rounds 
totally after all of those ammo capacity upgrade(including EXCLUSIVE)

here is the list of those replace weapons you can use:
-STRIKER(full upgrade)=392,000 pesetas,after refund(after used up those ammo,you might find it 
useless,then you can sell it for refund and reduce the cost you use it(it's ammo)it is except 
you still want to use it),it cost you only 197,440 pesetas,now you can find the cost is really 

-RIFLE SEMIAUTO(full upgrade)=123,500 ptas without exclusive after refund,177,000 ptas with 
exclusive after refund

-KILLER 7(ammo capacity upgrade only)=77,350 ptas after refund

These price are the cost you refund after totally upgrade them .
Hope you guys enjoying spent your pesetas!!!!Welcome!...Got a selection of good thing on sale 
stranger...What do you buying?....Come back anytime..

Unlimited fish to sell for money!:
Submitted by: guineawolf

There is a lake after you pass through the church,and BEFORE you fight the giant crocodile,you 
can use your TMP to shot as many fish as you can(shot them from beside the lake,dun from the 
"dock").Then get on boat and take them to sell to merchant.come back to beside the lake,those 
fish appear again!
with this trick,you can get as many pesetas as you like!(if you dun your target too many times,
coz your TMP ammo cost money!) if out of TMP ammo?sell the TMP(refund half price),buy it again you 
get TMP full with ammo again...use TMP ammo only coz TMP ammo cost cheapest!

Easter Egg - Leon takes Rest...:
Submitted by: BRZR

In level 5-3, after you clear the laser rays, you will enter a hall with a fancy brown big chair. 
There will also be an elegant headdress in this hall. Anyways, Go to the chair, take whatever 
there is, now there will be a "?" mark to it and relax.

Cheats and Hints:
Submitted by: Parikshit singh

Cheats- Enable god mode- health [Words on right side are cheats]
Get everything- giveall
Infinite ammo- fullclip 

It will be fun if you are using these cheats but playing without cheats and experience the real 
hell on your desktop.For this I got some hints for you.

1.When you are at the place where ganados have burnt a policeman and you have to fight many
  of them and one kickass chainsaw ganado. Don't waste your ammos of shotgun at them just use
  handgun and shooting at there head and take out there brains by kicking them till the ring 

2.Save your ammos. They are very precious.

3.When you are going to the prison fight Save your shotgun ammo. Fighting with that prisoner 
  [at first time it is very hard and annoying]. When he turs back shoot him on his grananda
  [greenish thing on his back] Go as much close as you can and take his grananda out with a
  shotgun. Keeping patience hit him like this 4-5 times And after that he is down and out.

4.Broken butterfly And killer7 kills enemies faster. [Save their ammos they are very rare].

5. Knife kills krauser in 2 hits.

6.The final boss [saddler] fast killing system- Make him angry and when he take his eye like
  structure out then hit him with rocket launcher directly[buy it from merchant]. No need for
  Ada to give us rocket launcher.

Playing this game without cheats you will feel that it is not a island! It is hell!
Having any problem with this game e-mail it to on 

Beat all the areas in the Mercenaries mini game with five star rankings.

Play as Albert Wesker:
Submitted by: BRZR

Now here is a trick using which, you can play the game as Wesker. To do this, just go te 
mercenaries mini game, select wesker, then return to the main menu and start a new game 
with any difficulty or costume, Now you can play as Wesker.

Two routes:
Soon after the farmhouse, look around to collect some ammunition and buy more items. After
that, go to an opening where you see a lever. Go up to it and switch it to the right to 
fight El Gigante (recommended) or switch it to the left to face more chainsaw wielding 
villagers (extremely difficult). If you select to fight El Gigante, aim at the rock at the
top ledge until he is underneath it and fire. Use the same tactic on the one you dealt with

Good choke point:
Use the following trick to get an easy five star rank. In the village, there is a barn. It
was blocked in the main game. This is best donw with Wesker. First, collect all the time 
and ammunition and go in the barn. Get the time, climb the ladder, and knock it down. Get
the point increase. By now the Ganados should be in, including the Bellas. When they are 
all near, shoot the barrel and snipe or use the Killer 7 and shoot the sisters. Use grenades,
and if you need to go down throw a flash grenade and use Hunk's neckbreaker; Krauser's, 
Leon's, or Ada's kick; or use Wesker's thrustpunch. Do not let them get up to you.

Defeating Krauser:
To complete Separate Ways you need five times which look like little containers. Once you 
have four you will encounter Krauser. He will jump down and attack you. Defeat him using 
the same tactics used during the last battle of Krauser with Leon. Krauser will keep coming
back for more. Stab and shoot him with a shotgun. Go back through the last door and use the
sniper rifle to shoot Krauser's legs and expose his head. Then, shoot his head and repeat 
the process until he fires a flash grenade. Pick up the container. You can now purchase the
Tommy Gun from the merchant for one million Pesatas.

Extra ammunition:
When fighting Ganados, shoot them a few times then use your knife to slash at least twice
(rarely even once works). This seems to make it more likely that they will drop ammunition.

Destroying the insect nest:
In the area where Ashley is carried away by the flying insects, you can destroy the nest that
is hanging from the ceiling. After it is destroyed, you will find a lot of green and red eyes,
and if you are lucky, even a blue one. This is a good way to get the Butterfly Lamp filled 
with all three jewels early so that you can get some extra money for upgrades.

Castle: Knights:
When you are on the board to get the King's grail, you will become trapped in the place with
the knights. For the first round of knights, use the shotgun. If you have a Magnum, do not 
use it yet. The second round comes with feathers on their heads. Use the magnum (Killer 7 
recommended). In the room should be a Green Herb and ten shotgun shells. 
Collect them and the grail.

Defeating Garrador:
When you fight Garrador (the person in the prison), leave Ashley upstairs. Go downstairs and
shoot the bell. Then, take out the mine thrower and shoot the parasite on his back. The 
explosion will kill him instantly. Then, call Ashley, pull the lever, and go upstairs.
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