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Big Mutha Truckers Cheats

Big Mutha Truckers

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Start Game As Usual, then go to cheat menu in options menu and enter
following cheat codes yo enable cheat menu toggles.

Code                   Result  
CHEATINGMUTHATRUCKER - Enable All Cheats Except Evil Truck
Varley               - Evil Truck

NOTE: Cheats Are Selected ON/OFF in Cheats Menu:

Effect                Code 	
Evil truck          - VARLEY
Fast truck          - GINGERBEER
$10 million (2)     - LOTSAMONEY
Level select        - LAZYPLAYER
Disable damage      - 6WL
Automatic Sat Nav   - USETHEFORCE
Diplomatic immunity - VICTORS
Small pedestrians   - DAISHI
Bonus levels        - JINGLEBELLS

1. All cheats except the Evil Truck will be unlocked. If you choose to 
have the automatic Sat Nav, it will always take you to where you will 
get the best price, but you will not be able to race against the other
2. You must first unlock the "Max Fruit" cheat and enable it before this
code has any effect.

Evil Truck:
Play Trial By Trukin' 60 day mode, then win the race back to Big Mutha
Trucking HQ. 

Hints - Easy money:
* To get even more money after enabling the "$10 million" code, whenever you
  go to the bars (especially in Greenback) play the slot machines on the left.
  They will always pay off. 

* Unlock the "Max Fruit" cheat and enable it. Visit the bars (especially 
  Greenback) for a $750,000 All Bars pay off.

* When you have damage on your truck, instead of paying the expensive price 
  for repairs, just trade your trailer. This will take your damage away. 
* When you go to the garage to trade trailers, buy a trailer extension so you
  can haul more product and make more money.

Save money:
If you have not used a cheat and are still taking damage on your travels 
use this trick to save money. When you get to your destination, sell your 
goods but do not buy any more until after you have been to the garage. 
When you enter the garage, exchange trailers and the new trailer will 
have no damage. If you want to get your old trailer back again, just 
change again and the damage will be gone. Note: If you have only sustained 
minor damage it will probably be a better value just to repair it.

Get good speed:
Do not buy anything in the upgrade store except for storage space and the 
turbocharger. Do not buy brakes at any cost. 

Recommended view:
When racing, never set the camera directly on the back of the cab. Instead, 
set it where you can see the name on the back of the trailer.
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