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Beautiful Mystic Survivors Cheats

Beautiful Mystic Survivors

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Unlock Melisandre:
Play a while, eventually you’ll unlock the compass and the map.

-=Either should do=-
Compass shows on the bottom right, it’s pretty small. 
Press Esc to see the map.

On the map or compass you’ll see a ?
Go check out the ? and murder all the things there until she’s free.

How to Evolve Weapons:
Level the weapon up to level 8, have the corresponding passive item 
for that weapon (passive item will have a weapon icon in its top 
right to show you what weapon it evolves if any), and the next elite
(red mob) chest you pick up will evolve your weapon.

Info: Not all weapons have an evolution!

How to Edit Your Powerups Values:
Written by [PT]Morfo2[Fæ]

Quick guide to cheat your Powerups Values with NotePad++


* Always have the game closed when you SAVE the file!
* You can edit files with normal NotePad but I recommend installing NotePad++

-=Locate File=-
* Go to C:\Users\name\AppData\LocalLow\AMG
* name = your PC user name

* There you’ll find BMS/SMS directory. 
* They use the same SaveFile so you just need to edit one.

Edit SaveGameMain.es3 with NotePad++[]

-=Edit File=-
* Travel to line 292 where you’ll find all "passiveUpgrades" (Powerups)
* Edit "upgradeLevel" value as you wish.
* SAVE and start the game.
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