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Beautiful Mystic Defenders Cheats

Beautiful Mystic Defenders

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tower Defense Recon Guide:
Written by Tweak

Observations that might help you strategize.

I would like to address just a few things that you might be wondering 
before we dive into individual maps:

There are 36 stages in total, yielding 108 of each star when achieving 
the best rank. The total cost of all upgrades is also 108 of each star in 
the current version. This is an interesting choice, because it means you 
must complete the final level without access to every possible upgrade. 
I believe it is possible to earn 3 stars even if you miss a couple monsters, 
but I cannot promise this is always the case on every map/difficulty.

The total cost of all hero upgrades is 9,750 gems. If you were inclined 
to just hit the win button on every bronze and silver map, you would 
already have over 8,000 gems from just 72 missions. You can farm as many 
gems as you want on any mission (both legitimately and not), but it is not 
necessary to farm to unlock all of these upgrades before the end.

The heroes will not level up if you are using the win button to advance, 
nor will you be credited with achievements for killing bosses. Play 
legitimately and you will earn xp whenever a monster actually dies. 
Heroes earn this xp even if they are not personally engaged in the combat 
themselves. Do not ask me what these levels actually translate to, 
because I will not likely get around to testing theories about hero 
health and damage. 

Just know that there are achievements for leveling each hero.

Tower Type (zone of control)
Level: cost (Damage Type, Range, Attack Speed)
Gunmen Tower (Air + Ground)

76 coins (20 physical, 3.0 m, 1.8 sec)
68 coins (+5 physical, +0.2 m, -0.3 sec)
129 coins (30 physical, 3.4 m, -0.3 sec)
Barracks (Ground only)

80 coins (20 physical, 3.0 m, 2.0 sec)
71 coins (+5 physical, +0.2 m, -0.3 sec)
133 coins (-15 physical?, +0.2 m, -0.2 sec)
198 coins (+2 physical, +0.2 m, -0.2 sec)
Cannon Platform (Ground only)

89 coins (30 physical, 3.3 m, 3.0 sec, 1.2 m AOE)
80 coins (+6 physical, +0.3 m, -0.3 sec, +0.3 m AOE)
150 coins (+6 physical, +0.3 m, -0.3 sec, +0.3 m AOE)
Magic Altar (Air + Ground)

80 coins (25 magical, 3.0 m, 1.9 sec)
71 coins (+6 magical, +0.2 m, -0.3 sec)
136 coins (+6 magical, +0.2 m, -0.3 sec)
Bile Launcher (Ground only)

81 coins (20 physical, 3.2 m, 3.0 sec, 1.0 m AOE)
72 coins (+5 physical, +0.3 m, -0.3 sec, +0.1 m AOE)
72 coins (30 physical, +0.2 m, -0.2 sec, +0.1 m AOE)
Missile Base (Air + Ground)

120 coins (22 physical, 3.5 m, 3.0 sec)
107 coins (+2 physical, +0.3 m, -0.2 sec)
Thunder Coil (Air + Ground)

110 coins (15 magical, 3.1 m, 2.2 sec, 1.0 m AOE)
98 coins (+3 magical, +0.2 m, -0.3 sec, +0.1 m AOE)
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