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Battleground 6 - Napoleon in Russia Cheats

Battleground 6 - Napoleon in Russia

Submitted by: rickHH

Keep in mind the rules regarding "threat values." 
Formation changes attempted while enemy forces are 
nearby may fail. Lower-quality units cannot be expected 
to change formation successfully on a consistent basis 
in the presence of the enemy.

Borodino battlefield:
Given the broken terrain of the Borodino battlefield and 
the lower quality of the troops, you will probably want 
to move and fight in column. Infantry in line can easily 
become disrupted by obstructed terrain and stacking with 
other types of forces.

Cavalry charges:
Don't overuse cavalry charges! Never expect a charge to 
carry a prepared enemy force. Artillery and infantry should 
be used to soften up the position before sending in the 
cavalry. Also, pay attention to terrain features prior to 
conducting a cavalry charge. Cavalry need large areas of 
unobstructed terrain to make an effective charge.
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