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Beyond Atlantis 2 Cheats

Beyond Atlantis 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH   

The Hoggar Complex:
The Well:
Right click to open your inventory. It appears at the bottom of your 
video screen. You will notice that you carry only a disc and a small 

Go forward, and then turn to the left. Walk forward twice towards 
the bandit camp. Speak to the guard using any one conversation icon. 
It is immediately apparent that the guard is terribly unfriendly. 
He offers to shoot you. If you bother him again he will hit you over 
the head with his machine gun and you will be returned to your starting 
point in the desert.

Turn to your right and climb up the hill. Turn slightly left and go 
forward towards the archway. 

Another guard spots you and beckons you over with a nasty intent. 
The Targui suddenly appears behind the guard and saves you. Turn 
back slightly right towards the arch and go forward once, then turn 
right and enter the cave.

The Cave:
Walk forward towards the glowing portal. (To your right you can see 
all kinds of computer equipment.) Look down on the ground before you. 
This is your first puzzle and the key to unlock the portal.

Spinning Top Puzzle:
Etched in the ground is a circle, crowned by five pictured markings. 
Consider that each marking is numbered from one through five, from 
left to right. Each time you place the spinning top on one of the 
markings it will trace a path and light a star at the end. You must 
figure out the correct order to keep all the stars lit as some paths 
will cross and reverse the process. Once all five paths are traveled, 
the five stars will create a pentagram signifying the body. 

Begin with the 4th marking (picture of the right foot). Determine the 
correct order until all 5 stars are lit.
When the puzzle has been correctly solved, the portal will activate 
and your character will automatically step through. 

Continue on within the game until you reach the parts which the hints 
below are listed:

Temple of Isis - Story of the Gods:
You must place the story of the Gods in correct order. You must do so 
with the 10 pictures along with the 10 plates of text placed directly 
below them. The first picture and plate starting from the top left 
will be: Picture Description: Osiris is standing before a seated female.
Plate Text: "Osiris, son of Earth and Sky, is Pharaoh and Isis, his sister, 
is Pharaoh's wife. He brings knowledge to Egypt."

Temple of Feathers - Choosing the feather:
This is a random puzzle so you must weigh all the feathers to determine 
which is the correct one.

The Membrane:
To exit out of the membrane, find the dolphin within the membrane. 
Then turn around 180 degrees and find the sphere which will allow 

you to exit.

The Drawer Puzzle:
Find the clues which will help you solve this puzzle. Only 4 of the 
drawers need to be opened for it to be solved.
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