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Big Scale Racing Cheats

Big Scale Racing

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

During gameplay or at menu enter following cheats followed by enter: 

Code                Result
lazybastard        - Unlock All Cars 
easywayout         - Unlock Next Cup 
gimmepoints        - Get More Points 
overnow            - Get Time Is Up Message 
framerate          - Show Framerate 
pacman             - Toggle Positional Dot-Style 
morecars           - Allows picking 10 opponents in quick races 
scareme            - Get Monster truck class 
dizzy              - Change angle of main menu point of view
jumparound         - Jump
classscareme       - Monster Truck
unlockedeasywayou  - Next Cup
expiredovernow     - Time

Track secrets:
Select practice mode and choose a fast car. Jump over the fence in the 
De Sluis track. Drive around to find three skate ramps. Search again and 
you will find two brown half-pipes. One of them has a open door behind to 
an arcade. Stand in the corner, drive in front and stop. A game will appear. 
When you get a game over, you can quit by pressing [Reverse].
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