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Beavis & Butt-Head Do U Cheats

Beavis & Butt-Head Do U

Cheat Codes:
Enter "gosanta" at the options screen, then start the game. Press [F2]
during game play to display a cheat screen that allows the game to 
advance to any location, change inventory items, and other actions.
To have the game play automatically, select the "Exit To Debug Mode".
"Tests", and "Game Walkthrough" options. 

Click on Dean to ask question then try to exit through the stage, when
Dean tells you to "sit down" click on the light coming out of the wall
to do hand shadows, do this a couple of more times, then talk to Kimberly
until she gives you paper then click on Beavis or Butt-Head with the 
paper and Beavis will make a plane, next click the plane on the Dean 
and you will be free.

Go to the back & automatically ride cart, then click on window & when
Stewart goes after his papers, take his card. Have Beavis shut down 
the computer, talk to Stewart and Butt-Head will have an idea and after
that you will have your first mark.

Get blind concert paper from the dork in front of the building, then
pick up the hose & put it in the window. Go inside and  when they are
done, go down trash, click on lever on garbage truck and move broken 
T.V. then get skirt. Go to bathroom and open lockers until you get a 
cloth then click on stall door and when Beavis needs toilet paper give
him the cloth. Get the saw  and the soap bottle on the wall. Go out 
to the hall then go to  the laundry room, get panties and put soap 
bottle in washer then use hose in washer and then click on map & go
to the music room.

Click on the cello and end up at Deans, click on map & click on the 
knight "Sir Walter Hancock", I said cock, he he he he he, then go 
inside the building next to Van Driessen which is the cafeteria.

Click on salad bar, make a salad, put pepper on it until Beavis sneezes,
take the tongs. Talk to the lady to work off your hours. After playing 
Simon Says with the food and completing it success-fully. Then go to map
& Deans (by clicking his picture).

Go in Deans room and get golf club and turn off the speaker on the wall,
go back to hallway & get microphone. Go to map & go to track.

Click on golf balls, click single ball & stop the swing between 1-3 
lights but before 4th light. Then shoot a second ball on the fourth 
light & hit the coach, now go get his shades and go back to Van Driessen
(knight on map), and when you get there then go in to Java 101 building.

JAVA 101:
Click on java machine and when she turns to face Cornholio, get tips jar.
Go back to Van Driessen.

Put the tips jar and blind concert paper in his case and give him the
shades. Back to dorms.

Use tongs to get map out of case that is outside dorm. Go inside & to 
the laundry room, use change on washer, go down hallway to  deliver the
dress. Talk to hall monitor & get check for dorms. 
Go to agriculture.

Click on gate to cow, get the cattle prod off the wall, go to bull's pin,
click on bull with panties & when he goes after beavis get the pitch fork.
Go to Dorms.

Hey, it's the cow. Give the cow the peanut butter, take the cows "poop" &
use the bucket on the cow. Go to track.

Use coins on soda machine, go to the track and use the cattle prod on
Cornholio. Now you got your check for the track. Go to music.

Click on the device that the flute girl is using to keep her timing (can't
remember what it is called) until she leaves,  use saw on lock and get flute.
Take the sheet music off the piano. Go to biology.

Grab heart, use pitchfork on heart when it is on the floor, put heart in
model body. Now you have a check for biology. Use flute on snake and have
Beavis get the eggs. Go in to bag and put eggs in egg tray. Go to agriculture.

Give milk to teacher. Hey, another check. Go to Deans or where the blonde
model is and give her the map you got with the tongs. Go to art.

Go to empty easle where nude model is & draw her by clicking on easle, give
paper to teacher, another check. Go to Deans.

Go to psychologist's room, give her the picture that Beavis drew, close the
blinds, turn off the lights and quickly take the picture on the floor. 
Go to communications.

Talk on the phone. Replace the microphone with the one you have. Answer
phone until it doesn't ring any more. Go talk to the disk jockey & get 
another check & record. Now put the microphone on  the satellite and aim
the satellite at Van Driessen and click on him. Now go to Van Driessen 
and give him the sheet music. 
Go to music.

Play cello, while Beavis plays cello have Butt-Head play the radio. Yet 
another check, the final check.

Get punch from old lady and put it on the record player, put your record
on the record player. Have Beavis grab the rope then have  Butt-Head grab
the end of the rope. Go up to the ladder and click on the basketball hoop.

Get scissors off desk. Go to phone, click play on answer machine, click on
phone and let the answer machine get it, now hit record on answer machine 
then click on the phone, let answer machine get it again. Leave frat house
and go to Deans.

Go in bag & place your certificate in the painting. Use buffer on spots. Go
in Deans room, leave to hall, use buffer again on wall, go back to deans 
room and put your certificate on the wall. Go to horse with bird poop.

Use cow poop on horse, now use the saw on the horse. Go to track.

Use scissors on keys, use keys on storage doors. Go to field, give the 
megaphone to the cheerleaders. Go back to lawn mower, use keys on lawn 
mower, use cheerleader stand on lawn mower, click on party on map.
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