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Bin Weevils Cheats

Bin Weevils

Moonwalking in club flying:

* Go to club fling 
* Then click on a space
* Then click the star
  (next to stand up high)
* Then click GFGF then click the star again
* Then click STAR GFG STAR
* And click on a space
* And you will be moonwalking!

Walk on walls in your nest:
Go to kips scrapyard and click on two ball at the back of the room as your are 
walking up to it quickly go to your nest! You should still be playing two be in
your nest and you should be on the wall!

How to get big in flem manor:
Submitted by: punkprincess14(my bin weevil name)

First you have to click on the library door then you come out of the library and 
click on the bench on the left.then you click on the exit arrow when you have 
stoped click on it again the you start getting big press 7 on the key board when
your big enough.

How to get big at flem manor:
Submitted by: lightningpokemon

First click a few spaces underneath the banister and click on the new libary door.
come straight out and click under the click on the arrow to go out.
when you are big tap 7 on your keyboard and you should stop.if you dont tap 7 you 
will go outside.

How to get big at the Flem Manor:
Submitted by: Earthweevil

This may seem long and rambly but read it. Trust me. It really works! First of all 
click in front of the statue on the right of the page. Then click on the top right 
door. You should be entering the library. If not retry this glitch. If it has worked
exit the library. Click in front of the right statue again. You are beginning to grow,
but you have not grown to your full potential yet. You may have realized that the 
arrow to exit has appeared. Click on it. You are now growing to atleast the size of
your regular weevil. Now, read carefully. This bit's important. When you are big 
press the number 7 on your keyboard. If you don't do this your weevil will exit the
building. You will then have to restart the process. If it does work you should now
be huge. P.S. Please help other weevils to accomplish this task. Thankyou

Being the DJ:
Submitted by: blueguts

if u want 2 be the DJ at club fling, you dont have 2 sit on the DJ chair, you can be 
dancing and still be the DJ.Let me explain, you know those coulors with the rectangles 
at the bottom, well if you press those rectangles then cool things happen in the room.
Don't forget to help other weevils with this when their stuck.

all cheats on binweevils!:
Submitted by: cool guy

Cam in Nest Glitch
Firstly go to a place with a bin cam (e.g. Ink's Orange Peel) but the cam must NOT be loaded. 
Once you can see that the cam is starting to load, go to your nest. Now click the Buddy 
Messenger Box and wait for about 5-10 minutes (depending on your loading speed). Once this 
is done, the cam should have loaded and you can close the buddy messenger box. You can now 
use the cam in your nest! 

NOTE: This also can be done in non-cam places.

-=Buddy Messenger Pile-up=-
Firstly, open up your buddy messenger system (the post box in your nest). Make sure you 
have 2 messages from the same weevil next to each other, and then another weevil's message 
above them (e.g. message from henza, message from monkeybugs, message from monkeybugs). 
Then click each message quickly one after the other and the last message should have two 
weevils on top of each other!

-=Antenna Twist=-
Firstly, you must become a Bin Tycoon. Then put the Tycoon hat on your head, it can be any 
colour just put a hat on. Then, press an arrow or door to another place. Before you reach 
there, take off your Tycoon hat by clicking the hat symbol again and clicking the red x 
on the hat. Your antennae should be twisted or distorted for everyone to see!

-=Behind Flem Stairs=-
Go inside Flem Manor and go right to the top of the staircase, by the corner of the banister. 
Now click Star FEG Star to the ground in front of you and you should go underneath the 

-=Auto Jump=-
This glitch allows you to super jump in any direction automatically! First, go to your nest 
and go to the left or right room. Click a chair or seat, and before you reach the chair, go 
to a place like Ink's Orange Peel. Then click a game and press crouch before you reach the 
game. You should jump to a random place (even on the peel).

-=Blank Bubble (The Henza Glitch)=-
This is a completely new glitch discovered by me. Firstly, click your cursor on the chat 
bar like you would normally. Then hold down CTRL and then press enter twice. Up should come 
a blank speech bubble, and when you speak again then it will have a blank space above.

-=Dirt Valley Dice=-
Click a multiplayer game anywhere in the bin. I would advise in Ink's because it works 
better. Remember press crouch before you reach the game and the game should automatically 
come up. Then quickly go to Dirt Valley in time after playing the game. Click time trial and 
it should activate the glitch and you will automatically go onto the dice! Different 
games=different places on the dice. If this doesn't work then you probably forgot to crouch 
from far away or didn't click Time Trial to activate it.

-=Racing from Ink's=-
Firstly, go to Dirt Valley and click Time Trials. While it's still loading go to Ink's and 
wait a while. Then it should automatically take you to an out-of-bounds area in Ink's. 
If you want to race then just let your weevil carry on walking.

NOTE: You must be a high enough level to have the spin move. Click one of the spin moves 
and wait until you have almost stopped spinning. The longer you wait, the more moonwalk 
you do. Then click somewhere to walk to and once you've stopped spinning you will moonwalk! 

-=Nest Wall=-
Click a game. Then press crouch before you reach the game and click yes. Then quickly go 
to your nest. Wait a while and it should activate by itself and take you up the wall. 
It does not work in other weevil's nests.

-=Suicide in Dirt Valley=-
Firstly go to Dirt Valley, any track. Then there should be brown dividers between each 
set of cars. 4 cars, divider, 3 cars, divider, 2 cars, divider. Go to the end of the 
divider and keep clicking TINY steps on the divider until you reach the end. 
Then do the same to get in front of a car.

-=Adding Yourself=-
Click on one of your buddies. Click remove buddy, but DONT click yes! Then put up YOUR 
weevil and then click yes. Then your weevil will have a ignore buddy button, click it. 
Then remove from Ignore List and click send buddy request. Accept the buddy request 
from yourself and you're on your own list. Now you can do what you like with it.

-=Adding Over 60 Buddies=-
Firstly delete one of your buddies that will definitely add you back and is online at 
that point. Find the other people you want to add at the same time. Then send back a 
buddy request to the person you deleted but then quickly add the other people you want. 
Hopefully they should all add you and your done.

-=Frozen! (Similar to pressing 6 in the old bin)=-
Firstly load a multiplayer game. Then do the super jump move, and while your in the air 
click yes to the game. When you land you should be stuck at the position you landed in. 

-=Moving Whilst Playing Game=-
First go to a place with multiplayer games (e.g. Ink's Orange Peel). You might want to 
go on an empty bin because you will need games with no one playing on them. Then click 
a game and then crouch. Whilst it is still loading click a different game and crouch. 
Once the first is finished loading, the second should start. Remember nobody can be 
playing on the game whilst you do this glitch. Then click yes on both of them. 
Then close ONE of them and you will be able to move whilst playing that game.

-=Moonwalking Down a Path=-
First click a game. Do not press yes or no. Then click the arrow to another place, 
but shortly before reaching the arrow do the super jump power. Then you fly back to 
where u were and then walk backwards. This works best in Inks to Rigg's.

-=Walking In The Floor Of Your Nest=-
First, you must be level 20 and have bought either the top or bottom room. Then go 
into one of those rooms and use the back flip move. Make sure the last click is 
touching the arrow to the main room. Now you should be in your main room and can walk 
in your floor!

-=Moonwalking In Club=-
Go to your nest or anyone else's with a Bin Tycoon Plaza. Click on the pad to go to 
their plaza, and as soon as you start disappearing click on any room in your/their nest. 
Now when your in the plaza you will be moonwalking!

No talking:
Submitted by: Marc

First, do a spinning jump, then click somewhere and when the spinning finishes, type 
something in the speech bar and click enter and nothing will open from your weevil.

Jump Spin - Cool!!:
Submitted by: ellah97

This is a glitch/cheat. Go to the shopping mall and go upstairs by the pipe then jump on 
the trampoline. While you are about to jump click on the special moves bar and click 
the spin moves where all your legs go on the floor. You will now do a weird spin in air 
and on the floor! Cool!

Walk in sky in flem manor:
Submitted by: Jacob

First click in front of the statue on the right. then cick the libary door. When it
loads go out. Click in line with the satue on the right but on the back of the room.
You should be walking in the sky.

Change the color of your nest outside your nest:
* Go to a place were their is NO CAMERA.
* Then invite anyone to your nest.
* Then quickly remove them from your invite list.
* Then you will have the bars with the colors up in the right top corner.
* Move the bars around and then go back to your nest and your done!

How To Get Under The Stairs At Flem Manor:
Submitted by: BamBam10

First, go inside Flem Manor and go up the stairs. After you have reached the top turn left 
just infront of the door. Once you have done that, use super jump in your green move box, 
jump to the floor and click somewhere on the left downstairs and then you should be under 
the stairs. If your not you have gone wrong!!!!

Flying without wings:
Submitted by: clauds123

Get a hanging chair pod from the furniture shop at the mall.Wait untill it is delivered, 
put the chair anywhere you like in the room.Sit on your chair then click on the chest and 
move the chair anywhere you like, you will find you are flying.Finally to stop flying click 
off the chest and step forwards!!!

Mystery nest item:
Submitted by: sehughes

how to get a mystery nest item, is to go to lab's lab and you will see a mystery nest item 
portal, click on it and where it says type in you put "mystery3"and you will get a nest item.

Secrets Of The Bin:
Submitted by: CooCooCoaco ,My Weevil Name

-Turn Dosh's Into An Emerald-
First, Click On ALL The Rubies At The Sides Of Dosh's Palace. When You Have Done That, 
The Paint Will Start Peeling & The Windows Will Fall Out Of Place. Dosh's Palace Will Turn 
Into An Emerald, But Only U Can See It!!!

-The Dragon's Of Gam's-
First, Click On A Certain Block In The Walls Of Castle Gam. Then Two Long, Red Dragons 
Will Appear And Breathe Fire Onto Those Below!

-Fling's Hidden Room-
First, Jump On ALL The Cushions In The Game Room At The Top Of Club Fling. Then, The 
Picture Mounted On The Wall Will Open, Revealing Fling's Secret Dance Floor!

-Lab's Diamond Mushrooms-
Click On The 8 Ball At The Top Of Lab's Laboratory. Then, It Will Puff Smoke Onto The 
Little Mushroom Beside It. The Mushroom Will Magically Turn Silver, Studded With Jewels!

-Tycoon Resteraunt Bonanza-
First, You Must Be A Bin Tycoon To Do This. Go To Tycoon Island. Then, Click On All 
The Windows Of The Tycoon Cafe. It Will Reveal A Super Surprise! {I Don't Know What 
The Surprise Is, Because I'm Not A Tycoon!}

2 cheats to do if you are playing hide 'n' seek with your buddies:
Submitted by: Laurengillan234, My weevil name

Go into your nest (make sure the buddies you are playing with are invited.) Go into your red, 
hole with an ? on it. Before you are fully in, crouch and then stay there until it closes. 
It only opens if someone goes near it. (Works in ANY nest).

Go into your garden (again, this can be done in ANY nest).click right outside your garden at 
top right corner. Then, Click the top left corner and again, outside or your garden. 
(If a tycoon, either take your hat off or get one that matches the nest). 
Everyone who goes in the garden will not see you and go inside the nest again!

Floating in the air:
This is a simple way to float in the air and you do not have to be a high level.
1.Click on your action moves and click on the one 3rd row up last one along.
2.When you are performing this move click on number 2 and 3 on you keyboard to wave.
3.While you are doing this you should spot that you are of the ground.

Ice Cream Glitch:
* Go To Figgs Cafe
* Click On The Red Button At The Ice Cream Maker
* Click On The Ice Cream (Please Don't Tick The Box)
* Go On The Map
* Go To The Place You Want To Eat The Ice Cream
* Cick The Box
* Now You Will Be Eating Ice Cream Anywhere!

How to get to mulch island in a flash:
Submitted by: charlotte

go on to buddy list click leader board go onto tink's blocks press on the blocks and 
you will be there (only takes 2 seconds).
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