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Before We Leave Cheats

Before We Leave

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips and Tricks:
Early Game Tips and Tricks

* When you start to install lifts look for a cliff that allows you to install 3-5 lifts, 
  if you like to keep your traffic organized without having traffic jams.
* I like to get the school/fountains fairly quickly regarding the science thingy.
* Overall aim for the very top right corner in your science book to offer whales food 
  instead of your planet.
* Wood generated power is great for the start. Most likely you can skip oil and jump 
  directly to renewable energies.
* When you start to colonize new planets always use your idle time to keep building and 
  launching more space transport ships. They'll peacefully flow around your planet and 
  wait for orders.
* 2x wood cutter is more than enough for start/middle and most likely end game on your 
  starting island.
* Boats are super fast/cheap to build. So in my opinion it really doesn't matter where 
  you place your harbors.
* I like to have one centralized island for science. You can transfer red, green... 
  science points to different islands or planets.
* You can build more than 1 science/exploration house to gather science points faster. 
  But don't forget to erase them once you gathered all points on the island to get 
  some space back.
* Don't forget to utilize your "Transmogrifier" at the start start, to help get your 
  tool industry up and running.
* Research "Repair" and repair the power generator before you start building the 
  Metalwork buildings - they will need power to operate efficiently.
* Keeping islands under 60 peeps ensures they're happy with minimal effort, letting you 
  have time to research more advanced commodities before scaling up.
* Early game cleaners will only clean pollution up to lightly polluted, not get rid of 
  it entirely. You need to research Chemicals and upgrade your cleaners to get them to 
  clean up the pollution all the way back to pristine beautiful land again. 
  (So don't worry about pollution too much early game - you will be able to get rid of 
  it all eventually).
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