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Battlezone VR Cheats

Battlezone VR

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* Before you set off on the small task of saving mankind, you’ll want to take 
time looking around your tank, the Cobra. Familiarise yourself with all those 
monitors, the way the radar works, how your health is displayed. Remember, 
you’re in VR now, and the Cobra is designed to give you awareness of your 
objectives, your arsenal and your environment.
* Make sure to switch out weapons for different enemy types using X (XB) / ? 
(PS). There are a number of different guns in Battlezone, all upgradeable. The
more you play and progress, the more you’ll learn what to use when – homing 
missiles and machine guns are very useful for fast moving or airborne enemies.
Different weapons are better at different ranges – keep distance and cover 
when you can. Make use of the structures around you and try to take out some 
of the more powerful static targets from a distance.

* One of the quickest ways to trash your Cobra is to use boost liberally! 
Boosting (LT / L2) is vital for getting out of tough spots, or speeding to 
a destination against the clock. But overusing boost drains the Cobra’s 
shields very quickly, leaving you extremely vulnerable while they recharge.
Be sure to look out for displays and alerts warning you when your shields 
are down.

* In co-op, teamwork is vital. Keep an eye out for teammates who are damaged 
and in need of a health boost. When you’re close enough to a teammate you’ll 
both heal each other, so be sure to huddle up when you can! And if a teammate
is downed, you can revive them before they spend a life by healing them the 
same way. Since you all share the same supply of lives, if a teammate has to 
spend a life to re-enter the battlefield, that’s a life you’re losing too! 
So when you’re in the main hub you could do far worse than spending data on
upgrading your Cobra’s heal modulator – this will greatly improve your 
chances of co-op success.
* You’re never completely out of ammo in Battlezone. Hold X / ? for a few 
seconds to activate your back-up ‘Blaster’ – it’s fairly accurate, has 
infinite ammo, and most importantly it’ll guarantee an ammo drop from kills.
* Destroying enemies is not the only way you can accrue data. Look out for 
data stores to hack and data crystals to destroy, and also keep an eye out 
for the UFO – this guy sucks up data lying around the battleground, so it’s
well worth taking it out to grab all that data back.
* As you destroy enemies, you’ll see a scattering of blue and yellow
polygonal drops emerge from the wreckage. This is data – and it’s vital 
you grab it from enemies when you can, as it’s absolutely critical for 
progressing through the Battlezone campaign. You can spend data in the 
main hub both to upgrade your tank and buy more lives, and at supply 
points to improve your arsenal.
* See those beacons of light on the hexagonal campaign map? These are 
shield generators, and taking them out will greatly help your chances in 
the final showdown at the volcano. It will also reduce the amount of 
objectives you need to complete towards the later stages of your campaign.
* Use special equipment wisely. Activating your special equipment (LB / L1) 
is a great way to change the tide in your favour. Feeling overwhelmed by 
a swarm of nearby aggressors? Deploy an EMP to leave them temporarily 
offline. Low on health? Use Vampire to drain health from enemies to heal 
you and your teammates!
* Make sure to purchase additional lives as you progress along the 
campaign. It’ll be very tempting to spend all your data on a sweet weapon 
upgrade, but if you run out of lives then that’s game over for your 
campaign run, and you’ll have to start all the way back at the beginning.
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