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Betrayal At Club Low Cheats

Betrayal At Club Low

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by gcostik

Some advice on maximizing the chances of avoiding bad endings (but no guarantees; 
thereís a fair bit of luck in the system).

-=To Start=-
Disable tutorials (maybe not the first time you play). The tutorial makes you 
spend some of your starting cash on skills before you know which skills youíre 
going to need first. Keep the cash and spend it wisely.

-=All About Cash Management=-
Fundamentally, the game is all about cash management, choosing your rerolls, and 
knowing whatís essential to progression. Do not spend money on skill progression 
until you are faced with a challenge where you think itís necessary or helpful. 
But donít be shy about spending money then; itís easy to get into a spiral of 
negative statuses, and you want to succeed in actions whenever feasible.

Get All 3 Pizzas Early, and Grab Ingredients Whenever Feasible
You get your first pizza quickly, at the line. Each pizza gives you a pizza die, 
and each pizza die is an opportunity to earn money (or regain lost health or nerve). 
Three pizza dice is obviously better than one. Ingredients are gained at the boxes 
with bouncing green arrows. In the early game, prioritize getting the pizzas and 
ingredients over other actions, so when you take other actions, you maximize your 
opportunity to gain money.

-=Where Pizzas Are Found=-
One early, at the line. One in the green room, which is most easily accessible 
through the fire escape in the alley (there are also ways into it from the club). 
It is worth prioritizing any of the three challenges that allow you access to the 
fire escape early, to obtain that pizza.

The third pizza is in the kitchen, which can be accessed through the alleyway back 
door. The easiest way in is to win the three ďlineĒ challenges in front of the club, 
then the topmost challenge with the bouncer, who will give you the password to get 
in through the back door.

-=Where Ingredients Are Found=-
At game start, thereís a box by the first pizza station and another down the alley. 
Grab them at once and make your first pizza.

When you unlock the green room (probably up the fire escape), thereís another box 
(and a second pizza). Similarly, in the kitchen thereís a box, and a third pizza.

More obscure: One of the puddle challenges provides an ingredient; so does the 
dumpster in the alley (not advised for early players, as itís non-trivial, and 
will likely confer a negative status).

Thereís a box near the reception desk; access to it is open once you have dealt 
with the bouncer, even if they told you to go to the back door 
(go there and come back).

Another box is available by the club manager (blue haired) once you get into the 
club; another in the security room (do not attack the tennis fan there, just take 
the ingredients).

And thereís a box in the DJ area, but you are likely to get to it last, because 
you need either to get through the door from the green room, or beat a challenge 
against the guard at the base of the ramp from the dance floor. But itís worth 
getting to it, if you can, even before youíre ready to deal with Chad.

Two other things: Ingredients can be obtained by pickpocketing the lady in the 
animal skull mask, and the dancers. Before trying this with the skull lady, use 
the ďphysical comedyĒ challenge to improve her mood; before trying it with the 
dancers, figure out how to get into the bar and buy drinks for the house. Both 
will improve your odds.

Ingredient distribution is randomized with each game. Not "completely randomized;"
the ingredients available before you get into the club are kind of crap (olive oil 
and red sauce). But just because you found the pepperoni in one location on one 
playthrough, donít assume youíll find it in the same place next time.

-=What the Ingredients Are=-
Olive oil regains nerve, if youíve lost it. Red sauce regains health. If you have 
a plethora of ingredients relative to pizza slots, and arenít down on health and/
or nerve (and donít have negative statuses that put them at risk), retire these 
in favor of things that make you money (then run to the nearest pizza station to 
add them back, when youíre low on health or nerve).

Three ingredients confer money directly: factory mozzarella ($2), buffalo mozzarella 
($4), and pepperoni ($8). Spread them about your pizza to maximize potential revenue.

Basil is a ďx2Ē on revenues from other dice; if you have two basil, put them on 
different pizzas to give yourself a chance at a x4.

Peppers let you reroll one of your opponentís dice, which is really useful at 
times. If you have two, put them on different pizzas to maximize that opportunity.

-=Go Back to Take Challenges=-
You want to maximize your income, in order to ramp up your skills. Quite often 
you will (and should) walk away from challenges you arenít ready for yet (or are 
not on the critical path for success). Itís worth backtracking and looking at 
these at times; if youíve leveled up, and can defeat the challenge with a high 
level of confidence, then do so. The money you might make off your pizza dice alone 
is worth it.

-=Skill Optimization=-
ďGlobalĒ skill increases (you pay to increase all die-roll slots in a skill) should 
absolutely be taken the first two times. Going from 000111 to 111222 costs $12, and 
from 111222 to 222333 costs $18, which is cheap. Once youíre at 222333, however, you
 should only be paying to increase individual slots.

Why? Because money is always going to be your scarce resource. A global increase has 
escalating costs. And (unless playing on high difficulty levels), you always have two 
rerolls. If your rating is, say 222455, that cost you a lot less than increasing things 
to 444555, and you can probably get a 4 or 5 out of your rerolls. Sure, you can be 
totally screwed and wind up with a 2, but with two rerolls, thatís only a 1/8 probability.

And never just pay gaily to increase a skill: Hmm, cooking would be nice. Wait until 
youíre at a critical roll, and increase then.

No skill increase is bad; but be judicious about where and when you spend.

-=Critical Path=-
To rescue Gemini and not end up a pizza slave of Big Mo, you need:

To DJ effectively, and to provide good flamingo stew. And then face one or two 
challenges with him.

This is not easy. You will likely fail multiple times.

This is a bit easier if you persuade the sound engineer to leave, which is non-

Ingratiating yourself with Chad is far easier if you a) deal with his manager (in 
the green room) and discover the contractual gotcha; and b) unmask the masked lady.

Once youíve done so, succeeding as a DJ helps if youíve ingratiated yourself with 
the dancers. And have l33t skillz.

-=Flamingo Stew=-
You need to persuade the chef to let you take over, then overcome two of the three 
cooking challenges that ensue to make Big Mo feel kindly toward you.

-=Big Mo=-
Even if you do these two things, the challenges with Big Mo are HARD. You want to 
win two if at all possible before telling Gemini to bug out.

-=Bugging Out=-
You need to have opened at least one exit route: front door (laser barrier gone), 
green room (door open and fire escape extended) or garage (door open and car keys 

-=You Will Fail (at First)=-
Iíve seen comments saying ďitís only a 2 hour game.Ē Sure it is, if youíre okay with 
failure as an ending. Better is possible. Youíre not likely to get there in your first 
two hours.

-=Tamp the Difficulty Down=-
This isnít an easy game to beat. Donít feel ashamed to knock the difficulty down, for 
your first few plays.
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