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Big Kahuna Reef 2 Cheats

Big Kahuna Reef 2

Tips and Tricks:
Submitted  by: RM

Fish Net Tips:
Using the Fish Net to remove a piece that allows you to make a bomb is usually
more productive that using it to make a simple match of 3 and break a box.

To get rid of Skeleton Fish without them making extra boxes on the level, use 
your Fish Net to remove a piece and make them fall into a match. That way, you
get extra points, they don't make boxes on the level AND you get them out of 
your way.

Bomb Tips:
Moving a piece into a match of 5 makes a much larger bomb than if a match of 5
falls into place. Bombs you make yourself are bigger than ones the game makes 
for you.

Bombs can be used as a quick way to 'charge up' your Fish Net. Your Fish Net is
charged by pieces being cleared from the board, and bombs do this faster than 
anything else!

Level Hints:
On Level 26 in the Tiki Challenge, create Green Nukes and move them down so they
are as close as possible to the boxes you want to break. Then, swap them with 
the pieces to their left to blow up the boxes.

On Level 36 of the Tiki Challenge, there is a single locked piece to the left 
that might be hard to see. Blow it up to unlock the left side of the screen.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: KidduAdytzzu

Enter the following codes during the game play:
debugbomb - Create a time bomb where is your mouse cursor.
debugnuke - Create a nuke/nuclear bomb where is your mouse cursor.
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